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2010-02-15, 02:28 AM
Playing my Grappler on Dungeon Fighter Online (http://dungeonfighter.nexon.net/), I thought of a few skills they have that could be implemented into 3.5 feats.

Back Breaker [General]
Prereq: Combat Expertise, Improved Grapple.
Benefit: When grappling a flat-footed or flanked opponent, you deal an extra amount of damage with a successful grapple check equal to your level.
Special: A fighter may select Back Breaker as a fighter bonus feat.

Grab Cannon [General]
Prereq: Str 17, Improved Grapple.
Benefit: Whenever you attempt to grapple an opponent that is either larger than your size allows, or is immune to grappling attempts (such as by freedom of movement), you may still attempt a grapple check. If you succeed, you deal damage equal to your unarmed damage plus your strength modifier, and the target is pushed back 5 feet.
Normal: You automatically lose grapple checks against creatures two size categories larger than yourself, and against creatures immune to grapples.
Special: A fighter may select Grab Cannon as a fighter bonus feat.

Intense Takedown [General]
Prereq: Str 15, Improved Grapple.
Benefit: Whenever you succeed on an opposed grapple check, you deal your unarmed damage to any opposing target adjacent to the target as well.
Special: A fighter may select Intense Takedown as a fighter bonus feat.

2010-02-15, 07:37 AM
Back Breaker seems more specialised than the prerequisites make it seem. I'd go for adding a few pips of BAB to the Prerequisites with a proviso that Monks may take it as a bonus feat...

Cannon Grab is really useful. Then again, I've never really understood why the inability to be restrained prevented you from being hury by the guy grabbing you, even if he can't hold you...i blame the spell and RAW reading myself. All in all, so useful that i'd be tempted to hack the Str requirement down a few points.

Intense Takedown... I'm not entirely clear on the wording here. Does this apply every time you make a grapple check [which is made using an attack] or when you begin a grapple [which would be a perfectly solid phrase to use instead]. Also, would Back Breaker apply to the dude next to your target? Doesn't particularly make sense, but there you go...

if not "base Grapple Damage" would be a useful phrase to use.

2010-02-15, 12:45 PM
Fair points, and made some adjustments thereby.

For Intense Takedown, I particularly mean step 3, under starting a grapple. (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/combat/specialAttacks.htm#grappleChecks)

2010-02-15, 03:20 PM
You do realise that the way you've chosen to reword Intense Takedown, it's basically become Constrict that applies to the dude next to the one that you're choking.

Not that I like thinking like this, but that is the king of all "bag of rats" tactics. Behold: you take this feat and bring a rat to combat. You stand next to the ogre and pull the rat out of it's bag. Ogre takes damage. You begin the next round by using two weapon fighting to make a total of three grapple checks against the rat, each one successfully pinning it. the Ogre takes three lots of unarmed damage...

Then again, perhaps Monks do need some love in the eyes of optimisers but still, it's a little retarded.

The link you gave would have made this read "when you successfully initiate a grapple" for that line, which indicates that you have made both the touch attack and the grapple check successfully.

2010-02-15, 03:22 PM
Hm, fair point... should I add a restriction that the creature needs to be a certain size to deal damage? (Small or Medium+?)

And for the secondary point, it seems we're at a phrasing impasse. :smalltongue:

2010-02-15, 06:11 PM
intense take down should be just Constrict on a single target... leave the splash damage to your re-writen Reaping Mauler. :smallwink:

You'll need to decide the actually increase in damage backbreaker deals.