View Full Version : [3.5] How should the barbarian's DR work?

2010-02-21, 12:20 AM
How should it? Have you ever fixed it so it's more effective? I like the idea, and I think it should still be there, just improved. What fixes do you use, or can you suggest?

2010-02-21, 12:25 AM
Make it significantly larger but only apply it when raging.

Or make it REALLY large but only delay the damage until after the rage.

2010-02-21, 12:41 AM
Triple it, maybe?

2010-02-21, 12:56 AM
DR means less and less the higher level you are, so the Barbarian's DR is already pretty unremarkable by the time he gets it at max.

That said, the Berzerker Strength alternative class feature in the Player's Handbook II gives a Barbarian at roughly half health +4 STR, +2 all saves, and some DR that stacks with the DR from their class. This gives them access to DR earlier, and could help make it more useful and effective earlier on.

2010-02-21, 01:48 AM
Instead of just letting is block 1 damage an attack let it absorb a percent of the damage. IE: Barbarian with +20% absorb would only take 80 damage out of 100.

2010-02-21, 01:50 AM
The DR should be equal to the number of levels the PCs has in barbarian and certain prestige classes should allow the character to continue to advance it.

2010-02-21, 01:51 AM
I like the idea of the crusader's delayed damage pool. :smallbiggrin:

2010-02-21, 08:21 AM
Give them scaling fast healing instead. That goes better with the "I parry their sword with my naked glistening six pack, because armour is for softies and pain makes me rage harder" barbarian ethos than does DR.

Is this the face of a man with DR as a class feature?


Or this?


2010-02-21, 08:38 AM
I don't think that second picture is entirely appropriate for these boards.

2010-02-21, 08:41 AM
You know, I didn't think anything of it, until I looked around to see what was inappropriate about it as a result of your comment.

2010-02-21, 09:03 AM
What's inappropriate about the 2nd picture? Looks like an excellent work of art to me. :smallsmile:

2010-02-21, 09:20 AM
The babe isn't wearing a bra. I mean you have to squint, but still...