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Sila Prirode
2010-02-02, 04:14 PM
I was reading through the Book of Erotic Fantasy, which I hadn't even opened before today (though it was only for light reading and laughs).
While reading through classes and Prcs I actually find them quite playable (except the Tantrist one, Cloistered Cleric is better).

Imaginist is like Beguiler and Dread Necromancer, but with Abjuration and Transmutation focus (and Divine power source).
Kundala is Monk made better.

So what's the Playground's verdict on this, can these classes refluffed make sense in standard games?

2010-02-02, 05:35 PM
The imagist uses Appearance as their casting stat. Unless you want another dump stat in the game, change this to Charisma. Make Inspired Smite Evil a swift action rather than standard. Aside from that, they are ready to go.

The kundala suffers from the BoeF's lack of proofreading and editing. Can you find their Weapon and Armour Proficiencies? No, me neither. What happens if a kundala becomes non-lawful? "As monk" seems a good default for missing stuff. I added Escape Artist and Tumble to their class skills. Caster level is half kundala level, and bonus spells are obtained for high Wisdom. I added several spells to make up for not getting Ki Strike:

1st: magic fang (self only)
2nd: magic fang
3rd: greater magic fang (self only)
4th: ghost touch (self only), greater magic fang

Sila Prirode
2010-02-02, 06:21 PM
That was just the thing I was looking to get :smallbiggrin:

Charisma thing was obvious, I didn't even read Appearance, my mind crossed it out and wrote Charisma. For Kendala, yes, I found those bits missing, but you can just copy-paste it from monk.
Aside from that, they look like a good classes to play, both have some neat things going for them.

2010-02-02, 06:30 PM
Tantrists are horribly MAD. You get max spell level from Con, bonus spells from Appearance, and save DCs from Int. Add to that, you need to have sex to regain your spells (masturbation doesn't count - better get friendly with your party, natch) and you have to store spells on your body (limited spells known, yay.) They have the whole wizard list to choose from, but must use spells known slots on them like a Favored Soul. So yeah.

Sila Prirode
2010-02-02, 06:36 PM
Yes, I was aware of that, they are on a lesser part of playable spectrum. But was wondering about other two, Imaginist is too good concept to pass up (it's like a demon slaying wizard with his fellow knight cohort, that must count for something :smallbiggrin:).
And Kendala is something my Monk loving friend would be interested in, with a few modifications (speed bonus, expanded healing pool, maybe AC bonus).