View Full Version : class suggestions for a levels 7/3 to 9/3?

2010-02-01, 03:31 PM
That is, We're starting at 7th level, we get 3 gestalt levels. We're only playing this game for a short while, so I only need to worry about the build for a few levels. Probably only till 9th. Its in a super high optimized group and we like to use interesting tactics and sometimes our encounters differ from the norm...for instance, (very rarely but it happens) the DM throws something at us that is unwinnable and we have to escape (its a short game... we like it). The DMs words "Go ahead, gimme your best characters and break the game!"

Not locate city bomb break, or pun pun break. But dragon wrought kobold ur-priest "break" (which I wouldn't quite consider break but lets not go there) is fine. Dragonwrought kobold doing the ritual for sorc levels would be borderline and something I'd have to ask the DM about for instance. Not sure about StP Erudite as I'm not familiar with them. Basic common sense still applies, no super cheese.

Suggestions? I'd prefer a spell casting class, but am open to ideas. Usually I'm fairly good at this but normally I plan the class for the full 20 levels and am not used to gestalt. So all sorts of different options have opened up, especially since I only need the class for such a small window. Plus it has to be somewhat decent at escaping and surviving.


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