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2010-02-10, 07:25 PM
I had an interesting sort of idea for a thread!

One of us posts a character description of a character they are playing or have played before - crucial to this exercise is that the character has to have already been rolled up. However, in posting the description, you only give the character's personality, backstory, and other things that are key to the character's concept, without revealing very much about how the character works mechanically. That is, no revealing any classes or feats (unless the class is absolutely key to the character concept - I.E. a paladin).

The next person steps in and says how they, personally, would build that character in the game. A full 20 level progression is not needed - merely stating which classes, class features, and feats should suffice.

What do you all think? Would anyone care to kick it off, or should I post one of my characters?

2010-02-10, 08:21 PM
Sounds interesting enough. If no one else minds:


Description: Even when glimpsed for the briefest moment, Chantif stands out of a crowd in the common peoples’ eyes. With shock of black hair, made even darker by the colour leeched skin, and green eyes, their colour intensified by his contracted pupils, he is exactly how they imagine an adventurer should look: eye catching with an air of mystery, yet mundane enough to be one of them.
His lank frame is usually hidden beneath long black robes (weather permitting), that jingle when he moves, betraying the armour worn underneath. Endless hours spent poured over dusty tomes have given him an unconscious slouch, robbing him of several inches of height, but in combat, or other situations were a slouch is undesirable, he correct this, standing to his full height of 5’8.
When not wearing robes, a tattoo becoms visible on his left arm, depicting his Ulna, Radius and Humerus, as well as all the bones in his finger stems.

Background stroy: From a young age Chantif showed an interest in what children his age did not understand and older children were scared of: death. As a toddler without even knowing exactly what he was doing he would find dead beetles and put them in a wooden bowl with live beetles and watch how they interacted. Unlike other toddles who quickly lost interest in inanimate things Chantif was bored by the living. His mother was concerned how much time her son sent starting at dead animals and tried to encourage him to play, but her son resisted all these efforts.

From the age of 4-8, Chantif entered what he latter referred to as his “Dark Age”. He stopped focusing on death and mingled with the other children of his age, playing their mindless games. At the age of 9 he reverted to what he saw as his “natural ways, untainted by society’s expectation,” He began to conduct experiments, leaving corpses out, visiting them regularly to see how their decomposition continued. He came to view bones as the perfect symbol of life, since they remained after all else was gone. A legacy of this mindset of his is a tattoo on his left arm, his Ulna, Radius and Humerus, as well as all the bones in his fingers stems from this age (he has needed to have it magically refitted, since his arms has grown somewhat since then.)

At the age of 13 Chantif became convinced he was being too obsessed with the material aspects of death, and needed to focus more on the spiritual aspects.
It was then that he began to learn “necromancery”. He had long been interested in sleep, since he’d noticed how people can look dead that way, however, it was only with the help of a tome that he was able to unlock the secrets of the moment when you are neither awake nor asleep. By the age of 22 Chantif had learned a lot. Whilst it was not his own conclusion, merely one derived from another tome, he became convinced that his interest in death stemmed from an urge to understand concepts that reach beyond this world. He had also developed a taste for martial art himself. He found that using aspects that related to death, cold and shadow, mixed with quick fencing style sword play proved to be one of the most effective. However, having studied death so much he was unwilling to kill needlessly.

It was around then that Chantif began wondering about his own death. Having never experienced a situation when he could have died he set out as an adventurer, eager to both see death from a closer angle, and find out more obscure knowledge he knew he was not going to come across in his free time.

When it comes to fighting Chantif is a no nonsense person. He does not twirl his blade idly, he does not explain why his enemy has no chance to live. He draws his blade, assesses the situation, acts and, if he survives, sheaths his blade. Outside combat however Chantif is very talkative, since whilst he feels conversation is over rated, he acknowledges that it is a fundamental part in the process of passing on information. However, which someone who has no knowledge to offer him, Chantif will be stony silence. For this reason, Chatnif will try to engage his enemies in conversation if it seems they are willing to delay fighting for a short while, but once weapons are drawn he won’t bother.