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2010-02-25, 08:47 PM
Let me begin by saying that all 3.5 books are allowed, but dragon magazine and online material probably isn't. 32 pt buy.
Bard 3//Human paragon 1(UA)//Marshal 1(Mini)//Warchanter10(CW)//Warblade 3(ToB)//Bloodstorm Blade 2(ToB)

Chaotic Good Silverbrow Human

Inspire courage: +8 (+1 bard, +1 vest of legends (dmgII), +1 song of the heart(ECS), +1 inspirational boost (SpC) doubled through words of creation) Dragonfire inspiration converts it to +8d6 fire damage.
Inspire legion lets base attack=hit dice.
Bloodstorm blade allows us to use Snowflake Wardance (frostburn) at a range.
Marshall adds charisma-initiative for me and allies. Human paragon keeps perform as a class skill

Feats I need are:
Human: Pt blank shot(for bloodstorm blade)
level 1: Weapon focus (for warchanter)
level 3: Combat Expertise (for Warchanter)
level 6: Words of creation (Big boost)
level 9: Dragonfire Inspiration (damage boost)
level 12: Snowflake wardance
level 15:
level 18:

What feats would you suggest(far shot?)? and what is a good stat spread for this build? This character seems like it might have trouble hitting enemies (20+charisma+strength) What are good ways to boost chance to hit without using weapons two-handed?
Again, I am new to the forums so please let me know how I can improve my posts.

2010-02-25, 08:59 PM
Some magic items to look into are Slippers of Battledancing (DMGII) which replace your strength bonus to hit with charisma and Crystal Echoblade (MIC) adds half bard level as sonic damage when using bardic music.

If you get slippers of battledancing you'll have 20+2*cha+magic weapons/buffs to hit. That seems like you'll have just as good a chance (if not a better chance) to hit as any two handed fighter who gets 20+1.5str+magic weapons/buffs.

And welcome to the forums, you seem to have a pretty good build there, you're starting things off well.

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2010-02-25, 09:04 PM
Thanks for the advice, I managed to overlook the dance-fighting slippers.
I plan to pump charisma as much as possible so that really helps.
I'm worried that the crystal echoblade will only add 1.5 to my damage, which wouldn't make it worth it. Do the levels in Warchanter stack (for +6 to damage)?

2010-02-25, 09:09 PM
Able Learner will keep perform a class skill cheaper than human paragon. You can get point-blank shot later. At a minimum, swap human paragon for fighter, take pbs as the bonus feat and enjoy the weapons/bab/hd.

Song of the White Raven is a classic for bard/warblades.

2010-02-25, 09:09 PM
My mistake, you're right it would only add 1.5 damage, not worth it at all. That's what I get for just giving stock bard advice I suppose.

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2010-02-25, 09:30 PM
so Bard 3///fighter1///marshal 1///warchanter 10/// warblade 3/// bloodstorm blade 2
Hum-Able Learner(RoD)
1-weapon focus (suggestions?)
3-Combat expertise
ftr-Pt Blank shot
6-Dragonfire inspiration(DM)
9-Words of creation(BoED)
12-Song of the heart(ECS)
15-song of the white raven(ToB)
Would Draconic aura (senses) or (damage) be worthwhile? I forget the name of the + damage one, but senses would give +4 init, +4 listen, +4 spot to everyone in 30 feet.