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2010-02-18, 08:27 PM
Long Claws
The Long Claws were first discovered being used by a band of roving kobolds, who, when discovered, attacked a party of archeologists surveying the area. They consist of a ring-like harness of braided leather straps, becoming a long braided length of leather, which holds a short, curved peice of sharpened rock or steel. A skilled warrior can weild up to four on each hand at a time, as well as hold a sword firmly. Such warriors often devote thier lives to studying new weapons and arms.

Long Claws are an exotic, reach weapon. They are not held in the hand, and as such, can be wielded by the same hand as another weapon. Only one can be used on a hand by a character not profitient with them. A profitient character can wield four on each hand.
For purposes of penelties and bonuses, all the Long Claws wielded with one hand count collectively as a light weapon, and always as an off-hand weapon, no matter which hand is using it.
A single Long Claw costs 10 Gp, and wheighs two ounces (8 to the pound).
A Long Claw of small size deals 1 damage (4 damage for the set), and a Long Claw of medium size deals 1d2 damage (4d2 damage for the set), and has a critical modifier of x3. The damage dealt is both blugeoning and slashing. Apply the strength moddifier of the wielder to the overall damage dealt by all the Long Claws in one attack. Using eight Long Claws in one attack as a two-handed attack yields adding one half again of the strength moddifier. The moddifier is not applied to each individual Long Claw.
When using eight Long Claws as a two handed weapon, there is a 25% (76-100) chance that one or more will get tangled, reducing the damage by one quarter. It takes a move action to untangle them again.
As a reach weapon, it is unable to hit anything adjacent to the wielder, but can hit anything within 10 feet.
Use a single attack roll for a set of Long Claws. Matching the target's AC will result in a single Long Claw hitting. For every 2 points above the target's AC, another Long Claw hits, with 6 points above the target's AC causing all four to hit. Long Claws are unable to be used in a Full Attack against an adjacent target.
An attempt to disarm the wielder of his Long Claws can only target one out of a set, and takes a -5 penelty to the disarm check of the person trying to disarm them.
Each Long Claw may be enchanted seperately, as they may be bought seperately. Enchanting or buying magic Long Claws in sets of four reduces the price by one half, as if enchanting or buying only two. the price is not reduced for non-magic Long Claws.

Specific weapon: Pest Biters
This set of four Long Claws was found in possesion of the leader of the roving band of kobolds who was first discovered to be using Long Claws. Interestingly, the Kobold's leader was a human possesing necromantic capabilities.
Vicious Long Claws, x4 (2,310 gp (4,640 for the set))
Medium sized light reaching melee weapon, 4+other melee wieldable per hand, deals 1d2+2d6 damage (4d2+8d6 for the set), slashing and bludgeoning damage, x3 critical multiplier, deals 1d6 damage to user on a hit (4d6 for the set). cannot target adjacent, 10 foot range. opponent takes -5 penelty to disarm checks.

Feat: Long Claws Study
prerequisites: Profitient with Long Claws
Bonus: When using eight Long Claws as a single two-handed weapon, the chance of tangle is ignored. As well, Long Claws may be used in a full-attack against an adjacent target.
Normal: Long Claws have a 25% chance of tangling, and doing one quarter damage, when eight are used as a two-handed weapon, and Long-Claws cannot be used in a full attack against an adjacent foe.

Please Examine And Comment Honestly. But ignor speling erores.

Edit: fixed items as described below, added feat.

2010-02-18, 08:48 PM
Strangely enough I have used keys as a weapon before.

It's probably not worth the exotic feat, well unless each claw can be enchanted seperately. Also it looks a little complicated and that tends to turn people off using them.

Admiral Squish
2010-02-18, 08:54 PM
This actually sounds pretty awesome. Do you roll attack for each one in a set separately? That seems like a lot of paperwork. But I could totally see A guy with eight of these, each hand having fire, frost, shock, and corrosive on it. Only question is, can you get them out in a single swing? Do you have to spend an action getting them up to speed first? Is there a chance they'll tangle in combat?

Occasional Sage
2010-02-18, 09:05 PM
I think a separate roll for each is too fussy, but the idea is neat!

I'd like to see:

the ability to include them in a Full Attack (as a chained feat?)
what then happens if you have them on both/all hands, especially when wielding a 1-h vs a 2-h weapon
how they are enchanted, since they can be purchased singly

I love the image of packing eight of these and a greatsword in a Whirlwind Attack. The dancing moves would be worth the effort of talking a DM into these!

ETA: I'd suggest combining all into one attack roll, whether using one hand's worth, or two hands' with a 2-h weapon.

2010-02-18, 09:26 PM
2,300.5 gp


2010-02-19, 05:30 AM
Can you deal sneak attack damage with each attack? What about Int to damage (swashbuckler)? Energy damage? Con damage (wounding)?

The problem with the weapon is that it violates almost all basic rules of melee combat:

* They're not held in hand like melee weapons.
* You can wield more than two of them.
* Threat range determines whether they count as off-hand weapon.
* They deal two types of damage but the damage is counted separately for each type.
* Strength modifier does not apply to damage rolls.
* You can make several attacks as a standard action.
* You cannot make a full attack with them.

No melee weapon in the PHB (or any splat book I know of) can do any of this...

* The disarm penalty is exceptionally big.

2010-02-19, 08:57 AM
I think you have a cool idea, but like others have mentioned it's very clunky in application. If you can pare down the mechanics it would be a nice addition.


2010-02-19, 11:00 AM
Sorry for the confusion.
@ squish: Yes, you roll seperate attack rolls for each, but since it's one arm movement, the same opposing rolls are used.
@ Sage: They are enchanted singly, therefore, as squish envisioned, each hand CAN have fire, shock, frost, and corrosive. Yes, you can have eight per person, or 16 for a four handed guy. Yes, you can swing all at once, but since I envision the cords getting tangled, I may add a tangle chance to multi-hand use.
@temotie: based off of the SRD's rules for magic items. but, +9000 gp may be a good deal for +8d6 damage.
@Kensen: They are worn on a finger like a ring, and therefore not held in one's hand. the threat range of whatever else he's holding in that hand determines if it's off-hand. (spiked chain? Long Claws are off-hand. broadsword? Long Claws are primary, as a broadsword cannot reach were the Long Claws do) going back to the ring thing, that explains the disarm. It should be really hard to deprive the guy of his extra point or two of dammage. And Full attack? you're attacking with the sword in your hand, the cords would just wiggle in that arm motion.
@Caskey: That's why I wanted PEACHing.

So, I make attack mechanics clearer, reduce disarm penelty, clarify multihanded use, possibly add a feat for multihanded use, that possibly allows it to be used in full attacks, and add strength moddifier again.

Edit: made changes, some points in this comment are now defunct. Long Claws are always off-hand, price is reduced for a set of magic Long Claws, made it cheaper to enchant as a set, rather than singly, but they remain able to be enchanted singly, and the stength moddifier is back.

2010-02-19, 01:55 PM
I think you should just assume a full hand worth of long-claws is a single weapon, and no smaller amount is stated out. one enchantment, same number of attacks as any other weapon, etc.

Bergor Terraf
2010-02-19, 03:24 PM
If the bookkeeping involved in keeping track of up to 8 enchanted weapons seems a little to much, try this :

Take the 4 ringd of a posible set and fuse them together. This becomes the base of the weapon. To that, you can attach up to 4 long claws, increasing the damage output acording to the number attached.

When enchanting, you just enchant the base, which gives the effect to the long claws attached to it. However, this creates the problem that you can enchant 4weapon for the price of 1. To counter this, add that each additionnal long claw after the first just adds 1 point of damage. For example, a flaming long claw with 1 long claw does 1d6 fire damage, 1d6+1 with 2 long claw, 1d6+2 with 3 and 1d6+3 with 4.

It does lose the possibility of having a long claw with fire, shock, frost, and corrosive at the same time, but adds the possibility of having multiple base enchanted differently, with just having to transfer the long claws from one base to the other.

2010-02-19, 05:33 PM
You don't really need to say "10gp or 1pp." I don't think any other weapon mentions platinum pricing.


2010-02-20, 07:38 PM
Woot! got a nitpicker!
Sorry, though. that's an artifact of ".5 gp or 5 sp", so I'll remove the "or 1 pp". thanks, though.

2010-02-20, 07:47 PM
If you want to keep the multi-whack option, then why not go with something like this: For each 2 (or 5, or whatever) you exceed the target's AC value by, another claw hits. No excess attack rolls, just rolling more dice for damage.
I'd also like to see the d2 replaced with a d4, simply on account of I like dice that actually exist.

2010-02-21, 10:36 PM
You know, that's a good idea, except that I used the same size-to-damage tables as a shurikan, off of the SRD. But the AC value is a good idea.

2010-02-21, 10:44 PM
If you want to keep the multi-whack option, then why not go with something like this: For each 2 (or 5, or whatever) you exceed the target's AC value by, another claw hits. No excess attack rolls, just rolling more dice for damage.
I'd also like to see the d2 replaced with a d4, simply on account of I like dice that actually exist.

Too hard to get your hands on some coins nowadays is it? :smallbiggrin:

2010-02-21, 11:14 PM
So are these enchanted separately at the normal price, meaning a full set of +1 flaming ones would be 4010 each?

Anyway, this is.. odd. I mean, it's really, really odd. However, if you're already dual wielding, which is suboptimal, this is essentially a straight damage boost, because, well, it doesn't affect your two weapon fighting penalties (or it doesn't say it does).

Seriously though, what *are* the penalties to attacking with this and other weapons at once? It's confusing because two weapon fighting and ten weapon fighting are a bit different, rules wise, because ten weapon fighting doesn't exist.

2010-02-24, 10:11 PM
I never really intended for them to be used in the SAME attack as a held weapon. but, I'm sure there are weapons that can be used at the same time. *sigh*.

OK, I once again fail at homebrew.