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2010-02-02, 05:46 PM
I'm not sure if this goes in Roleplaying or Homebrews, but since its homebrew CONCEPTS instead of actual homebrews, I decided to put it here.

Anywho, I originally posted this as a journal on DeviantArt, but since I've just come to conclude that nobody ever comments on my DA, I'd get responses faster here.

I just came up with more work to do! Turns out that for both fluff and mechanics related reasons, I can't stand any of the classes in DnD! Yay! But I still like the general ruleset. So now, I've decided to REWRITE THE ENTIRE CLASS SYSTEM. On top of the spellbook, outsiders, dragons, and undead. Why is it that despite the fact that I can scarcely be bothered to stay awake in class, I can spend hours and hours working on what most people would consider irrelevent bile?

So here's a rundown of my current plan:

4 Base Classes; characters must start progression as one of these.
-Warrior: Basic combat.
-Acrobat: Manueverability. Class is based on getting from point A to point B.
-Magi: Arcane Spellcaster. Decendant of Dragons, gets Fire and Ice related spells.
-Cleric: Divine Spellcaster. Some combat ability, and more subtle spells than Magi.

Focus Classes; basically sub-prestige classes, focuses on builds that fit into some archetype or another.

-Shieldman: Sword-and-Boarder. Or just "weapon-and-boarder" swords not nessicarily what you use. Focuses on defensive fighting.
-Archer: Ranged combat. Gets to do fancy things with arrows.
-Brawler: Hand-to-hand combat. Probably won't decend into wire-fu.
-Cavalry: Mounted combat. Probably gets mount as class feature.
-Duelist: Light-armored melee. Flynning and whatnot.

-Hunter: A tracker. Ranger meets Bloodhound, I guess. Minorly combat-oriented, but mostly based on being able to find whatever they're looking for.
-Thief: Able to get in anywhere, unseen. "Stealth entry" was what I scribbled down in my notebook.
-Assassin: Kills you in more subtle ways than an axe to your face. Poison, backstabing, engineering "construction accidents," whatever.

-Red Mage: Fire-based caster. No ice spells in return for bigger fire spells.
-Blue Mage: Vice-versa.

-Hospitaler: Focus class for Clerics of the God of Life (name not decided yet). Warrior-Medics, inspired by the Hospitaler Monks from the Crusades.
-Necromancer: Believe it or not, not nessicarily evil. Focus class for the Clerics of Death (think that might just be the guys name), they summon either "good" or "evil" undead, depending on their preference. More on how my undead will work later.
-Summoner: Focus class for Clerics of either Cocytus or Valkar (Frozen God and Burning God, respectively). Can summon Immortals to do their bidding.

No prestige classes yet, but those will likely be plot-specific. I'm gonna go brood more on this for a bit. Later!

Oh, and feel free to comment with suggestions for other Focus Classes, but remember I'm trying to work with loose archetypes here, not specific builds. Leaves more room for flexibility.

As the end of the entry states, I need advise (for some reason I've forgotten how to spell that word) into other focus classes to make. Please disregard what the already established classes can do, however, I really don't care and that's why I gave sneak attack to the Assassin class and the other "stealth entry" stuff to the Thief. I'm more interested in general archetypes.