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2010-02-08, 06:24 PM
As an RPG player, I like to play some pretty intricate character concepts beyond "hero guy, smashes enemies, grabs loot." As I find myself rerolling a character, I thought it'd be nice to hear a bit about the best characters you all have ever played.

As for myself, among my favorites were:

1. Half orc fighter named Maynard "Muttonchops" Burnside who worshipped Erathis and took it upon himself to bring proper civilization everywhere he went. This took the form of doing everything "FOR THE QUEEN!" and challenging to mortal combat anyone who insulted the Queen (or Earl Grey, which, for all intents and purposes, was an emblem of the Queen). To this day, nobody in my gaming group is quite sure of which "queen" he is always referring to (my DM once ventured the theory that Erathis was "the queen." I promptly shot it down).

2. When my DM announced we would be playing a campaign about warfare, wherein we were soldiers, I immediately got it into my head that I wanted to play "A soldier who loved his Fatherland, but hates what it's becoming." Somehow this became the adoption of a ridiculous level of German cultural stereotypes. Thus was Fritz Schwarzwald (which, according to a translator, means Black Forest >_>), the Tactical Warlord, born. He was:

- The adopted son of a dwarven master sausage maker named Dussel (Dussel-dwarf, if you will) who taught him everything he knew about sausage making and warfare.

- Geared with a flamberge-style greatsword named the "King Tiger" and clad in Gothic scale armor (yes, it was somehow both fluted and scaled) named the "Red Baron," and wore a sallet helm with a spike on top.

- Lawful Good and took mostly powers that increased the group's order and efficiency (such as White Raven Onslaught), regardless of gameplay utility.

- Was the self-styled "(Reich) Stag of the Black Forest"

3. Now, taking a turn for the serious and moving away from playing cultural stereotypes, I've decided to roll my fighter as a petite teenager-equivalent female elf (tentative name of "Aven." No last name... like "Cher.") who is a moral and political nihilist and hardcore worshipper of Melora. Basically, a character who, physically, fit the mold of a typical Mary Sue teenage heroine, but would act like a crazed anti-social monster, perhaps like the Joker from the Dark Knight. Her worldview is that the world is always a battlefield where strong devour weak and that anyone who tries to engender society and cooperation are foolish and dangerous. Good stuff. :smallsmile:

4. In a Savage Worlds game I'm playing with a Fallout-esque post apocalyptic setting, I'm playing Father James Wild Bear Williams, a Native American Catholic priest who, seeing the rampant corruption and degeneration of society, has decided to bring justice to all sinners. This is the kind of justice that comes from the business end of a sawn off, double barreled shotgun. The kicker is that the GM has decided to give us each some kind of superpower, which for Father James was the ability to turn into a werebear when wounded. Before I had known this, I had specifically given him the "Doubting Thomas" hindrance, which made him a firm unbeliever in the supernatural. Of course, this means that Father James will never accept that he randomly turns into a werebear, despite the fur and mauled enemies left over post transformation.

2010-02-08, 06:38 PM
I haven't got a very large list for this, my RL friends don't exactly put much effort into backstories and character development and tend to scorn RP so I don't really get a chance to do what I love doing, but...

1) ??? the CE Tiefling Wizard who's name changed whenever he was asked for it. A pathological liar who claimed to be the son of Asmodeus and ate entire corpses. Except for the ears. The ears are bad for you.

2) Talon Dessreil, the farmboy gone ranger who doesn't care so much about being hero as he does about serving his country, Damara, in battle. But before even that is having fun, and surviving. Can beat the party's drunken master in a drinking contest.

2010-02-08, 06:41 PM
The best mechanical character I've ever played was a blaster wizard with action point based metamagic cheese. The campaign ended on the same session that I whipped out my biggest guns.

The best fluff character I've ever played was... my current one. She's a rebel-esque (while still NG (she's more rebelious against her ultra LN parents)) elf wizard with noble parents. Unlike the generic characters I've played before, this one actually has personality and quirks that are not based entirely upon myself.

The Dark Fiddler
2010-02-08, 06:41 PM
I'm really loving Jack, my human Psion. I'm sure he's not the perfect character, but he embodies several things I've wanted to try in a character:

1) A tragic past. Both his parents died, and for several years he adventured with his sister before she too left his life (current situation unknown).
2) A strong goal. He hopes to someday manifest Genesis and leave this world of corruptness, which leads to my third...
3) A disfavorable outlook. He thinks the world is full of evil and corrupt. He tries to solve it when possible, but he's still hoping to leave at some point.
4) A strange personality. Jack is very withdrawn and unemotional, and only has one friend. A stark contrast to the friendly, happy-go-lucky characters I'm playing in most of my other campaigns.

2010-02-08, 06:45 PM
Llewellyn 'Bright Voice', in a game of Werewolf the Apocalypse.

A fianna galliard who was -intensely- tied to his moon. Every time it was the gibbous moon he was active, highly so, because of the Rage it stirred up inside him. During the rising phase of the gibbous moon, he was romantic, exultant, exuberant, optimistic, and fearless. During the -waning- gibbous moon he was intense, driving, merciless, and vengeful. The full moon was a time he was impatient because it was always -between- his moons and he considered it an unnatural interruption of his affairs. I kid you not.

Toward the end of the gibbous phases he tended to stay awake for long periods, so much so that he'd fall asleep for the entirety of the waning half moon. People tended to joke about his 'monthly cycle' pretty incessantly, but he went along with the jokes because he was that kinda guy. He was also maxed in appearance, one of the best warriors and bards the sept had seen in ages, and was rather respected for his time.

That, and he had a MONSTER sweet tooth. He'd show up to formal rituals with lollipops to keep his cravings to a minimum. Someone once gave him an entire bag of brown sugar for christmas, and he made them a friend on the spot.

Oh, and he was Welsh. God help you if you called him British.

I miss that guy.

2010-02-08, 06:48 PM
Clearly Muttonchops is British! Doing things for the Queen and upholding the honour of Earl Grey tea? It's so obvious, he does his great work for qeen and country. As an Englishman, I much approve of the half-orc's actions.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-02-08, 06:51 PM
Dusk Eclipse (yes I choose my name based on him) my shifter rogue/ninja spy/swordsage

He is a TN rogue who works for the Crimson Codex as a retriever, he hates with ungodly passion the Church of the Silver Flame, my DM has houseruled I got to do a will save to avoid shifting when I see a Silver flame (for obvious reason I am banned to enter thrane).

Also he haves a problem with elves (mostly because of an IN game issue with another player).

He also has a passion for poisons, I have maxed my Knowledge (Toxins) and also got a decanter of endless poison (Custom Item, I just need to feed it a dose of a particular poison and the decanter endlessly produces it for me, I am trying to get a Black Lotus sample right now)

Edit: Btw I got an avatar of dusk :smallbiggrin:

2010-02-08, 06:51 PM
The various incarnations of Jo Pistachio. He was adopted by a pair of kind but eccentric scientists, who let him fully name himself when he was 10 years old (hence his odd name.) He enthusiastically absorbed everything science related when he was young, as that was what his parents liked to talk with him about. He had about a dozen nearly debillitating mutations that kept him bed ridden in an artificially lit room (his blood was poisonous to him giving him an anti-tox dependancy, he had anti-radiation drug dependancy, and direct sunlight caused him to spontaneously combust, which ironically didn't bother him.)

With nothing to do but study, he managed to get an advanced degree in engineering by the age of 14, when he started working with his parents at CSIS as a tech expert and safety advisor. By then, better drugs to deal with his physical problems existed, so he was able to adventure properly, but he was still essentially a non-combatant, relying instead on massive skill checks and being the party face.

One recurring theme with him is his utter lack of common sense. This led to him getting kidnapped on a constant basis. So much so that we knew an adventure was about to start rolling when he got kidnapped, where his bright and cheerful disposition kept him alive and relatively uninterogated until the rest of the party could join him, and the mission could start. He also had the strangest luck of any of my characters, rolling only 1s or 20s on relevant rolls. Since I wasn't a combatant I was called upon to roll versus death very often, so this set of extremes made for some hilareous RP.

2010-02-08, 06:58 PM
I had a crazy 2e gnome illusionist that went along w/ w/e the other gnome illusionist did. We ended up beating the party rogue into submission for trying to sell my brother (in the figurative sense) into slavery. It was fun.

2010-02-08, 07:17 PM
I played a pretty long OWD Vampire chronicle as a Ventrue who maintained his mortal family and did a decent job of controlling the rest of the coterie with a combination of paternalism, bribery, and Dominate. He also had a thing for learning out of clan disciplines. When we found out that the Toreador in our coterie was an Assamite he called in a favor with the group's beatstick to help him subdue her and brainwash her into teaching him Quietus. By the end of the Chronicle he everything but Necromancy, Thaumaturgy, and Chimestry.

I also played a decrepit Tremere mage on an online chronicle who assassinated someone by conjuring an anvil from the top of a tall building and having it fall on their car. He also got all kinds of goodies by tricking people into believing he would teach them Thaumaturgy.

"Oh yes, the Path of the Mind's Eye is the foundation of ALL Thaumaturgy."

Path of the Mind's Eye being Auspex of course :smallbiggrin:

Then there was my 2nd edition (male) bard who stood in for a kidnapped princess at her wedding to an evil despot while the party snuck her out. He was barely rescued at his execution.

So many characters over the years :smallsigh:

Tetsubo 57
2010-02-08, 07:26 PM
1E Human Ranger, straight 26 levels. By the end of the campaign he had two artifacts, a magic item list that was three pages long, a space station, a cybernetic Pegasus, a Sylph wife, two half-fey sons and the ability to shapechange into a rabbit at will. Ah, the days of 1E...

2010-02-08, 07:28 PM
Clearly Muttonchops is British! Doing things for the Queen and upholding the honour of Earl Grey tea? It's so obvious, he does his great work for qeen and country. As an Englishman, I much approve of the half-orc's actions.

Gods save the Queen! :smallbiggrin:

edit: Almost forgot. Whenever Muttonchops did something amazing, like knocking out an enemy elite or scoring a crit, he would say something to the effect of "You think these mutton chops are just for show?"

Da Beast
2010-02-08, 07:52 PM
My all time favorite character was Piers Keylin, half aquatic elf privateer. Mechanically he was terrible, something like gestalt swashbuckler 11//bard6/dread pirate 5 with skills and feats all over the place. He was a blast to play though, since my go to plan for any situation was to just do the craziest thing I could think of (high diplomacy and bluff scores helped too). One time I got the party out of jail by convincing the guard that we were traveling security system sales men who had snuck into jail to prove just how badly they needed our product.

My second favorite was probably Vedis Melchior, elan psion. Before the beginning of the campaign, Vedis had been an infamous male gnome telepath/mind bender who decided he wanted to go straight. A bounty hunter, a female human, tracked him down and almost killed him before he used true mindswitch to take her body and ran off with it to become an elan (which resets your character level to 1). Led to all sorts of in-character awkwardness.

One Step Two
2010-02-08, 08:25 PM
My best characters are three (technically two) Exalted Characters.

The First was Isha the Tear of Heaven, Dawn Caste Solar, after playing a gambit of joker character generally being the party face and wiseguy, I tell everyone I am going to play a very serious and sombre warrior. They of course laughed at the idea that I could be serious. So I made her story very impacting.

She was the very first Solar slain in the battle against the primordials in the firs age, in this re-incarnation her past lives reflected her sorrow of never being able to fufill her duty to Sol and her bretheren Exalts. She was very much the visionary I made her, making blood enemies with those who threatend the weak, standing her ground against the Living Tower and his minions alone.

I gave her a familiar, her horse that could cover any distance in a Day and a Night, which the Zenth caste Exalt used as a ploy when I was once far away and they were surrounded by enemies, using the charm that makes everyone stop and listen to you for a day and a night, claiming that their judgement would arrive with the dawn, as the sun crested the horizon, and I arrived to assault them mercilessly.

Her crowning moment of glory was that we learned that the Living Tower working under the Ebon Dragon and leading an assault directly to the Imperial city with the Scarlet Empress bound to them. Isha went to heaven to petition to see Sol Invictus himself. He gifted her his shield and she wore it to battle stopping the Second Circle Demon herself.

The other two characters are the same chatracter with slightly different incarnations. Hiraku.

In his first incarnation Hiraku was a dawn caste solar who had a chip on his shoulder about the celestial beauracracy and used his brash attitude to get his way, his best moment when a god was acting all mysterious and trying to get under his skin, Hiraku stone cold looked into the Gods eye and said, "I'm tired of this riddle crap, tell me what you mean plainly. And before you answer remember this: I am here in heaven as your guest, I can, and will, get you into trouble."

The next incarnation of Hiraku was brought about because we were introducing a new member to the gaming group, so we decided a fresh start would be nice, I offered to use Hiraku again, despite his attitude he was a very good example of how to stunt most things.

I ended up toning down his bitterness a tad and made him more driven. We were starting off as half-castes this time, so I gave him a Zenith father who had the ideal that all people should aspire to greatness under Sol, so that everyone should have the potential to exalt. His father was killed by the wyld hunt so Hiraku spent most of his childhood and teens trying to find his fathers weapon which was broken into peices and scattered across the scavenger lands, living under his fathers ideals. What this amounted to was becoming a Gallant and would do anything even a little over the top to garner enough attention to become an Exalt.

This included but not limited to: Breaking down a prison wall with his bare hands, sinking a pirate ship with a single Essence attack, and a seduction attempt using the line: "Hey baby, was your father the god of explosives? Cause you are the bomb."

2010-02-08, 08:52 PM
That would most likely be my current character, Marcius Moundwatcher. I'm playing him in the Pathfinder system in a game run by an old player of mine. He's a cleric of Pharasma, a Necromancer who uses Necromancy and Negative energy almost exclusively, and actually does a damn fine job of destroying most enemies we're put to, and fluff-wise, he's fun as hell. See, he, unlike most Necromancers commonly seen, understands that the commoners generally run screaming when the man in black robes with a scythe leaps out, so he's masquerading as a Paladin. He wears a shining Mithril breastplate, an Icy shortspear, and a large steel shield, is tan and well-muscled, and is both outgoing and devout. His gear is well-cared for, his backpack and clothing worn but still serviceable, and he always has a smile, making any indication that he might be a servant of a goddess of Death and raiser of skeletal minions outlandish, unreasonable, even foolish!

The first three skeletal minions he created (the campaign started last Sunday, so I've only played him for one game) were thieves which he killed in the holy artifact room of an even more holy temple. He took them out to a Holy (but not Consecrated :smallbiggrin:) graveyard, and raised all of them, outfitting them with bows and beginning his quest to rid the world of evil, using Evil's most potent weapon, the undead.

Mechanically, he's a 5th level Human Cleric of Pharasma with the Deathbound domain (it wasn't present in Pathfinder, but I asked my DM and he said it would be okay) who's begun taking the Corpsecrafter line of feats. His skeletons, being from 2HD human warriors, receive 4 extra hit points, a +4 bonus to Strength and Initiative, and an extra 10ft. of movement so far. My next feat is going to be Undead Leadership (my DM is running a high-powered game and approved Leadership and even the infamous Leadership-chain, with the limitation that my Undead cohorts that took Undead Leadership not be spellcasters, to avoid the massive amount of cheese that can come out of that), and, all totaled, by level 20 my theoretical Undead army might well be in excess of 1000. I also hope to find or create and take control of a few Incorporeal, Spawn-creating Undead like Wraiths, for the chaining that can be done with that.

I've never had a DM approve a Necromancer build before, and the freedom my current DM is giving me with that is really helping to enhance my experience. The game's shaping up to be great, and there's even been hints that my army might eventually clash openly with the main force of evil in this game: The Drow. I'm geeking out.:smallbiggrin:

2010-02-08, 08:56 PM
I've got two, because my experiences with the characters are near and dear as opposed to being my favorite character to create or play.

The first is the Eberron character who managed to trick the actual PCs (their players as well as their characters) into never guessing his true race, gender, class, or other identifying features. He was a straight Changling Rogue/Assassin without any non-core + Eberron base book material. I had a blast getting my actor on with DM's covert support. At the end of the campaign, the party was convinced I was either a Master of Many Forms or...whatever that class is that gets to mimic the class features of any class. When we explained the limitations I had imposed as to material, they stated with complete surety that I was a (Batman) Wizard specializing in either Illusion or Tranmutation with heavy reliance on both schools. Oh, it was a blast to do the grand reveal.

The second is actually another Eberron character in an expanded campaign, that was coincidence instead of planning. I went Wizard/Monk/that-PrC-that-does-both to create a close approximation to the Saiyuki character Cho Hakkai (with a much more er...conservative...back story). Spell Thematics = win. I even got to live up to the 'Hakkai is badass!' moment. That character death is one I'll never forget, for two reasons:
1) My first reaction to the death was "I knew I should have prepared Heart of Water today. And I talked myself out of it ><;"
2) Caught in the jaws of a fiendish dragon plummeting from an airship, unable to escape only because of lack of freedom of movement (which I had access to from the aforementioned spell), surviving maximum falling damage, and dying by a combination of "-8 hp and bleeding" and "drowning" is something that sticks with you :smallcool:

2010-02-08, 09:15 PM
a seduction attempt using the line: "Hey baby, was your father the god of explosives? Cause you are the bomb."

Best pickup line ever.

Lawless III
2010-02-08, 09:27 PM
My favorite character I ever played was unfortunately only used in a one shot adventure (I DM way more often than I play.) He was a horrible little human bard named Garret the Ferret, he was a cowardly 5' tall 100lb flautist (the humor was doubled by the fact that I'm 6'4" and built like a refrigerator.) He was arrested for bragging in a tavern that he had had carnal relations with the kings daughter (which he hadn't) but when they brought him in he was charged with a huge list of his past misdeeds ranging from tax evasion to impersonating a cleric. He ended up with a sentence of 412 years, but was offered a sentence of permanent exile in exchange for joining a team of prisoners on a mission to kill some lich named arse-rack or something (he was always bad with names.) He spent the whole mission hiding behind the meatwall and sucking up to the wizard. The wizard liked having his ego stroked so much he personally saw to it that Garret survived the whole encounter, despite the rest of the team wanting to kill him.

2010-02-08, 09:42 PM
Seargent Duncan Max Fightmaster. His father, Flex Plexico Fightmaster, had only ever given him two things; a 'lucky' pocketwatch and a cursed relic that was a literal gateway to purgatory where the BBEG sat waiting for someone strong and stupid enough to one day use the relic. (Thanks, dad.) It was stolen and used by another PC, Pirate Clancey, who was a delusional mental patient who wished to suffer 'just the right amount' of physical harm to obtain a peg leg/hook/eyepatch.
Duncan's shtick was that he was virtually unkillable - I had picked up an ability that let me negate death in exchange for points, and I had accumulated a TON of points.
So when Pirate Clancey uses the relic and is possessed by the BBEG, the first thing he does is horribly kill Duncan and throw him to the gators, then use his Ultimate Cosmic Power to create a pirate vessel in the middle of New Orleans and sail onwards to victory.

Imagine his surprise when he notices a crocodile following him, ticking with the sound of a pocketwatch...and then a zombified-looking Duncan ripping his way out of the creature with his bare hands and storming the ship with HATE in his eyes.

I swear to you that this story is 100% true.

2010-02-08, 09:53 PM
Maybe its the nostalgia talking, but my first ever DnD character is by far my favorite.

He began life as an elf fighter, whom after a few campaigns (during which I got to meet characters from an earlier campaign of the DM's and the Dungeon Master's daughter (not the DM's daughter. Apparently in this universe the Dungeon Master is an actual character, though we never met him) wound up cross-classing into rogue. At one point I got my hands on a "Polyjuice Potion," which allowed the drinker to change their race into whatever they wanted. I became a lizardman. Stuff happened. At one point I robbed the Dwarf King blind. At 2nd level, no less.

Fast-forward a few years, I'd played another campaign with the same DM using a different character, before deciding to switch back to my old one at the beginning of this newest campaign. It turns out that all the characters from the campaign previous were actually the offspring of the Seelie King, Oberon (not including my own character from that campaign, since I opted for my lizardman instead).

Being essentially demigods, we had loads of wacky adventures that made no sense, and plenty of ridiculously awesome toys. I had a chainsaw-katana, another had a sword hilt that summoned Madcoils (chinese dragons on crack), one had an adoptive daughter who had an unlimited supply of heal spells and a pet winged cat that could turn tiger-sized, and one could shapeshift.

Honestly, the bulk of the campaign is one big haze thinking back on it, but it was loads of fun and made no sense at any point.

2010-02-08, 10:09 PM
Marcus "Redeye" Kaden, my TN (bordering on NG) Half-Drow Beguiler

Not only do I love the beguiler class (except when we go up against stuff that is immune to almost my entire spell list), but he is the only character I've made with a proper written backstory.

The party still don't know he's half-drow, which should be interesting when they find out.

2010-02-08, 10:30 PM
tough to choose just one so i'll mention 2 :)
probably my true favorite is Tycho Binderwhirdle, kender cleric (and eventually high priest) of branchala, wore full plate and carried a mace and shield. i played him from lvl 5 (i joined a group in progress) through 23. it was really awesome to be a wise and truly power kender, i mean, who expects a kender who's yelling, "oh no you don't meanies!" to suddenly blast out with a 9th level cleric spell :) that and i'm pretty sure he was the driving force in turning our red mage white. best moment for him was when he hops onto the silver dragon's (party member) back and they go swooping over a battle field full of undead, breath weapons, turn undeads, flame strikes and other such awesomeness blasting everywhere, WHEEEEEE.

on the darker side i played a rogue/assassin called Corran Kelter in a heavy RP political campaign for years, brought him up to 24 from 1st. by the end he became the queen's personal assassin, married a gorgeous bard/blackguard, taken over a noble house and pretty much singlehandedly stopped a slaadi invasion, just for a few examples. i liked him alot, very much the willing anti-hero, from when he was a child he decided that his (or most other people's) soul was a reasonable trade to secure his beloved countries interests and he never backed down. one really fun bit was that he masqueraded alot as a low class old man (his favorite cover) and it was really great to wander around as "old william" and screw with people.

ahhhh memories, i should dig those 2 up sometime...

One Step Two
2010-02-08, 10:36 PM
Best pickup line ever.

Thanks :smallbiggrin:

That earned me the first three dice stunt of the story, for making everyone at the table fall over laughing.

2010-02-09, 01:53 AM
It's easily my iconic, Kell Kheraptis, for me, who through numerous revisions and versions has had just about ever caster/manifester build imaginable, but is always A)Draconic in some form, B)Incredibly ancient, and C)Fire focused in some way, shape, or form. He began in 1st/2nd edition as an elemental mage (the Dragon version, who were also considered druids of 3/4 level and fighters of 2/3) and usually keeps that gish aspect in every incarnation. Current 3.5 version involves Erudite, Psionic Swiftblade, Psionic Abjurant Champion, and a tome of spells/powers known (took up the equivalent of 3 5 subject notebooks to compile).

And as for most memorable moment with the character...there have been literally hundreds over the course of the past 15 years, but the real standout was taking down an ancient red dragon with a critical hit in his initial incarnation with the spell Lead Spray, fired basically down the thing's throat as it breathed fire on the party (which I was immune to). Rolled a crit, rolled really high for effect, and the DM basically ruled the lead spray acted like a giant shotgun slug and blew the back of it's head off. One shot kill, several levels gained, and a party now scared to death of the mostly quiet mage who they figured was talking to himself all the time (actually a permanent schism and implanted heartstone, each with their own personality separate from his, leading to internal and sometimes vocal/audible dialogue) :P

2010-02-09, 03:12 AM
Like some of the others in this thread, I typically DM rather a lot more than I play. Really, the two most memorable non-NPCs I've played are Silverscreen and Shichirou, The Fist of Heaven.

Silverscreen is a face in our gaming group's Shadowrun game. Briggs Jackson is a trid actor who plays shadowrunners in the various low-end movies; only recently did he get any fame playing as a mage in Shadow Seven, which has gotten a cult following on par with The Matrix. Nonetheless, the money he gets from acting is tied up in his high lifestyle, so to cover the bioware he is constantly getting, he runs in the shadows for real. Humorously enough, the group he joined was comprised of the runners who pulled off the mission that Shadow Seven was based off of, so the situations seem a bit familiar to him...

Shichirou is an Exalted character - a Dawn Caste Solar. He ultimately seeks to liberate Thorns from Mask of Winters' evil clutches, but it's a long, hard road, fraught with punching out Abyssals and Infernals. :smallamused: One time I sent an Abyssal flying sixteen yards from a punch, and I can't help but wonder at how far she would've gone if I'd had Solar Hero Form up at the time... :smallbiggrin:

2010-02-09, 03:28 AM
1. Tony Frost. A Rogue5/Ranger5/Shadowdancer5 that thinks he's a paladin… He's got his special mount (Animal companion horse), Smite evil (Sneak attack, Favorite Enemy), His Detect Evil (Track, Urban Tracking, Knowledge Skills)
He was paladin on a unknow, not existing god. That devoted himself te hunting werewolfs. (Main enemy of the campaign.
He used shot on the run and improved manyshot so well that the party wizards think that Tony was a ghost or something. And Because of evaison and the rediculus ref saves he could easely throw fireballs is direction of Tony. HE also loathed the party with silver weapons.

2. Sesei Shanshuki Chan. A Monk14, (Middelaged chinese dude) devoted to stunning fist like attacks, weakning touch, freezing the lifeblood etc.He was lawfull good and verry loyal to the party. Used to dash arround combat parralizing and weaking different opponents.

Magnor Criol
2010-02-09, 03:33 AM
I've got two that I liked a whole lot.

-A genie, going through the monster class progression, focusing on crafting alchemy items, reach weapons melee fighting, and hidden blades for close combat. In this setting genies were pretty highly regarded, and were planar merchants, so I fluffed that I was a young genie that was doing business for my clan's store in the city. We had lots of fun - in particular when the party's gnome and I teamed up to tackle some rooftop assailants. Flying Gnome Bullrush Attack! :smallbiggrin:

-Thalm Acamont, an Int-focused bard. He was the son of a minor noble family, and made his money traveling around, gaining experiences, and then lecturing at centers of education he passed by. At one point in the campaign our party deemed it necessary to travel to my family's estate, so I actually statted the family and inhabitants of the castle, fleshed them out, and then and mapped out the estate. I still have it all lying around, and I went through later and retooled it all so that any DM could click it in to their campaign easily. I'm still proud of it all.

Neither of these characters were particularly effective, but damn they were fun.

Wings of Peace
2010-02-09, 04:31 AM
Michael Valentine. An Epic Level Sorcerer who having realized there's a multiverse of people to fight evil in his stead took to using his expertise in conjuration magic to create a lucrative import/export business across the planes before founding a brothel in Sigil. Standard method of dealing with enemies who won't go away is to simply use combinations of spells that allow him to poof away from harm on a whim till the enemy gives up in frustration.

2010-02-09, 06:51 AM
I don't have much gaming experience yet unfortunately, but I do enjoy having unusual characters, I can tell you what a couple of them are like.

1. Toissonador, a wizard that's a wren. I took the smallest bird I could find in the monster manual and used the monster advancement table to scale it down to wren size. I have visions of doing what city birds do best to people, only with more fire. Will need to grab him a very, very small spellbook or some way of carrying a normal one, and probably the surrogate spellcasting feat depending on the DM (I've tested him out in only one casual session so far). The potential to hide in a tavern and have a prestidigitation fest for fun is incredible, too.

2. Feryl, a wolf that's a druid. An eccentric old druid awakened him and started to educate him in druidism, hoping to one day establish a sect of animal druids in the forest which could look after both it and themselves so that he might move on and spread the trend further to other regions. Feryl has so far managed to defend his home from a dwarf mining expedition, but I haven't had the chance to play him much. He'll be going for the master of many forms prestige class, and will probably be very light on the magic items, considering his morphology.

3. I have another character, a rogue scout, who is a natural lycanthrope that was abducted as a newborn by Avalonca Denza, a mighty and evil wizard who was conducting various different experiments in his tower. The wizard placed a powerful and nigh-imperceptible geas of some kind on the werewolf to suppress his heritage and basically reduce him to being an ordinary human, so that Avalonca could study the non-magical differences between the two races, whether they developed different social skills or had different reflex actions, that kind of thing. One day, through a campaign the DM puts together, the lycanthropy will be released again, and should provide lots of nice roleplaying potential. This is also the character who stole an onion to annoy the stick-in-the-mud party leader, and went on to get it enchanted into a +3 onion of disruption with a True Death augment crystal; this is a weird thing to do and suits his odd personality, since he's quite quirky, but does make him a bit less useless against zombies and the like, the bane of all precision damage professionals.

My wife deserves a mention for her anthropomorphic vixen warmage and her winter wolf barbarian ranger. My brother has a lizardman cleric who habitually collected the teeth from fallen enemies because that's where he believed their souls to be kept; he also rolled up an imp ninja once.


2010-02-09, 08:42 AM
... I GM too much, seeign as how i like one of my rarely seen NPC's better than all my PCs*.
Sara, the Broken Doll.
Quote:"My Mistress loved me so much, She played with me all the time. Until I broke, then She threw me away..."
Seeming, kith: elemental, manikin. (was very temped by fairest, manikin)
Age apparent: 14-29 - it's hard to tell, she's been out of the hedge for over 12 years, and hasn't aged a day.
Wyrd 7: (at this wyrd, she is actually made of wood for most puposes - the rules are fexible liek that for high wyrd characters)
Clarity 1, her minds gone, she's completely mad, but to naive to be evil.

Sara never had to escape from Arcadia, her mistress threw her away like so much used trash, once she got broken.
Sara got her soul back, well some of it at least, but it's been put through a mincer, torn to sheds, much like her mind.
Her mind is gone, it was completely shreadded, it you look closly you can see the crack in here painted wooded head.
I haven't prop[pely statted her out but at a quick gets: she has attributes int 1, wits 1, resolve 1, composure 1, her physical stats would be that good either, she's badly balanced (falls over occationally) weak, and proably has the endurance of a feather. she's not manipulative... infact Presence migjht be her best stat - she might even have a 3 in it.
She has a stack of mental flaws i'm sure.

Her skills are Ok... for a 5 year old child, (wich what shen she was taken, i think) occationally bits of her minmd will click together and she will come up with something brilliant.
Her Occult is 4, if you can keep her focused long enough to get anything out of her.
her academics is 3 with specialties in nursry rhymes, and fairy tales.

She's the most magically sensitive person in the freehold,
and a potent prophet, by far the best in the freehold.
not even the highest ranking autumn court members come close.

I suspece now that i think about it, that she was found wandering the hedge, close to the mortal side, by Mother Hendrick. (antoher of my faverate characters)
Retired Autumn Monach, Scarecrow minister, and 1 of three High Mages (not litterally) the Free hold has 'produced" (the other two: 1 is the Sorcerer and heir to Autumn, the other is a exciled member of Autumn who is working hard to carve out a Realm in Arcadia, and create a new Title - he's dangerous and evil, and so very very arrogent)
Mother Hendrick (or Mother Hen) as the PC's like to call her, seeming knows almost every court contract (maintains great relations with all the courts), and elemental contracts of multiple flavors.
She's a wizened that lives in a Ginerbread House(actually it's painted, but it looks real), and looks (and often acts) like the wicked witch form Hansel and Gretal - she tried to cook the PC's once.
But she's a sweet thing really,
I suspect she found Sara wandering the hedges, alternately crying and singing to herself.
I think she proablly travelled the hedge with the poor girl collecting bits of her soul and her minds from the Briars, and sewing them back together with Masterful pledgecraft.
that would explain why Sara isn't one of the soulless.

I liek Sara - she's creepy to be around - she'll sing in the middle of a battle.
She once cut of one of her fingers calved it into a tower and gave it to one of the PC's as a gift.
She's Broken and i love her like that.

Sara, the Broken Doll, was insired by a woman i knew for a week. my first interactions with her was: when she came up to me and said:"I'm going to hug you now, they just interviewed me and i'm going to be in the paper."
Nice lady. (quiet aspergers autistic i think).

*(with the exception of in the Play your self game - my faverate PC is of course myself... even though i statted myself too weak, curse this rare occurance of modesty)

2010-02-09, 09:30 AM
my "best" mechanical character was wizard with a penchant for transmutation spells.

my more flavorful characters were

1) Edward Copperhead. he's been played through 4 editions and was recently unretired for our 4th ed campaign. he originally started as a high strength, happy-go-lucky 2nd ed fighter who managed to survive through high damage rolls and ridiculous luck. i was but a lad at the time. that game ended with the PCs just wandering.

he then grew up a bit when 3rd ed came around and was properly fleshed out. kinda cynical, kinda brash, but nobody's fool. he went through quite a bit and saved a few towns. in the end he was hit with wanderlust and kept moving on.

then we played 1st ed AD&D. Ed hopped along for a ride as my backup character and after an eventful combat with spiders (gordram mother-friggin spiders...) Edward became my main PC. he also picked up a lizardfolk infant he named "Bitey". his string of luck continued as he cleaved & beheaded supposedly dangerous foes with ease. he also took up temporary leadership of the group proving he's more then just good with the axe. after killing the white dragon & saving the day he retired in the mountains to raise Bitey.

when 4th ed came along & my roommate decided to run a game i aged edward twenty years or so and dragged him out of retirement. older, wiser and still quite dangerous, he was struck with wanderlust after Bitey had left and met up with the current group (Ed replaced my poor half-orc rogue, who died at the hands of a dragon. whom we made a boat out of).

2) Shump, the hoboverlord, the magical vagrant (and soon to be lord of) parrot isle. he started as a vicious sellsword of a warlock, with but a few copper to his name and his possessions could all be packed inside a bindle. after one eventful meeting with an employer, he got drawn into a world he never could have imagined. he's fought and disbanded a thieves guild, got himself a faithful companion called "mr.chimchim", explored a jungle and a lost city, saved a town from marauding pirates, explored a vile underground city, been to hell and back, shopped in the markets of sigil, became the eyes, ears & mouth piece of the queen of the succubi, and is currently following a deal with various demon lords to help take down Demogorgon who was the cause of all his previous grief.

all while doing a slow but eventual fall from Chaotic Neutral grace to Chaotic Evil.

the last session is this friday. that campaign has been going on for over 2 years now weekly, about 70-some sessions(we took a few breaks), and i've played him from 1-20.

he's made his retirement plans and they don't involve him dying. it involves a villa on a private isle, a research lab, a vast library & a temple to Malcanteth. not bad for a guy who started with (literally) only the clothes on his back, a rusty shiv, a stick, a dilapidated shed and an old mule named "Sebastien the third".

other then those two i've had a few characters who were just fun. like "sentry", also known as "grover" (he got this name from the party after he introduced himself as "i am the sentry of this grove"). who was a robotic tree (a warforged warden) with a ghost owl who lived in his mouth (a familiar) and went around bopping his enemies with a big stone hammer. he was silly in a good way.

i also have a soft spot for the classics, like the fatherly dwarven cleric.

2010-02-09, 12:48 PM
My favorite for flavor that I've played is for World of Darkness (new), with the character Dr. Marten Aeneas. He started out fairly basic, your typical eager young doctor with an insane thirst for knowledge. Not a lot of personality, we had a couple other people who were VERY loud playing, so I was mostly on the sidelines, waiting for an injury to step up and do anything I could to save them.

Then the biomechanical creatures started showing up. Strange things, sort of like the Phyrexians, for those of you who play Magic. So, I figured, that they didn't -really- count as people for my purposes. I slowly evolved into more of a mad scientist, obsessed with the idea that anything can be fixed, any ailment reversed, with enough effort. Even death. I'm leaving bits and pieces of the story out as not to bore everyone, but this is easily my favorite character I've played.

2010-02-13, 11:57 PM
My Favorite was a Dwarf Monk, I played him as a guy who was trying do be all calm and zen but his dwaven gruffness always got in the way.
He would be all "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few-NOW MOVE OR I'LL CLOBER YOU."

2010-02-14, 02:14 AM
I have so many favorites

William Whisper the Fianna ragabash. who once bragged he's never won in a fair fight. (because he's never fought fair) expert pick-pocket, expert liar, expert sneak, and expert dodger. He's stolen money, weapons, an entire cyborg, and even a battle scar from a Silver-Fang. He beat a Silent Strider in a foot race through trickery, tricked a philodox into stealing for him. In battle he frequently would sneak up and back-stab, then dodge alot til the prey ignored him again, then backstab again. He was a fake drunk, a bad singer, and had a story for every occasion. He was so much fun.

Tonov, Ussuran strong man. He was a loud, obnoxious drunk, so much fun to contrast with the noble swordsmen. He was also tough as nails, even succeeding in catching a cannonball. One point while escaping the Montaigne army he stopped and ducked down, holding up a wine bottle. The Montaigne soldiers fired a volley and shot the top of the bottle off. he stood back up and toasted them with a drink before going back to running away

Rygos the Indestructible. Dawn Exalted (1 ed) a pure brawler. Despite the 'big dumb guy' look he was a thoughtful fighter. However he earned his name 'the Indestructible' by taking chances and facing things no one else could. He took 3 full 'Death of Obsidian Butterflies' at point blank (different fights), caught catapult boulders, uprooted trees to use as weapons in a fight. And was notorious for a very 'Leroy Jenkins' moment where the party had made a plan, then rehashed the plan, then was getting ready to rehash it a third time when rygos simply said 'Right. we go now' and jumped into it. of course, being indestructible, he waded in and fought his way through it, winning instead of losing.

2010-02-14, 02:16 PM
Killian Sirrijin, my epic rogue that I played from bottom to current level. Some people will get upset about the Ravenloft claim, but well, he's epic and he stole from Strahd to pull it off, so it's one of his major claims to fame.

Killian Sirrijin aka "The Chosen" (People just started calling him that, he doesn't know why.)

Killian started his adventuring career as a human, but that was a long time ago. His life has gone through twists and turns since then, and so has his physical appearence. Suffice to say, the way he is now is how he'd like to keep it. He's now an elf, lean and rather plain-looking with ordinary features that wouldn't catch your eye or convince you to do much. But his skin, hair and eyes are devoid of all color now. His eyes were a cloudy green, but now are just blank slates of gray with a dragon eye pupil slit in each. His face stays clean-shaven, which is his tendency to shave with a dagger when he has the opportunity. He still has the facial structure of a human and not the slender, pointed features of an elf aside from the ears. His hair is somewhat long, brushed straight back and hanging just to the bottom of his neck, but in the heat of a fight, it gets a bit more spread out in a heroic fashion, as is fitting an epic character. His face is usually in a smirk of a confident thief, which he indeed is.

He wears a sleeveless chain shirt with a bag of thieves' tools slung across his body, shoulder to hip. He's also never seen, if he can help it, without a cloak long enough to wrap around himself. His hands are gloved, but the fingers are cut off at the fingers so he can delicately work his trap disarming, locking picking and weapons with the finesse he feels necessary. One his right hand is a large ring, ranging from the first to middle knuckle of his middle finger, in the shape of Olidammara's combined tragedy and comedy mask. His other hand sports a plain band on the third knuckle. He carries daggers secreted about him, but relies mainly on the silver dagger tucked up his left sleeve. His primary weapon is the cane rapier he carries, with a long, thin blade, no hand guard and a solid, metallic ball at the bottom of the grip. All the jewelry he wears is silver in color and does not seem to glitter.

No matter where he is, shadows seem to cling to him, and he seems to fade into them a little bit, even when he's not trying. Parts of him, namely his left upper arm, right calf and a spot in his lower back, are just shadowed outlines. His death in Ravenloft brought him back as part elemental shadow, and those are the three locations where this manifests clearly. The rest of his clothing is not tight, but not billowy, instead being just slightly loose so as to not constrict movement but also not be baggy enough to get in the way or make noise. His boots lace up to just below the knee, and underneath his mail shirt is only a sleeveless, lace-necked tunic. His belt has pouches all the way around it, never seeming to be bulging, but if you watch him, obviously full of many items. Tied on his belt, underneath where his tools hang, is a bag that also seems to be only partly full.

He's an incredible thief and incredibly skilled with his rapier and made it out of Ravenloft, just barely.
I enjoy this character because I've played him from the ground up all the way to epic levels, and he's got a relaxed, slightly snarky, non-vicious CN personality and would almost be called a kleptomaniac. Except that his thieving is because he thinks it's fun, and won't do it if he thinks it's not a good idea.

Our GM did a sketch, which if you're really interested, you can see here:

Rogue 13/Thief Acrobat 5/Exemplar 2/Void Incarnate 4

Edit: I forgot to add in one of his more amusing traits. Killian started as a human, then a human with one hand, then was changed into a halfling, then made an elf, now is an elf with the Dark template.

2010-02-14, 02:18 PM
My favourite character was a gestalt Healer // Druid / Master of Many Forms Level 21. Who had an Ancient Astral Dragon / Sorceror Companion.

I only wish the campaign had actually started. I had such plans, both in the roleplaying area, and the mechanical awesome areas.

Oh well.

2010-02-14, 02:26 PM
So far my favorite character is the first one I ever made. He is a lvl 23 Rogue/Shadowdancer Drow named Zyrith Kendaal. He he has had many adventures. Recently, he met a woman by the name of Liria to whom he fell for after adventuring with her for a while. Took a while for the two to confess their feelings for one another, but all is well now. Also, one of the best stories I have had with Zyrith is when he had to rob the treasuries of two castles so he could afford the journey to get a special artifact. Let's just say that he barely escaped whith hsis like and he was level 17 at the time.

2010-02-14, 05:03 PM
I'm not good at remembering names, but my two coolest were:

1) (Gestalt Rules) Death Knight Cleric of Myrkul, I just like necromancy and I had a lot of fun roleplaying an undead ^^

2) Psion(Telepath, duh) who is a linguist, he knew al standard languages and al faerun ones :P

2010-02-14, 08:48 PM
My favorite character I only got to play for 2 campaigns. Feyde was a level 5 human Dread Necromancer who pulled off the stereotypical necromancer look - black clothing and armor, gaunt appearance, etc. She would chop off the second fingers of any corpses she encountered (or made) and then made necklaces out of the bones. I managed to thoroughly creep out my entire party. It's too bad I couldn't run the character NE like I originally planned, but TN necromancers are fun, too. "Quick, my undead minions! Save the children from the orphanage!"

I'm re-statting my original concept of her as a BBEG at the moment. I'd love to run her again.

2010-02-15, 06:59 AM
my favorite was a cleric of Saint Cuthbert named Aegis. He was the son of another of my PC's, and the Prince of a kingdom that had been made in the previous campaign. I rolled well on my stats and due to his parentage he had the Half-Celestial Template, effectively making him untouchable. He faced off against an entire evil army and consistently ticked off the DM do to him either killing off or converting recurring villains. Aegis though he didnt often thinks things through, he once tried to punch his way out of a cave, he did have excellent luck and a flare for the dramatic, the one time i actually had him kick down a door, i found a PC being tortured on the other side. He also took down a dragon with a single spell, (ease pain, admittedly it was a dragon that was pain personified...dragonified) I guess Aegis was a bit overpowered, but he a ton of fun to play.

James the Dark
2010-02-15, 07:40 AM
Jacob Greyson, Scion of Shi Wang Mu.

He went from the very bottom which the game is capable of modeling (Legend 2), up through the ranks. He's currently pushing at the door of Godhood. I've been playing him for years, now, and the story which had built up around him was insane for its depth. How many Demigods out there get to 1) Prevent the Fimbulvinter, possibly short-circuiting Ragnarok, 2) Stop assassination attempts on two different gods, 3) Own a Godrealm long before I realistically should have been able to, 4) Fly into outer space on the outside of a rocket. And survive falling from atmosphere without a parachute, 5) conclusively prove that **** Cheney isn't a titanspawn, or 6) run the Son of Jormungandr through a hydroelectric dam.

His future plans? Wake his wife from the coma she fell into as an indirect result of Fafnir's illusions, become the first God to reclaim the ability of Time Travel in order to ensure that he is born, (re)found a pantheon, punk Hermes like a bitch, kill Hera, and usurp Fate itself.

Duos Greanleef
2010-02-15, 11:54 AM
My favorite character of all time was Johanna, the Half-Elf Bard. She'd been exiled from a family whose ancestry was steeped in the arcane arts. She us her talent and skill to bed wealthy nobles... and just about anyone with a charisma of 18 or higher... to get through life.
By the time the campaign ended, she was 1/3 Bard, 1/3 Wizard, 1/3 Warlock.
Turns out sleeping with all of those people will get you diseases that a cleric can't fix.
She sold her soul to a fey entity to take away her STD.
EPIC FAIL! (But still a fun character):smallsmile:

In my Current Eberron campaign, one of my PCs is playing Oblanto, a Dwarven Cleric of Dol Arrah. He was abandoned by his parents at birth on the doorstep of her temple. He was raised by the priests but never had a head for knowledge... at all.
(INT 8)
He speaks with a hillbilly accent and loves his beef jerky. His squabble with another character (over stolen jerky) actually got us attacked by bullettes. He also once knowingly donned a belt of gender swapping because it was "good-lookin."
He's formed a bond with the Beastmaster's Bear, Oso de la Fez. (INT 6) They wrestle. And share bags of jerky. And (or so he says) have "conversations."
His overall goals are to stay at Oso's side, get as much Jerky as possible, and find his parents... in that order.

I secretly try to keep him alive because I never want him to stop playing this character.:smalleek:

Sinfire Titan
2010-02-15, 12:33 PM
Errors abound, but this was a while ago. (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19855062/CO_Diary:_Playing_a_Totemist)

2010-02-15, 12:51 PM
My favorite was a recent dwarf rogue I made named Thorrod. We were members of a town and tasked to defend it from an undead invasion. I was the local alchemist who had a reputation for producing qualtiy product and a upstanding buisness man.

In reality while my alchemy buisness was clean I had a secret room under my house to stash stolen goods, had a secret passage to the local inn's storeroom so I stole all of my food and drink, and had connections with that theives guild in the nearest city to sell loot, and stole a bunch of stuff throughout the campaign.

The best part? No one in the campaign (either PCs or townsfolk) knew about anything in the second paragraph.

2010-02-15, 03:57 PM
I have to say my favorite character was my first BESM character I made. His name has become my handle for just about everything, Honeko. He was a Nekojin who never left his Mech. The best part was that his Mech could turn from a Gundam-esque model into a pair of boots. Yes, a pair of metallic boots. He couldn't be hit in those things as all the points went into defense abilities.

Also, I have to say that my favorite fluffy character was an overconfident perverted Dwarf Barbarian. His battle cry was "OOOIII!!" He was able to drink just about everything, and even out drank a drunken master. On his first time out, the group was sent to a mansion to take out a couple guards and let a group of NPC's go in and get a weapons cache. Now, instead of letting the ranger and druid take out the guards on the towers around the mansion, he walked straight up to the front gate, stood a few feet back, and began jumping up and down screaming at the top of his lungs, "Oi. Come out here and Fight, I'll take you all down by myself." By the By, he was a short dwarf and had boots of striding and springing so he was a bouncy little bugger. It pissed the hell out of the party. But I have to say his greatest moment was when he was being accepted into the Guardians of the Green to become a Fist of the Forest. He ran into a group of poachers, and he wasn't all good, but was putting up a front for the Guardians, so he called out to the poachers to stop, and goaded the leader into a fight. These poachers were rather weak so he chose to just use his hands to fight. So standing no higher than the poachers waist, he delivered a critical hit to the poor man's groin. Needless to say the man died. He felt bad as he didn't want to kill him and tried to save him. It was great.

Darth Stabber
2010-02-23, 04:02 PM
[3.5]Galruck the unsure, human ranger/soulborn/duskblade/barbarian/fighter/psiwar/warlock/cleric/rogue/horizonwalker/dread commando/totemist/soulknife/pyrokineticist/dragonshaman/paladin of freedom. - he never quite decided what he wanted to do. Though not the best melee combatant, he was actually a fair 5th man, mostly provided flanking for the rogue, or caster protection. Never without a trick though.
[3.5]Esteban Miguel Alvarez Abdul Human Psion - believed "arcane magic is using your mind as the hammer to forge a blade called spells, when the psion has the wisdom to realize that he already has the hammer", and never missed an opportunity to criticize the wizard about this glaring superfluousness of his chosen profession.
[oWoD]Cassandra Crosby Children of Gaia Ahroun - In a weird full WoD crossover (mage, werewolf, vampire, demon, hunter, and changeling) she ended up at an international highschool in the middle of the pacific ocean, set up for some nefarious purpose. Hard-core jock girl. Ended up dating a mage, killing 2 proffessors 1 vamp 1 demon. Formed a pack of two with a misogynistic shadow lord Ahroun, backed up by a geometry obsessed Hermes mage(the same), a terror stricken Innocent hunter, and a demon(the rebirth of the same demon slain earlier). First change in the dorms = half the cheerleaders dead. Also lead the team to many a field hockey victory.
[4e]Gerhardt Buchmark human rogue - social man extraordinaire. Was primarily a diplomat, but it's strange how slitting peoples throats can make some problems disappear, in a group with a pyromaniac kobold wizard, his warforged paladin butler, and bloodthirsty orc warlord. Being the only one with any social grace, I got a lot of roleplaying xp for smooth talking the guards out of arresting my companions for their incredible collateral damage, repeatedly.
[L5R]Seppun Toshiru bayshi bushi/toturi bushi - character won the topaz championship, and went on to join the seppun family in honor of some fruitful escapades.
[Mutants and Masterminds]Captain .12 gauge - Dumb as a bag of doorknobs. Had super strength and yet continued to rely on his shotgun. When he heard about some people getting their superpowers from exposure to radiation, he started microwaving puppies until he got a sidekick. It only worked when the resident super genius modified the microwave behind his back (and I spent the character points on the sidekick advantage). This of course lead to a fight with an Easy Mac monster, and the microwave's subsequent replacement. Also thought he could improve his shotgun shooting if he sawed the stock off and the barrel down and add a sight. wanted protection from mental attacks, so he started wearing a tinfoil hat. Used the comm room as his home theater. Had sponsorship deals with Nike, McDonald's and Wheaties. Wore a bright red and yellow spandex top, with camoflage pants (so he could hide better). Defeated a giant space monster and proceeded to have a bar-b-q, selling slow roasted alien bits, which lead to a massive outbreak of an alien virus. Strange stories abound with this character.

2010-02-23, 04:15 PM
Probably my NE half-incubus. He was the first character I played for more than one session. He was some homebrew class I found on DnD wiki, and he was a psychopathic hedonist who worshipped Graz'zt.

Mentioning 90% of his exploits would probably get me perma-banned, but his most ingenious moment came after he started a barfight over his faith. He surfed across the bar on a commoner's corpse and decapitated the bartender with his greatsword. When the guards came, he had shapeshifted into a human form, buried the bartender under the floor a la Telltale Heart, and pretended to be the bartender's favourite nephew who was taking over while his uncle was on vacation.

2010-02-23, 04:25 PM
Tukani Otaro, The Golden Feather. Dwarven Paladin of no particular god(for two levels) when he was 'blessed' with sorcery (for 15). He was banished from the Order because his rival framed him for the murder of his sifu. Basically a self-loathing bastard, but I loved him. And his awesome intelligent sword which his master gave him. If you call it anything but the Zephyr of the Design, it would kill you with all of its power. Which was a lot. Tukani never realized its full potential, but often times we have our wizard fly it into the enemy camp upon which someone would pick it up and call it a sword, or another measly mortal weapon. Bam. Camp destroyed. Eventually, my DM had the enemy recognize it because he was the blacksmith of the Zephyr (and Tukani's father :0) so we almost lost that one.....
Also a character with three personalities whose class depended on the time of day. CE Barbarian who always helped anyone who needed anything (anything!), TN Rogue who would constantly fluctuate between the 4 extremes of the alignments, and a LG Wizard who could never remember anything (including how to walk or speak). She had an internal clock too.

2010-02-23, 07:03 PM
Guy of Greenheart AKA Nightbeast would have to be my favorite.

Yes, he is where I got my screen name.
Str 16 (+2 when Shifting)
Dex 23 (+2 when shifting)
Con 16 (+2 when Shifting)
Int 18
Wis 16
Cha 18

He is a Shifter Swashbuckler lvl 8 and Vigilante lvl2 and he was/still is the only sane character in the Campaign. He had to survive the stupidity of one Roy "The Slightly Insane" Roberts and his endless shenanigans, one including when he stole a Dwarven Ceremonial Urn, with some poor guy's ancestor in there...

Background wise, he was also my most messed up character. Being a less religious inclined character, and having a serious deal with the Church of the Silver Flame(mostly for the fact that most shifters are still held in contempt), he and his cousin, a Shifter Ranger in the service of the Silver Flame, got into some really lethal fights. They still don't see eye to eye. Also, he is pinning after a human artificer, Anna, who still tends to take him for granted. He however did go to Morgrave University to study the Tribal/social structures of Xen D'rick and to provide some insights on Shifter tribal/social structures. He continues to study and research other tribal and society structures.

He also has moved around from city to city mostly because of Anna and her need to find a safe haven for her business, so he rarely had a chance to lay down his roots in any city, disabling some of his Vigilante skills.

Overall motivation is to live in a way to disprove shifter stereotypes, hopefully marry Anna, and continue his study on tribal/social structures.

2010-02-23, 07:40 PM
Probably my current character in Vampire2948's campaign, Zenkei Chingon. He's a halfling gestalt warlock/rogue. First time I've played a warlock, and it's amazing fun.

Overlong background:

Three centuries ago a mortal sorcerer was taken by the Queen of the Seelie Court to ride with the Wild Hunt. Nothing can last forever even with the fey, and after some great time she grew bored with her companion. His soul was abandoned to wander the earth, eventually coming to rest in an unborn halfling child, with which it became inextricably linked. After birth the two were one; the newborn halfling child retained no memories of its previous life, but developed strange powers of charisma and control over both strange magics and the natural world.

Chingon rose to prominence as a diplomat and bodyguard of diplomatic parties within House Zenkei, and greatly enjoys work as a negotiator and problem solver. He loves his House, and will try to further their aims as he sees them. The symbol of House Zenkei is a lapwing (symbolism lifted from Measure for Measure:
''with maids to seem the lapwing and to jest,
Tongue far from heart...''
Seems fitting for a diplomat).

He has a hatred of rash action, since he tries to suppress his wild fey side after childhood 'treatment' for his condition; he always endeavours to plan, prepare, and solve problems through diplomacy. However, he's naturally chaotic, and finds himself making snap decisions and throwing himself into strange situations with great determination at a moment's notice.

He is terrified of the fey, though he has a love of traveling through the wilds.
He hates enchantments, for many reasons; because of the association with the fey, because of his chaotic love of free action, and because nothing ruins civil negotiations like suspicion of mind control.

He prides himself on having the right tool for any situation, and keeps a well-maintained wand bracer, as well as obsessively polished thieves' tools and mundane gadgets. He has his wands custom made from small wooden flutes . He plays the penny whistle, badly, as part of this cover.

The thing that's most fun about this character, though, is the fact my girlfriend is playing his bodyguard Big, a half-giant dungeoncrasher fighter/factotum who frequently threatens to punt the tiny talkative halfling should his pay arrive late. Big is also rather more mechanically optimised than Chingon, making the threat unfortunately credible.

2010-02-23, 07:56 PM
Guy of Greenheart AKA Nightbeast would have to be my favorite.

Yes, he is where I got my screen name.
Str 16 (+2 when Shifting)
Dex 23 (+2 when shifting)
Con 16 (+2 when Shifting)
Int 18
Wis 16
Cha 18

He is a Shifter Swashbuckler lvl 8 and Vigilante lvl2 and he was/still is the only sane character in the Campaign. He had to survive the stupidity of one Roy "The Slightly Insane" Roberts and his endless shenanigans, one including when he stole a Dwarven Ceremonial Urn, with some poor guy's ancestor in there...

Background wise, he was also my most messed up character. Being a less religious inclined character, and having a serious deal with the Church of the Silver Flame(mostly for the fact that most shifters are still held in contempt), he and his cousin, a Shifter Ranger in the service of the Silver Flame, got into some really lethal fights. They still don't see eye to eye. Also, he is pinning after a human artificer, Anna, who still tends to take him for granted. He however did go to Morgrave University to study the Tribal/social structures of Xen D'rick and to provide some insights on Shifter tribal/social structures. He continues to study and research other tribal and society structures.

He also has moved around from city to city mostly because of Anna and her need to find a safe haven for her business, so he rarely had a chance to lay down his roots in any city, disabling some of his Vigilante skills.

Overall motivation is to live in a way to disprove shifter stereotypes, hopefully marry Anna, and continue his study on tribal/social structures.

How the hell did you roll those stats?!? :eek:

2010-02-23, 08:17 PM
I will always have a soft spot for Mr. Tibbles, the House cat Thief.

Not being able to communicate with the party was actually surprisingly fun, if only because I was the most experienced player. Knowing what the party is about to do is going to probably get some of them killed, and being completely unable to warn them? Oddly amusing. There wasn't much in that game a well placed cat mauling didn't solve anyway.

2010-02-23, 08:57 PM
I think the cat just won the thread.

But I'm going to answer anyway.

Sayaz DeNelfay, CG drow ranger/fighter created after I read Drizz't books(why are you looking at me like that? :smallamused:). One of my earlier characters. 9 Charisma, 15 Intelligence, paranoid as heck, and never came at anything the way the rest of her good-and-neutral party did. And formed a powerful bond with my friend's hyperactive teenage surface elf druid and her highly immature talking wolf.

Nina Tigerscar, human barbarian. Skinny, unattractive, 5-foot-zero blond girl with little confidence and no charisma-- who was raised by orcs, wields a battleaxe, and deals out massive damage in a fight. Nina was highly intelligent (we had a generous stat system and I rolled well), but she grew up speaking Orcish and generally refused to use pronouns, past or future tense, or little 'nothing-words' like the, and, and that. Consequently, she sounded like Thog, even when she was describing a clever plan.

Nina was, in her way, extremely girly-- highly affectionate, loved looking nice, and concerned about how she appeared to men. However, her idea of flirting was to tell her potential love interest about the time she cut her way out of a tendriloculus' gullet. Her favorite 'makeover' involved getting mauled by a tiger (she avoided all healing until she was sure the scars would stay). And she believed men found her unattractive because she was 'skinny and pink.' It's looking like she may end up romantically involved with a very human half-orc.

Recently, I've had quite a bit of fun playing the level 1 NE goblin NPC the PCs captured. I rolled his intelligence to find out if he spoke Common (12 and over would mean yes) and got a 17. Now he's trying to use the party to kill off the hobgoblin who made him fight them. I have to admit, I'm kind of rooting for him.

2010-02-24, 12:15 AM
I'm partial to one of my characters I'm playing right now, Lucien Blackmoon. It's a homebrew system without classes (think Oblivion using xp to buy attributes/proficiencies/skills), but he is basically a blaster wizard with some illusion thrown in.

He left the academy where he had been studying after being scapegoated for his master's failed power play, and generally disdains politics. Fairly arrogant in his power, he frequently flaunts it to his detriment. While fairly level headed most of the time, he goes completely ballistic in combat (No proper combat training) and generally stops only if the enemy is slain or he is incapacitated. Similarly, he is quite tactile and will respond quite violently if touched without consent. After being kneed in the groin by the party's rogue, he engaged her in a nasty brawl that led to the establishment of Rule #1: Don't touch the wizard.

In an extremely interesting relationship with the rogue of the party, who respects his audacity after watching him charge an airships deck gun while under fire 15+ enemy combatants. Nonetheless she constantly seeks to get under his skin.

On the group's stolen airship The Flying Scotsman, he serves the role of essentially science officer, constantly mixing up potions and finding ways to magically enhance the ship's combat prowess.

Lucien has also started trying to play 'both sides against the middle' as of late, frequently getting himself and the party into nasty diplomatic messes (he has 0 ranks in any diplomacy/bluff/etc.)

Thus far we have not run into any casters stronger than him, though we have just heard of one (most likely the BBEG). This scares the bejesus out of Lucien, as nothing frightens him more than being defeated in a field he has spent his entire life dedicated to.

2010-02-24, 12:41 AM
To date the favorite character I've played so far has to be Eric Swift, my human sneak-attack variant fighter.

He's an arrogant dickwad who thinks that he's the best at everything, and likes to say so at every opportunity. His pride is so great that he simply can't stand to lose, so he'll pull whatever dirty tricks he can. He claims that he doesn't care about anyone, and that they're just stepping stones, but that's a lie that soon became obvious while playing. He even has a journal that he writes in, but he hides it because he doesn't want to look like a wuss for having one.

What made him be what he is now, is when he was a kid he was actually really nice and friendly, and intelligent. He wanted to become a scholar, a scribe, or even a wizard maybe. But his father was a scarred military man who was missing an arm, so he couldn't live out his war dreams - so he made Eric, his kid, live them out for him. Because of his father's relentless drilling, Eric learned that he was only worth something as long as he won. And because he left the books behind in his childhood, he knows that he wouldn't be able to be a brilliant scholar now, even if he tried.

The game hasn't gone far enough to get much more character development, but I may turn him into a gish some time once he matures and learns to be his own person, instead of what his father wanted him to be.

One that I just started a bit ago in a fallout 3-themed freeform game is also quickly growing on me. His name is James, and he wins fights with his smooth tongue rather than actually, you know, fighting - although he's halfway decent with small guns and lucky enough to get by if he needs to. Anyway, he smooth-talked his way into this militia protecting survivors already, and in the beginning functioned as comic relief. The other guy, a heavy weapons/bruiser of a fighter named Roy, I think, punched poor James a few times on first meeting. To be fair, James was being a bit annoying. Roy's punch-first ideology has already earned him a Crowning Moment of Funny, by punching an elderly man who "snuck up" on us once in the face, killing him.

James has gotten a crowning moment of awesome though. In their second mission, they were trying to raid this donut shop guarded by three heavily armed german mercenaries. James and Roy got split up on the way, and James accidentally stumbled on the donut place and was seen by one of the germans. James managed to convince this guy that he was their undercover commander, despite the fact that they DID nothing undercover, and that they did NOT, in fact, use any code words, he had no identification, AND he accidentally saluted the american way. He was on his way out with the donuts when Roy finally sniped one of them, starting a firefight, which we won because the germans still thought James was on their side. Good times.

2010-02-24, 12:18 PM
My favorite character to roleplay so far was named Charles Brennan Walker-Alvingese III. He was the inheritor of two vast family fortunes after his parents died in a mysterious accident, and had all of the good looks, contacts, and stylish equipment that money could buy.

He was then recruited into a 'galactic marshal' type organization, and I proceeded to have a run of such amazing luck on all rolls that in game people started to believe his massive ego might just be a simple reflection of reality. Then you throw in drug addiction, clandestine dealings, wild psionic abilities, and a healthy dose of enlightened self interest, and let it blend for a bit.

He was a lot of fun primarily because he was so supremely out for himself when most of the others were more straightforward hero types. He also spent more time trying to kill his remaining siblings/avoid being killed by them than fighting the real threat. I was sad when the game ended prematurely; I'd planned to be running the galaxy before it was all said and done.

the humanity
2010-02-24, 12:38 PM
"Bear" Avesic. the bastard son of an interplanar elvish hooker, left to adventure after he was branded as a murderer by his home village for the destruction of his half fey sister (who was really killed by his half fiend brother) covered in the scars of his home's torture, he covered himself in thick robes and left to go find a new home. I loved this guy, he ended up with 20 strength at 1st level, which was great for a fighter. sadly, we never went too far with this campaign, as certain people >_> weren't committed. I played him all of 3 times, but one day I might bring him back. somehow.

2010-02-24, 12:47 PM
in our upcomign shadowrun game im making a troll street samurai whose biggest cavet is his intrest in commercial vechiles and his constoga bus he bougth and upgreaded without regard to genreal safety