View Full Version : Calling all Beta-Testers for Pirates vs. Ninjas!

Dairun Cates
2010-02-23, 07:21 PM
A very small number of you may be aware of my current Master's thesis on the homebrew boards, "Pirates vs. Ninjas". I've been working on it for around 9 months now, and it's starting to get fairly large in size. It's actually something I hope to publish.

If you haven't seen it. The link is in my signature.

I've been running a beta test of the system as I've gone along making new content, and there's still a few factions I want to do, but I'm about at the point where I need to see how other groups and GMs handle the system. So, I'm putting out a pre-liminary open call for Beta-testers on the forum. I figured this and a couple of other boards are a great place to start to get interest.

Mostly what I expect is to hear how the game runs with other groups, what works, what doesn't, what breaks, and what is not so useful. What did players find fun? What did they find boring?

I'm particularly interested in how it holds up in smaller and larger groups.

It'll take me around 1-2 weeks to finish with some final touch-ups on the writing and abilities, add 1 new faction for each side, and to have a friend of mine draft up a short paragraph-long legal agreement to keep someone from stealing my work (just for precautions).

Really. What I'm asking for is for people that are interested to tell me here, and when everything is read, I'll send out a private message with the brief agreement. Once you've read and agreed to it, I send out the current version of the game to you in a file or two and you just play it with your local group.

So, anyone interested?

Dairun Cates
2010-02-24, 04:57 PM
Ouch. Guess no one's interested then.

2010-02-24, 06:04 PM
im interested, i just havent read it yet. :smallsmile:

2010-02-24, 06:08 PM
It does sound cool, but that is a lot to read, I'll see if I have time enough to get in.

Inhuman Bot
2010-02-24, 06:09 PM
It does sound cool, but that is a lot to read, I'll see if I have time enough to get in.

Same with me.

G'luck on getting it published. :smallsmile:

Dairun Cates
2010-02-25, 03:20 PM
It does sound cool, but that is a lot to read, I'll see if I have time enough to get in.

I'm actually working on a light reading version to get things moving along. Something that covers the raw crunch of the basics without the flavor or extra bits. Should make it easier and cut off a good portion of the combat stuff. After that it's most just thumbing through abilities.

2010-02-25, 03:33 PM
Sorta interested, but time is a factor. It's nothing negative regarding your system, Im just perpetually behind in systems I want to check out. I wouldn't be surprised if others are like this as welll.