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2010-02-14, 10:08 PM
Alright, I'm getting ready to play in a level 8 3.5 campaign, and the DM has set up some ground rules:
-No pre-adventure-bought magic items
-Alternate bonus system. Maximum possible score=18+racial modifiers. Magic items can bring this higher, but nothing else can
-Also, every point above 12=+1. So, a 15 would be a +3 bonus, a 16 a +4, etc.
-Alternate wealth due to wealth rolls

I managed to come to a compromise with the DM, we'll be making "wish lists" of magic items we want/need, and she'll (probably) be giving us a good chunk of what we want/need in the next few adventures. However, a very heavy optimizer/powergamer in our group rolled max wealth(40,000 GP) and very high stats which the two in our group who don't optimize as much got average/horribly low wealth(only ~6k for the lower one).

How will this effect the campaign?

2010-02-14, 10:23 PM

The idea behind this is that it will keep the bonuses high, which you 3.5 ed players are used to, having used the D20 stats for the other adventure...LOL I am not even clear on what the normal 3.5 stat rules would be...

The adventure should be fun anyways. Being one of the monolithic old time gamers from when the game first started, the kinds of ideas I have are generational. The adventure should be fun and we'll learn a lot.

I have a feeling you might not think this is a very good answer.....but look at it this way...you probably won't run into an 15th level Orc Lord Sorcerer who has boots of leaping, and can capture you and keep you in his bags of holding, after conquering your spell casters with his Staff of Dispel Magic and his Robe of Magic Resistance +9 along with a Spell Turning +7 which he bought before the adventure because he rolled a d6 for wealth, got a 6 and then bought magic items as easily as if they were used books at a used book store.

:smallsigh:You might not like that answer, but hopefully you could laugh at it.

2010-02-14, 11:20 PM
Change in rules. We're now back to using the normal bonus system.