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2010-02-08, 11:18 AM
Hello all,

Got a build for an up coming game we are starting at level 8-10 (not sure yet) going to hopfully level 20 so i wanted to make a build...
current books allowed
Completes, all the races of books, phb2, dragon magic. Psionics is SRD only.
I know our last high level adventure the gm wasn't bad as far as mixing it up on monsters... so Im not to worried about the fact that this build is reliant on invis. or that fire is most comonly resisted... though gm is debating about letting me use the minds eye theater energy subs in which case i will be using electricity.

Heres what i got so far:
Race: Xeph
32 pt buy this is what i got for starting stats:
Str: 8=10-2(race)
Dex: 12=10+2(race
Con: 14=14
Int: 14=14
Wis: 16=14+2(4,8)
Cha: 16=16

1 scout -zen archery
2 scout
3 ninja -enduring ki
4 scout
5 scout -swift ambusher
6 ninja -imrpoved skirmish
7 pyro
8 pyro
9 pyro -expanded ki pool
10 pyro
11 pyro
12 pyro -Quicken spell like
13 pyro
14 pyro
15 pyro - point blank
16 pyro
17 ninja
18 ninja -Precise shot
19 scout
20 scout

So at 20th:
flame lash +15/10/5 1d8(+4d6 w-a-fire, +5d6 skirmish, +5d6 sudden, ) {46}
Flame bolt +15 10d6(+5d6 skirmish+ 5d6 sudden) {60}

I feel like doing an average of 60 dmg a round is a little weak.
though with quicken spell like 3 combats a day(well realy 3 times)
I can swift invis first round move then shoot for average of 60 (20d6dmg)
then the next round shoot twice for an average of 120(40d6).
but im not sure if that is good...
I know the group is of moderate powergamers... they tend to make strong characters but nothing game breaking.

I was thinking about dropping point blank and precise for psi meditation and psi shot.

sorry about wall of text.

2010-02-08, 03:05 PM
Try the pyrokineticist, a very cool pyro-psionic class. You can find it in the SRD.

2010-02-08, 03:06 PM
Try the pyrokineticist, a very cool pyro-psionic class. You can find it in the SRD.

um... did you read the post? The whole build is around that prestige class.