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Ezekiel Moon
2010-02-10, 11:38 AM
Here is where you will see my special creations, which I've put a great deal of work into. Behold!

-A spear with what appears to be some useless ornamentation. Said ornamentation consists of several curved spikes which, when a sliding piece on the grip is manipulated, shift forward and can initiate a grapple with reach! Further, the metal grip piece and innards can be used to channel electric spells. (Nonmagical weapon.)
Price: 120 gp
Damage: 1d8 Piercing
Critical: 19-20 x2

-Sword of Holding. This sword has a plane "inside" it. Any creature other than the current owner of the sword that touches the hilt will be instantly transported into that plane. A creature dealt a critical hit with the sword must make a Will save or also be transported. An object struck with the sword may be transported if the wielder desires. At all times, the owner knows the position of all creatures and objects in the plane, and can eject a creature or object by making an attack with the sword. The creature or object appears at the tip of the sword, moving as if thrown by a creature two size categories larger than itself. The plane within the sword resembles the Material Plane, but dominated by castles, fortresses, and other similar structures. Somewhere within the plane is a sword identical to the one on the Material Plane. A creature that takes hold of this sword will become the new owner of the Material Plane sword, and be returned to the Material Plane. The wielder of the Material Plane sword can control the sword within the sword as if wielding it himself.
Price: 950,000 gp (unique)
Damage: 1d8 Slashing
Critical: 19-20 x2

-Pewter Dragon. This is a Figurine of Wondrous Power that becomes a dragon... what were you expecting?
Price: 39,000 gp
Stats: By default, this becomes either a silver dragon or a black dragon with the stats of such. Which it becomes is determined by the creator; if not specified, the type is chosen randomly on activation and the dragon appears to be purple. It can be used once per week, for up to an hour per week. It can be made to assume the form of a different type of dragon; doing so requires specially-enchanted paints. (If you want to create a new type of dragon for the Pewter Dragon, you're welcome to do so. I did not.)

-Invisibility Cloak. This one was requested by one of my players, and we proceeded to work out the details. It has a certain number of charges per day. Spending a charge gives you 3 minutes of invisibility. Spending multiple charges at once adds one minute per charge; spending all charges on the first activation in a day grants Greater Invisibility, at the duration you'd have received for half the charges.
Price: 400gp +400gp per charge, minimum 3 charges.

2010-02-10, 11:45 AM
Prices, please?

2010-02-10, 12:10 PM
Pewter Dragon. This is a Figurine of Wondrous Power that becomes a dragon... what were you expecting?

Stats for it once it did?

2010-02-10, 12:16 PM
Interesting set of ideas, but sadly amazingly incomplete. We need stats, prices, full rules text, etc. :smallwink:

Also, I made a polearm that can grapple at reach, lemme go dig it up real quick here. EDIT: Ah, here we are, bottom of this post. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=7653608&postcount=16)

Ezekiel Moon
2010-02-10, 12:52 PM
Yeah, I... didn't really have a price for the Sword of Holding because it's not a weapon type or enchantment, but rather a specific magical sword, and in the campaign I designed it for, unique.

2010-02-10, 01:05 PM
Sword sounds worrisome unless you put some allies inside to protect the interior sword while yousleep. Could make for an interesting campaign though... party of people who tried to steal/confiscate/got critted by the sword questing for the sword-within-a-sword.

Pewter Dragon needs Age Catagories for both the silver and the black (silver should be younger to keep the utility equal, don't be afraid to fine-tune with extra hit-dice within the age catagories.

2010-02-10, 01:09 PM
The sword of holding worries me. What are you going to do if the PC says "I beat the orc over the head with the hilt!" No save for that, and it instantly incapacitates them. Then send a decanter of endless water through...

2010-02-10, 01:12 PM
Sword of Holding is a plot-related artifact, not a purchasable magic item, simply because of the effects.

The spear is probably underpriced. Also, is it a simple weapon? Martial? Exotic? These questions need answering. See the link I provided above for complete rules on grappling with a weapon at range. :smallwink:

The dragon could do with stat blocks and age categories. At the VERY least, age categories. :smallwink:

Overall, interesting stuff, but still somewhat incomplete. I do like it though. You have any more?

Ezekiel Moon
2010-02-10, 07:34 PM
I have some others, but most of them are blatant references (for instance, The Five, elemental rings that when used together allow you to summon a Void Elemental, or the Orb of Confusion). It'll take me a bit to dig out an original one, but I'm sure I have some...

The sword is not only plot-related, but also in the game that I created it for the idea is to destroy it. Though, the hilt-clobbering could be a problem... I would rule that that is not a case of a creature touching the hilt, but rather of the hilt touching a creature; still, perhaps the word "intentionally" should be added there. Decanters of endless water wouldn't really be a problem. First you'd have to hit it with your sword and not destroy it, and then, what, you expect it to flood an entire plane on a single activation? Don't they run for a few seconds and then stop? And if not, the person you sent in could just pick it up and then you've given him a decanter of endless water, not to mention an opportunity to take your sword that he didn't have before. (Additionally: My campaign involves the plane inside the sword containing a number of low-level friendly NPCs, who might be in trouble if you got in the habit of banishing enemies into it and probably couldn't survive ejection.)

The spear is an exotic weapon.

I'm of the impression that the Pewter Dragon's age should be specified by the creator as well, or rolled randomly by the DM. However, if I were to assign a fixed age to the item, I would say that the black dragon version should be a young adult.

2010-02-10, 09:54 PM
The sword of holding worries me. What are you going to do if the PC says "I beat the orc over the head with the hilt!" No save for that, and it instantly incapacitates them. Then send a decanter of endless water through...

Regular melee attack, -4 for improvised, -4 for nonlethal, -4 circumstance penalty, provoke an AoO (edit: which can be a grapple check to stop you)...

Ezekiel Moon
2010-02-12, 10:24 PM
Alright, now I need to ask a pricing-related question:

What would be a proper price for a lens that grants a Detect spell as a continuous effect?