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2010-02-17, 09:25 AM
In a month or two I will take the DM chair again and start the 3rd and final chapter of my campaign which will among other things include the killing of an elder evil (Father Llymic) and the start (and hopefully the end) of a major war amongst the gods.

I'm looking for ideas on how to include the players in this war.

Background information:
Players: Insane (hallucinating paranoid etc) lesser tiefling ranger, half orc barb/rogue/assassin (baron and currently the de facto party leader), lesser tiefling rouge/assassin, human bard (not much into roleplay, prefers rollplay) and no idea what the last player will be playing (he is the current DM and has been DM-ing since the end of act 2 in my 3 part campaign).
The current DM is my spy in the group if I need some railroading done I'll just ask him to do something and he'll do it

Deities in the world: All standard phb deities, Lolth, Eilistraee after she became the masked lady, lady luck, Bahamut, Tiamat and Io.

The war will start with Corellon, Heironeous, Pelor, Kord, Eilistraee, lady luck and Bahamut forming a secret alliance. Each player will be visited in their dreams by one of the gods;
Half orc: Kord promising riches, glory and dragon slaying.
Tiefling Ranger: Eilistraee, as the lady of dance/swords/song, promising to help him see the truth and fix the visions.
Tiefling rogue: Eilistraee ,as the masked lady, promising something assassiny (can't really say what until I go over his backstory).
Bard: Bahamut promising fame and power.
Current DM: Lady luck. He created her so he'll like meeting her as a player.

The plan is that Kord and Bahamur have been trying to challenge Tiamat to an honourable combat but she's ignored them. They devise a plan, with the help of Eiliastraee, to force her to respond, by using the players.
Lady luck has devised a powerful spell that will kill most of the chromatic dragons and their relatives (think familicide from oots).
The only problem is that her spells are as difficult to control as she is and to be guaranteed to work the PC's have to kill and use it on a red, green, blue, black and white great wyrm in less then one hour from using it on the first dragon.

This will drive Tiamat into a rage and she'll enter the material plane to crush these insects that dare touch her children. Kord and Bahamut use the opportunity to attack and kill her.
When she dies Bahamut will try and absorb her essence but will be affected by the Lady's spell and die, taking with him almost all the metallic dragons. Not being a dragon Kord absorbs Bahamuts and Tiamats essence without being affected by the spell and ascends to overgodhood.

Then I don't know what I want to happen. I know Io will go nuts over both his children being slain and I know I want Lolth, Correllon, Hextor, St. Cuthbert, Boccob, Vecna, Olidarma, yondalla (along with all the halflings), Nerull, Erythnul (and possibly even more gods) and almost all the Demon princes and devil lords to die.

Gods I want to survive: Herioneous, Kord, Pelor, Eilistraee, Lady luck.
The rest I'm neutral about surviving

So any ideas?

2010-02-17, 09:42 AM
I don't know why you want all of those other deities and demigods to die, and have only a few live. Still, I'd say that there would now be 2 overdeities, Io and Kord. Io is pissed at Kord for absorbing the essences of Bahamut and Tiamat, and so he wants to destroy him. But things don't go that simple when you have 2 overdeities. They'll need to have a mortal war in order to destroy the followers of the other, quite possibly knocking them down in power enough to kill them. Gods related to their portfolios will likely be viable targets too. Kord has his old alliance, and the allies of his allies, etc. Io has lost a lot of dragons and his 2 most powerful servants, so he will need to resort to rallying evil creatures against the good deity Kord, and as many other allies as he can gather. This splits the world into 2 factions, where nobody is a bystander. Everyone must serve either Io or Kord, and fight for them. This allows a lot of Gods to die, and for only the cunning and stealthy demons and devils to live.

2010-02-17, 09:45 AM
Interesting, I like the whole world split in two thing.

Oh and the reason for most of the gods dieing is that PC's will ascend to godhood at the end and will be new gods in future campaigns and I don't want to have to many gods running around.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-02-17, 10:43 AM
I humbly ask for a campaing journal of the War of Gods!!!