View Full Version : Alessa build 3.5 (Silent Hill theme)

2010-02-03, 03:25 PM
I am planning on making a campaign soon and I am need of help with the main enemy. What I am planning to do is make a npc simmilar to alessa from the Silent Hill series of games and I need help.

My idea is simple: make a npc who is hard to kill, inspires horror, and can create monstrosities like from the games.

any thoughts or advice? I'll add more on the idea later

2010-02-03, 03:38 PM
How about Wizard/Dread Witch [Heroes of Horror]? Wizard has all the tools to make life a living hell; Illusions, various quasireal entities, necromancy (particularly wraiths, ghosts, the like), planar bindings (demons can be the stuff of nightmare), fear-spells and Dread Witch enables you to instill fear in things normally immune. Spells like Nightmare seem like just the thing.

Dread Necromancer/Dread Witch is another option, but I'd personally probably lean towards Wizard for the versatility in abilities, particularly Illusions. They'll never know what's real and what isn't; and sometimes the Illusions are real. Really, when played in a way, Wizards can make for the ultimate brain**** enemies. You could also use Alienist and draw Far Realmsy stuff into all it, but that's even more out there.

And of course, the Wizard shouldn't probably be just a human, but something that appears human but is...wrong. Something like a vampire or a lich or a ghost or some manner of outsider or some such; something that can appear completely human but has some inherent, unsettling powers.

Either way, sounds like Heroes of Horror is the thing for you. Oh, and yeah, Wizard+Undeath is just the thing if you want someone to be hard to kill. Clone-spell alone makes killing hard and when you add all the ways undead have of not dying and various instant revivification spells and such...

2010-02-03, 04:11 PM
You may want to look also at the Alienist from Complete Arcane, since it allows one to summon horrors from the Far Realm. Maybe also take a look at the Xenothurgy system (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=122103) by Realms of Chaos.