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2010-02-23, 06:30 AM
Hey guys,

i've been running a campaign as the substitution DM for my group. All is well so far, i think they are quite satisfied. The group is:

They have quite high stats, which i agreed to, because another friend of mine is going to take over the campaign when they reach level 10 and he wanted those stats: 18, 18, 14, 12, 10, 10

Human Cleric/Combat medic 5/1
Gnome Druid 6
Human Paldin 6
Human Barbarian 6
Hafling Rogue/Fighter/Swordsage 2/2/2

It is a completely selfmade Plot, taking Place in the Realms. I had them start in Amn where a merchant had i really high bounty up for a pesty group of caravan-robbing thieves. As they got there, they easily dispatched the thiefes (my mistake they were many but weak). Than the merchant asked them to travel to Beregost to retrieve an item for him, and i sent them to the ruins of ulcaster to retrieve it.

MY Ulcaster ^^ wanted to test their might. So i didnt let them rest, put some riddles in, and filled the whole thing up with some tough Rot Reaver/Zombie encounters accompanied by some Allips on the last floor. (cleric and pala, as i wanted them to, handled all quite well.

Now to my Problem:

Although they were not allowed to rest, i had a real hard time to weaken them. They have healing belts and the cleric is a medic, the druid and the pala can heal as well. Ulcaster was challenging for them and the next thing i make should be challanging as well.

My plan is to have them arround in Beregost for Celebration of their deeds (cleaning up the haunted ruins. And nudge them into the direction of a gnoll fortress in the hills plagueing the trade routs.
The castle should be np but UNDER the castle I plan on some tight hallways, Kobolds with alchemist fire stuff, to make them really feel uncomfortable although fighting "weak" opponents. They will find some important quest related information down there.

My description by the way is absolutely fluffless ^^ of course there is more to the story but i wanted to make it short.

Do you think it will work to get this really strong group into trouble with a wellmade Kobold infested maze? Any suggestions?

2010-02-23, 08:51 AM

Kobolds can be really challenging if played well. Kobolds are on their hometurf, so traps traps traps and more traps. Make small sized corridors kobolds can retreat to, if the PCs go crawling after them throw some tanglefoot bags and alchemist fire. Have kobold archers fire at them over a sea of caltrops. Pit traps that take atleast an M sized character to activate. Lit the bloody corridors on fire. Bombard them with 1st lvl magic missiles. Don't use anything massive, let small traps wear out the party, enjoy their slow death.