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2010-02-22, 02:12 PM
My wizard 9 / Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil 2 is going to turn 12th level soon (a relative term, as we game pretty much monthly), and I'm going to take Spell Mastery as his 12th level feat. Eron's Int is 25, and will be going up to 26- meaning he'll be able to choose 8 spells. Because our houseruled IotSV loses a level of spell access (but not caster level), I currently only have 5th level spells (same spell slots as a 10th level wizard currently, which will become 11th level).


Charm Person
Color Spray
Comprehend Languages
Disguise Self
Enlarge (Enlarge Person)
Expedite (Expeditious Retreat)
Feather Fall
Mage Armor
Magic Missile
Protection from Evil
Silent Image
Summon Monster I
True Strike

Command Undead
Darkness (this is basically the 3.0 version of darkness)
Fox's Cunning
Luminous Swarm (CompArcane, debuff one target giving them a 20% miss chance and they might take damage over 5 rounds)
Mirror Image
Rope Trick
Scorching Ray
See Invisibility
Summon Monster II

Dispel Magic
Invisibility (all invis spells are +1 level in this game)
Major Image

Assay Resistance (Complete Mage or Arcane, helps defeat SR)
Charm Monster
Defenestrating Sphere
Dimention Door
Dimensional Anchor
Invisibility Sphere
Polymorph (this is per the rules, so it's definitely in)
Remove Curse
Solid Fog

Baleful Polymorph
Break Enchantment
Channeled Lifetheft
Magic Jar
Mass Fly (Complete Something)
Teleport (obviously this is one of them)

So, 8 slots.

1- Teleport
2- Polymorph

Since I'll have access to 6th level spells as I level, I could throw them in here- for instance, disintegrate might be helpful if imprisoned, and greater dispelling might make the cut. So feel free to suggest some 6th level spells.

Note that I *do* have access to other spells if I'm willing to pay- for instance, there's always been something more important to spend gold on that glitterdust, even though it's really good.

My goal with this feat, I think, would be to be able to be minimally functional should my two spellbooks get lost or stolen, but also to help in the situation where I need to memorize spells under duress.

I'm aware that there are more powerful feats as well! This isn't a question about them :P

I have access to Eschew Materials, Quicken Spell and Empower Spell. I have Arcane Thesis: Fireball, my one nod to being able to fill the role of decent damage. I have both Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus Abjuration, as all Initiates are skilled with Abjuration. Not that I know any Abjuration spells with saving throws to be improved, but, hey. I also have Skill Focus: Spellcraft, not that that's of any great importance!

Sinfire Titan
2010-02-22, 02:18 PM
Teleport and Polymorph are good choices.

3: Glitterdust or Pyrotechnics (either one)
4: Dispelling Screen (Spell Compendium)
5: Wall of Stone
6: Shadow Evocation or Conjuration

Are you taking Uncanny Forethought too?

2010-02-22, 02:19 PM
My suggestions, for a all-around functional list based on what you already have:

Teleport, Polymorph, Invisibility, Rope Trick, Protection from Evil, Solid Fog, Scorching Ray, Disintegrate.

With that set, you can get anywhere, run from anything, have a few ways to kill stuff, turn into anything, and rest anywhere. It's a good "get out of dodge and get my spellbooks back" list.

I would try and get Fireball on there... but honestly, you need a level 6 effect, and I just like good ol' Face Melter (Disintegrate).

2010-02-22, 02:51 PM
I assume if your spellbook is gone it was either stolen or you were captured. Either way your first priority is getting to your backup spellbook. So most of the spells so far are excellent, and I shall add:
1: Silent Image
3: Invisibility

OTOH, including 1 or 2 combat spells may be good too in case you need to get to another area before teleporting and for some reason tricks aren't enough. Disintegrate is excellent for this because it affects both walls and creatures. If you pick any control spells as your combat spells, make sure they fully disable the target for at least a few rounds, since your allies may or may not be with you. Wall of stone is probably good, but not solid fog. Direct damage will be better than usual for a similar reason. Picking spells of different level is handy because then you can prepare multiple copies of the same spell for each level.