View Full Version : Soulborn Handbook?

2010-02-20, 02:55 AM
There was a really interesting Soulborn handbook on wizards, but now all links that formerly led to it are nonexistant.

I've really been hunting it down... I'm aware of the general incarnate handbook, but it doesn't really touch on the soulborn. Anyone knows where it went, or where a similar one can be found?

(I'm also aware that the soulborn is considerably weaker than the incarnate or totemist, so no need to remind me.)

2010-02-20, 06:43 AM
Once again, Web Archive to the rescue (http://web.archive.org/web/20080502172227rn_1/forums.gleemax.com/wotc_archive/index.php/t-592729).

2010-02-21, 03:08 AM
Thanks much!

Actually there's a bit less there than my memory had stated, but still a good resource. ^_^