View Full Version : True Sorcery Query?

2010-02-12, 07:48 AM
Has anyone here used this magic system? How does it work? What are your general feelings regarding it?

I'm looking to use it as the magic system for my upcoming Iron Heroes game.

Thoughts appreciated.

2010-02-12, 09:42 AM
Is "socery" anything like sorcery? Because I like sorcerers! :smallbiggrin:
If you want a more helpful response, I suggest explaining yourself first.

2010-02-12, 09:51 AM
My apologies for the vagueness of my question and the spelling mistake...my bad.

Anyways what I want to know is if anyone has used the Green Ronin Product True Sorcery and how it worked out? How does building a spell work? How difficult is it to use the system for the DM & Player? Has anyone integrated it into an Iron Heroes game?

Hopefully that clears up my request.

2010-02-12, 10:03 AM
Well I'm not familiar with third party materials, but I'm sure somebody else around here is. Good luck! :smallwink:

2010-02-12, 10:52 AM
It works out pretty cool; the first time you start using it, it's going to take forever to get a spell going, but once you get used to the system, you'll be able to pound out spell effects like nobody's business.

2010-02-12, 10:59 AM
If I understand the brief reviews I've read, it works something like below correct?

ie. conjuring a ball of fire in your palm is a DC 5, making it throwable makes it a DC 10, making it explode (ala fireball) DC 15, adding a sleep effect DC 20.

and you can "up" your possibility of completing a spell by investing in "magic skill ranks" (for lack of a better term)

ie. I've put 5 ranks in my fire magic, so I can create a ball of fire without fail, and I've got a pretty good chance of throwing it (using the example above)

2010-02-12, 01:21 PM
It's a Spellcraft check. You pick up the Create (Fire) spell and that's DC 5 for a ranged touch 1d6 damage. Adding +5 to the DC can add another DC, change the area of effect, change the saving throw, and so on. The casting time can also be affected by this. You can shorten casting time by expending spell energy or by "pre-casting" the spell, of which you can hold a number equal to your Intelligence modifier.