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2010-02-02, 09:01 AM
A year or so ago I was going to play in a campaign was an Avatar last air bender d20 game that was a homebrew version of DnD 3.5 and I was wondering if recently if anyone has created a 4e gaming version of the show. I could see the bending style reflected well with the fighting system of burst, blast, and ranged areas.

2010-02-02, 11:03 AM
I don't know of any classes homebrew or otherwise that would reflect the strict elementalist thing with the exception of maybe the Storm Sorcerer, though I suppose it'd be easy enough to reflavor some powers with different energy damage.

Arcane and Primal classes would probably fit the bill the best.

2010-02-02, 03:56 PM
If you're willing to be choosy with the powers you select and loose with how you interpret the flavor, most of the Primal and Arcane classes could work pretty well.

The next easiest step is just to change the damage types that powers do.
Fire: Lightning, Fire, Radiant, Untyped
Water: Cold, Acid (boiling water), Poison (bloodbending), Untyped
Earth: Thunder, Force, Untyped
Air: Thunder, Force, Untyped

Untyped, of course, would be the martial arts maneuvers and raw, blunt force. Earth and Air have Thunder and Force for huge blasts of raw power in the form of blasts of air and/or the aftershock from heavy things hitting other things.

With the above case-by-case power alterations and trading out some powers for powers of other classes in the same role (while also changing the involved stats to something the character actually uses), pretty well any class could be reworked and reflavored into a bender.

All races can be fluffed into humans, too, of course. Just because you learned a move that lets you redirect a missed attack for a second try but expends a lot of energy, are more intelligent than others, and are faster than others, doesn't mean you aren't a person (this was, of course, an elf).

Along with this power substitution is the general removal of weapons and implements. Any class that is required to have them should be assumed to have them, and characters should be allowed to assume they are wielding a chosen weapon without actually needing to (unless, of course, they want to). In mechanics, there's no real change here. The characters still act as though they are wielding that weapon, deal its damage, and use whatever properties (like Brutal or Versatile) it might have, but fluff-wise their hands remain free and their attacks are unarmed (again, unless they want their character to actually use a weapon- firebenders, for example, seem fond of coupling their bending with swordplay).

Another step for Avatar is the changing of healing. Out of combat, characters seem quite able to bounce back and recuperate (except when actually sick), but in combat they tire same as anyone. Instead of granting actual healing with in-combat powers, all powers that grant extra HP should instead add temporary HP to a pool of it. We did something like this in one of my games, and a maximum amount of temporary HP equal to your level plus your highest stat modifier worked very well. Healing Surges inside of battle should be kept to a Second-Wind (and they actually heal HP, not grant temporary HP). After a short rest, you are healed equal to a healing surge. This isn't really a huge part of the Avatar setting, though, just something my group did to make combats a little more dangerous if the characters don't fight smart.

2010-02-02, 07:28 PM
I saw a 4E version of Avatar the Last Airbender a while ago. I know one exists, but, I do not know where on the internet it is.

here is what I found with google

2010-02-02, 09:08 PM
There is a very detailed 3.5 version that could probably be converted rather easily...