View Full Version : [3.5/PF] Lycanthrope empathy

2010-02-21, 04:02 PM
I am playing a lycanthrope in an upcoming PF game, and came across this in the PF SRD

Lycanthropic Empathy (Ex) In any form, natural lycanthropes can communicate and empathize with animals related to their animal form. They can use Diplomacy to alter such an animal's attitude, and when so doing gain a +4 racial bonus on the check. Afflicted lycanthropes only gain this ability in animal or hybrid form.

(emphasis mine)

does that mean a werewolf would be able to speak with animals per the spell, or would it be more like druid/ranger animal empathy?

Nate the Snake
2010-02-21, 05:27 PM
It functions like wild empathy, which in Pathfinder is a Diplomacy check. If it included a speak with animals effect, it would say so.