View Full Version : The true purpose behind the monk class!

2010-02-22, 12:00 PM
There is a dangerous factor to the monk class that it seems no one has caught before. In the epic level handbook, it says they gain another 10ft to speed every five levels after reaching epic, ad infinitum. Therefore, if my math is correct, any monk who reaches one-hundred twenty six million, seven-hundred twenty thousand and eighth level (assuming they took the Run feat in the earlier levels) is able to run AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT.

So what happens when they hit 126,720,013th level? That's right, they break the speed of light. Logically, this must mean that the universe is destroyed, just because of an overambitious monk. We cannot allow this madness to go on. Everyone says that monks are underpowered, but now we know the truth. For the sake of the universe itself, we MUST nerf the monk.

2010-02-22, 12:01 PM
We can break lightspeed pre-20, you realize.

2010-02-22, 12:02 PM
Well, more proof that Epic is broken.

Kurald Galain
2010-02-22, 12:02 PM
Um, yeah.


Just an example of how moving fast can be done more efficiently than by stacking on monk levels.

Roland St. Jude
2010-02-22, 12:02 PM
Sheriff of Moddingham: This is beyond silly to the point of being essentially spam. Plus, it's going to turn into a flame war instantly. Thread locked.