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2010-02-23, 06:07 PM
Odd question...how far away does the target have to be for you to be able to see their eyes as something other than darker patches on their face [oddly, this IS what happens...the joy of photography classes].

I'm trying to build an encounter with a critter with human sized eyes and i'm after a rough guide as to when their Gaze attack will come into play.

I couldn't seperated the eye marks from the brow on gunnery targets at 25 yards [75ft] when i was a cadet, but then, i'm short sighted and the iron sight screwed with my glasses...

2010-02-23, 06:20 PM
Gaze Attacks generally have a max range listed-usually 30' or 60'. Being able to see the eyes has nothing to do with it.

2010-02-23, 06:29 PM
Odd you say that, with so many things refering to avoiding looking at them. I honestly hadn't noticed the ranges though. I'm going to take 30ft for the Medium and adjust from there.


Enlarge type effect making his eye more powerful. Based on Balor...