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2010-02-25, 04:24 AM
A couple of years ago a group of adventures awakened God of Rape (GOR). Being unable to face the gods aspect alone, a group of wizards (lvl 20) helped and god incarnate was destroyed.
Still, due to arrogance of one of the wizards, gods' essence infected him. Soon afterwords, this wizard hid himself in mages magnificent mansion and waited, while gods aspect grew on him. Now, in my world, gods have certain "absolute" abilities. Gods are so overpowered, they can not be killed, they have no "ranks in expert", etc. Thus, GOR can only be trapped by entire divine chorus - good, evil and neutral gods.
Now, someone might say, why would evil gods go against their colleague in alignment? GOR has a special, unique feat, named Corruption and this feat enables him to infect any entity, including gods. That means, that no concept remains undiluted. Death is not really death, destruction not really destruction and good not really good. Purity of essence would be lost to all gods and no god could stand for what he or she stands now.
Still, GOR is a god, elusive and able to hide like only omnipotent divine creatures can. Thus, gods will channel all their might into finding him and caging him. Meanwhile, world will be left to fend for himself.

And it will not be an easy task.

Here are my consequences of "absent gods" and would like you to comment them:

absent gods:
- no Wish spells
- No divinations/divine school for mages
- No cleric, druid spells
- Invasion of demons and devils in material plane (prior to this, they were restricted by their own gods and good gods.)
- consequently, invasion of celestials and archons in material plane
- wizards as last relevant mortals, able to stand up to these changes.

Comments much appreciated.

2010-02-25, 04:35 AM
I think druid spells should stay in place. One, while they are 'divine' spells, they aren't from a god per say, but from the power of the natural world, the thunder of the storm and power of the beast. And two, from a game point of view, getting healed is going to suck to the extreme with only Bards to do the patching up.

2010-02-25, 05:09 AM
- no Wish spells
No. Wish does not require divine power.

- No divinations/divine school for mages
Again, no. Just because it has "divine" as a root word does not mean that removing the gods would stop it working.

2010-02-25, 06:16 AM
No. Wish does not require divine power.

by RAW it doesn't,
But it's a perfectly decent houserule.
You can justify that wish spells, need the gods if you like (maybe a spell of that power needs alot of magic to be in the world, and with the gods absence, there is slightly less magic in the world (not noticable for weaker spells, but noticable for wish and also for epic spells) )
Or yo ucan say that wish is House Ruled out

Let druids keep their spells, they are as Ravens_cry said,
the Magic of Birth, Aging and Death. the Heat of the Flame, and the Wetness of Water.
(then again takign druids spells is a perfectly decent nerf, I've done that they are still one of the best classes)

How do the more obsure devien classes fare up?
Favored Souls are gone, clerics may still be pressent but they would just be warriors with lower BaB and no Class Features.
Arciveists could still be pressent and working, sifting through old tomes, finding what little of the gods powerers remain in the world and drinking deep.

2010-02-25, 06:50 AM
You don't need to lose clerics, either. Or even the established religions.

Here's how:

A cleric need not follow a god (as stated in the RAW). Conversely, it might be argued that a cleric's god need not really exist - they are granted their powers in the same way as the clerics of no gods.
So even if the gods are dead, the religions need not die out. In fact, there could be no discernable change.
All of which is up to the DM, of course.