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2010-02-23, 11:20 PM
I find it's hard to make effective multiclass characters without certain prestige classes, and even then it seems like they kind of suffer, so I would appreciate any advice for this guy. He's pretty much exactly the type of character I love to play (speedy gish-lite commando).

A few notes: No multiclassing penalties, the "Talent" feat is a house rule human bonus feat (that only applies to skill based feats), the Falcon familiar is house ruled, I'm in love with Blooded and Unnerving Calm, and I didn't assume any gear except ability enhancers, a few used scrolls, and basic skill items (climbing kit, MW Thieves tools).

CG Male Human
Wilderness Rogue 2/Scout 2/Swordsage 2/Transmuter 5/Swiftblade 9
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 26, Con 18, Int 20, Wis 20, Cha 8
Init: +23
Saves: F+11, R+19, W+16
Feats: Talent (Skill Focus: Concentration), Improved Initiative, Blooded, Expeditious Dodge, Track, Unnerving Calm, Rapier Focus, Scribe Scroll, Weapon Finesse, Mobility, Quicken Spell, Spring Attack, Acrobatic Skirmisher, Improved Acrobatic Skirmisher, Bounding Assault, Rapid Blitz
Flaws: Murky Eyed, Cold-Blooded
Traits: Aggressive, Quick
Skills: Balance 24, Climb 9, Jump 24, Tumble 24, Disable Device 14, Open Lock 15, Search 12 (+14), Listen 21, Spot 25, Move Silently 13, Hide 13, Survival 12 (+14/+16/+18), Sense Motive 14, Concentration 25 (+29), Knowledge (Arcana) 20, Knowledge (A&E) 10, Knowledge (Dungeon) 10, Knowledge (Geography) 10, Knowledge (Nature) 12, Spellcraft 11 (+13)
Class Features: Sneak Attack +1d6, Trapfinding, Evasion, Skirmish +1d6, Battle Fortitude +1, Uncanny Dodge, Quick to Act +1, Diamond Mind Focus, AC Bonus (Wis), Swift Surge (+2, +1d6, +10ft.), Blurred Alacrity (50%), Sudden Casting (Haste), Arcane Reflexes (+5), Evasive Celerity (50%), Fortified Hustle, Diligent Rapidity, Perpetual Options
Summon Familiar: Falcon (+2 Will Saves, Alertness)
Maneuvers: 1 - Burning Blade (Swift), Wind Stride (Swift), Moment of Perfect Mind (Immediate), Sapphire Nightmare Blade, Wolf Fang Strike, Sudden Leap (Swift), Counter Charge (Immediate)
Stances: 1 - Hunterís Sense, Stonefoot Stance
Spellbook: 1 - Nerve skitter (Immediate Action, V, S), Critical Strike (Swift, V), Feather Fall (Immediate, V) Swift Expeditious Retreat (Swift, V), True Strike (Standard, V, F), Reduce Person, Endure Elements. 2 - Swift Fly (Swift, V), Wraith strike (Swift, V, S), Invisibility, See Invisibility, Mirror Image, Knock. 3 - Fly, Haste, Nondetection, Water Breathing. 4 - Stoneskin, Dimension Door, Greater Invisibility, Polymorph. 5 - Dismissal, Ghostform, Nightstalkerís Transformation, Teleport. 6 - Antimagic Field, True Seeing, Mislead, Disintegrate, Ruby Ray of Reversal. (Bought x2 2nd, x2 6th)
Banned Schools: Evocation, Necromancy

I'd like to have higher skirmish/sneak attack/manever levels, but I can't afford them so I went with finding ways to stack them instead.

2010-02-23, 11:30 PM
I don't see the purpose of having both, Rogue- and Scout-levels. They seem to do the same thing. If anything, I'd cut down to 1 Scout-level, 1 Swordsage-level (assuming Fractional BAB here) with no Rogue, and fill out the remaining caster levels with Unseen Seer. Unseen Seer advances your damage so you'd end up with +3d6 Skirmish.

It also gives you Advanced Learning which enables you to pick Hunter's Eye [PHBII Ranger Divination] for some Sneak Attack damage. The Swordsage 2 isn't really necessary; you can just Martial Stance the Assassin's Stance. Hell, the first level isn't really must either, but it's probably useful enough to keep.

Oh, and I'd definitely use Martial Wizard to trade Scribe Scroll and the 5th bonus for combat feats. Oh, and you should absolutely fit Practiced Spellcaster in there. And definitely pick Elusive Target [CWar]; makes the whole "Dodge"-line worthwhile. Oh, and Shadow Blade, man.

Alternatively, you could also consider Scout 3/Transmuter 5/Swiftblade 9/Unseen Seer 3. That'd qualify you for Improved Skirmish. Of course, that also loses 6 caster levels, which kinda sucks; Scout 1 gets level 8 spells, which while not as awesome as Shapechange and company, is still very, very useful and a whole different ballpark than level 6 spells. For example, you can Persist Hunter's Eye at that point, which really helps with your Sneak Attack.

2010-02-24, 12:53 AM
Why not that PrC which is designed to further distinguish specialist wizards? I think it's in either PHB 2 or Complete Arcane.
I think you can enter it at Transmuter 2 or 3.

edit: I assume you're taking your ToB classes last right? This way you can higher level stances and strikes with a lower number of levels in the class.

2010-02-24, 01:24 AM
As the build is currently written, you get 2 dice of precision damage, total. That same 2 dice can be had by simply taking the assassin's stance, which you can afford by substituting your 4 levels of rogue/scout for 4 levels of swordsage.

Now, stonefoot stance sucks. You're a precision damage/caster gish. If you're standing still, you're doing something horribly, horribly wrong. You're also medium sized, which means there's a non-negligible amount of enemies who'll be immune to the effects. Your strength sucks anyway. There's a few good ones to be had instead, such as Step of the Wind(for when you absolutely must move somewhere) or Child of Shadow(for when you'd rather not get hit as much).

Snag focused specialist for your caster side, banning enchantment or illusion. The bonus spells help.

Personally, I don't like the idea of Swiftblade in builds, and don't understand optimizing around it too well, but are you sure that's the Gish prestige class for you?

Also, it'd help to know what you're aiming for with this.