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2010-02-21, 07:51 PM
So, for the next adventure my PC's are going up against abunch of bugbears with the Spellwarped Template (MMIII).
Now, this template, in addition to providing stat boosts and not raising the CR if the monster has 3 or less HD, provides Spell Resistance, with the caveat that, if a spell hits them that fails to beat their SR, they absorb the spell energy and get one of several boosts.

Now, could these Bugbears include a sorcerer who backs them up by casting Burning Hands on them and intentionally failing his caster level check, essentially have a guy buffing them in a cone with a 1st level spell? Does that smell of DM shenanigans? Is the fact that these guys are getting free stat boosts without actually raising their CR DM shenanigans in of itself?

2010-02-21, 07:59 PM
I don't believe the rules permit intentionally failing an SR-penetration check, in the same way they don't let you automatically fail a dispelling caster-level check; the best you can get is casting at the spell's minimum possible CL in order to minimize your chances of passing. For low-HD humanoids it probably doesn't make a difference, and so the Sorcerer probably wouldn't want to attempt this as a buffing routine. He might be more than usually willing to cast spells that happen to include both the Spellwarped bugbears and enemies in the area, however, on the basis that if he doesn't break SR the bugbears get a buff and if he does, well, they were expendable and he hit his actual enemies too.