View Full Version : Fun Dungeon room ideas? [4e]

2010-02-22, 11:24 AM
I'm running a one-shot next weekend with a level 3 Assassin, Monk, Bard and Vermin Druid, and I had an idea for a Portal-esque sequence of monitored rooms where characters are evaluated to see if they're fit to work for the Wayfinder's Foundation of Eberron. Obviously, the challenges are meant to be non-fatal, but something goes wrong...

So, I've got rooms to fill. I want to emulate a true 'classical' dungeon with traps and puzzles, since our group is used to more Eberron-flavored social intrique and outdoor adventure. In preparation of Xendrik expeditions, rooms have a general Tomb Raider feel to them with jungle plants, hot and damp atmosphere, cryptic Drow and Giant artwork, stuff like that.

On the subject of something goes wrong, I was thinking of some kind of malevolent incorporeal spirit that can corrupt the existing challenge into true life-or-death nightmares.

Anyway, I got a few spare rooms to fill, and I was hoping if you could help me out... both 'safe' (before the spirit shows up) and 'dangerous' rooms would be helpful. Some interesting traps, puzzles, skill encounters or other fun challenges would be greatly appreciated. Note that the definiation of 'room' can be stretched a bit.

If you would be so kind to help me out, I can reward you with cake...