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2010-02-15, 12:46 AM
Hey Im playing 1E with my group, but i love this idea of Prestige classes, so ive decided to kinda incorporate it into my game. I own a couple 3rd edition books and thus have some ideas just looking for some advice on good prestige classes for my characters

Half Orc Druid TN very high strength good wis average cha Bruiser-type
Halfling ranger NG High str very high Con average dex wis and int Prefers to be sneaky
Human Monk LE high wisdom Likes being sneaky or ranged
Elf Assassin NE very high Int high dex Poisoned melee
Elf Illusionist CN Very high Int Very high Dex misdirection and confusion
Gnome Mage CN Very high Int high strength Enchanter
Fighter LN High Strength High Int Front line
Bard CN High Int high Cha Focuses on playing music mostly

Just what you think are good prestige classes for them, link if needed, or just give me ideas and ill homebrew

2010-02-15, 12:49 AM
I'm not sure I understand you. You want 3e PrCs in a 1e game?

2010-02-15, 12:57 AM
Just the ideas. I have a bunch of 3E things in my game, i just swap the ac around and im done.
Ok its a bit more complex, but i bascially just want some PrCs that allow my pplayers a bit more diversity. Right now im just rolling with the kits from Baldur's Gate II but they are a tad unsatisfying.