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2010-02-23, 04:53 PM
Despite being rather short-lived, the rebirth of Chainmail came with a very interesting setting, set on a different continent of Greyhawk, Western Oerik. The Sundered Empire had warring factions not unlike Eberron's 5 Nations, though not nearly as developed, and it was all tied together by the death of Stratis, the 3rd son of Stern Alia and God of War both Just and otherwise, making him a sibling of Hextor and Heironeous.

Now, digging through all the old Dragon magazine articles, as well as looking up Stratis on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stratis#Stratis) reveals quite a bit of information about him and his Panoply, which are the arms and armor he wielded during his life of war and bloodshed across Western Oerik, though it doesn't reveal much about his former worship, his portfolio or his domains.

So, having a look at the domains of his siblings and other martial gods of Greyhawk, I came up with a list of possible domains that seem to fit his themes:

Competition, Courage, Glory, Strength and War

I also considered Destruction, Protection and possibly Wrath but the above seem the best selections. So, thoughts? What alignment should Stratis be as well, as I could see arguments for him being LN to be in line with his other brothers (which would probably add Law to his domain list) or TN to reflect growing up on Ysgard and balancing out that influence?

Finally, I'm doing all this to work out a character I've been bouncing thoughts about, a Cleric/War Priest/Ordained Champion of Stratis, despite the fact that he's dead, as I'm working it as that he gains his divine power through following his beliefs as opposed to following the god himself.

2010-02-25, 05:04 PM

No love for a dead war god? In the end, it probably doesn't ultimately matter, though it's good for reference, if somebody managed to collect enough of his Panoply to take his seat or he managed to come back some other way.