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2010-02-26, 09:26 AM
Sprouting off of this thread (http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoPublishing/pathfinder/pathfinderRPG/general/clericCoreSpellGuide), I figured having a thread focusing on her character would work best.

So my wife has a level 5 cleric in Pathfinder Society. She's having fun with it, but now that she's reached 3rd level spells she's starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with options in terms of spells.

She's not a super optimizer, but she also doesn't want to be ineffective in combat so she's just trying to figure out some good default spell lists to draw upon.

One thing with Pathfinder Society modules is that they tend to have around five "encounters" which usually means 3-4 combat encounters, plus a trap encounter. From our experience so far there is usually the modules run as one day events, so it's highly likely that whatever spells are prepared for the day are the only ones that will be available, thus thinking out some solid general spell lists is a must. You don't usually have the luxury of waiting a day and prepping for what you know will be expected.

Another factor with Pathfinder Society is that characters cap at level 12, so focusing on builds that go beyond that isn't needed. So at most we're talking about 6th level spells.

Here's a breakdown of her character:

Cleric 5
Str 14, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 17, Cha 14


1 - Selective Channel
3 - Combat Casting
5 - Exotic Weapon (Urumi - out of the Campaign Sourcebook)

She's wearing +1 Mithril Breastplate and +1 Heavy Wooden Shield to get to an AC of 20

Her original intent with the Half Orc was to make use of the Falchion as a Cleric, but she evidently didn't build herself to be a charging power attacking monster. The end result is that in play she ended up hardly using the Falchion and instead was pulling out a long spear for the reach.

Basically she's gravitated towards a more defensive play, being willing to stand face to face if really needed, but would prefer to be second in line.

One of the things that she was trying to solve was her low AC, it was normally just 16 with her breastplate, which at this level is too low. After pouring over books I finally dug up the Urumi. It's basically a one-handed 3.5 spiked chain minus the trip. This way she can get reach and use a shield, solving her AC issue and still giving her a fancy fighting strategy to use.

Overall she's been pretty happy with the character. She's really enjoyed the energy channeling. She get to heal everyone (and yeah, at an optimized level it is frowned upon, but she's enjoying it) and every third module or so we have an undead encounter where she ends up being the star, pumping out a positive way that makes most of the undead go up in flames.

The touch of luck power from the Luck domain is also something that she really enjoys buffing others with, particularly the rapid shotting archer who's behind the lines.

The freedom of movement she gets from her other domain, while it doesn't come up often, has saved the day in at least one encounter and that feel good moment still inspires her.

At this point she's just kind of becoming overwhelmed with the spell selection. She keeps hearing about how awesome the cleric is and is waiting to see it happen with the spells.

2010-02-26, 09:52 AM
I don't have a lot of experience with Pathfinder clerics, but the following are a few I like to prepare:

Level 1:

Bless (She'll use this less as you gain levels, though)
Divine Favor
Protection from Evil
Shield of Faith

Level 2:

Lesser Restoration
Resist Energy
Shield Other
Spiritual Weapon

Level 3:

Dispel Magic
Magic Vestment
Magic Circle Against Evil

These might not be the best, but when you're not certain of what you're up against, these are in my opinion consistently useful. When you guys are planning for special occasions, you can have her go through her spell list to get better acquainted with it :smallsmile:

2010-02-26, 10:01 AM
I always prepare a bestow curse, as well. It's risky, but if you nail somebody with it, they're pretty much out of the fight.