View Full Version : 24 hour IC Roleplaying

2010-02-26, 07:09 PM
When several people are out and about, adventuring, camping, and spending time with each other at all hours of the day, they talk.

So how do you simulate this in roleplaying, especially when the characters are out and about heading into the wild. How does one simulate the nightly campfire stories or conversations while on the march?

2010-02-26, 07:13 PM
Honestly you can't. Well not unless you play over the course of a long camping trip.

Remind people how much time the spend together. Positive and negative relationships should grow in intensity quickly. Encourage players mentioning that they've learned things from each other.

2010-02-26, 07:34 PM
Get a free online message board for the between adventure chatter.

Irreverent Fool
2010-02-27, 02:37 AM
We just make stuff up in my group. Some character or another will allude to an event or conversation (that never 'actually' happened, ie: wasn't roleplayed or mentioned previously) and the others will just pick up.

It's done pretty well for us as far as developing personality and friendships/animosity ic. It's also used frequently for world-building.


2010-02-27, 02:54 AM
I actually make things up as I go for lots of characters. Often instead of writing up a huge backstory, I just kind of go by feel whenever a character is faced with a new situation. This has resulted in characters that have varied from being afraid of the water all the way to gnomes that have hit on every elf they've seen. Frankly, I feel it's more fun to make it up as you go along.