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2010-02-23, 10:43 PM
Hey there. I'm working with my old Pirate Half Orc if any of the old 4e cultists on this site remember those threads, and he's coming along GREAT. Still playing him and hit level 8 last session.

I've been looking through Epic Destinies and can't really find one that suits him JUST right. I like a lot, but none seem to be what he's all about. So, I had an idea.

My DM surprised me last week by accidentally telling me that Briggs, my Half Orc, was part demon, or something like that. This explains why he can use guns, which is why everyone in the whole world doesn't use them. So, I'm embracing the idea. I'm gonna stay Unaligned, but I figured once he hits Epic he'd be able to synergize these powers really well.

My only idea for this so far is some resistances and Furious Assault on CRACK. I wanted to know what The Playground could come up with, cause I always get really good results from this site!

Thanks a lot! Hoping to see a lot of good ones!

2010-02-24, 02:26 PM
Yup. Did it myself. Hey, thanks for all the help though...


Level 21: Demonic Heritage: +2 Strength. You are considered an elemental. Roll a d10 at the beginning of each encounter. You gain resist 15 to the resulting damage type.
1. Fire
2. Lightning
3. Thunder
4. Acid
5. Cold
6-10. Choose from one of the above 5.

Level 24: Abyssal Slayer: True Sight 10, ignore cover and concealment within True Sight range.

Level 26: Savage Resurgence: (Daily Utility, Free Action, triggered when first bloodied in an encounter): Regain all encounter and daily attack powers and gain major demon traits until the end of the encounter; gain a +10 to all damage rolls against any enemy that has hit you since the end of your last turn until the end of the encounter.

Level 30: Death Cataclysm: Once per day when you are reduced to 0 or less hit points, you explode in a clash of prismatic, chaotic energy. You make the following attack: Close burst 5, 4, 3, 2, 1(I canít choose, cause I donít wanna hurt the party); +35 vs Reflex; 10d10 + your highest ability score acid, fire, cold, thunder, and lightning damage. You gain hit points equal to your bloodied value, and assume the form of a demonic version of yourself. You gain fly speed equal to your land speed and roll for a second resistance(If it matches the first, treat it as if it were a 6-10)