View Full Version : [4e] confusion about 2weapon ranger

2010-02-07, 12:05 PM

It's possible I'm missing something essential here, but what [W] do you use for your ranger powers when you wield 2 different weapons, one dealing 1d8 and the other 1d10 damage? Would you use the higher one and for powers that allow you to make 2 attacks, use the second for the second?

2010-02-07, 12:11 PM
If there's a power that says, "two attacks, one main hand and one off hand" (which pretty much every Ranger melee power does), you choose one weapon to be your main hand for that power, which makes your other weapon the off-hand weapon for that power.

So you get to choose which one to use for the first swing, then you use the other one for the second swing.

Normally, you can only use a weapon with the "off-hand" property as the "off-hand" attack in a MH+OH power. A TWF Ranger's class feature allows it to use whatever he damn well wants as the off-hand attack.