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2010-02-02, 03:25 AM

My Group discovered a Legacy Item, "Spidersilk". They have no Arcane Caster in the Group and this little Chain Shirt is mostly tailored for such Characters. So they decided to sell it.
My Question to the Playground: How much do you think is it worth?

My first Solution:
Take the Price of the Item and the price of all the various abilities. All according to the normal Magic-Item-Rules.
Then deduct the Price for the Rituals.
Then deduct the Price for getting Items and so on, which negate the various losses in Spellslots, Skillpoints, etc.
Now you have a price.
In the case of Spidersilk (which is from "Expedition to the Demonweb Pits"), this got me to 80,000 gp.

Does this seems right? Or did I do something wrong?

Thanks for your input!