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2010-02-28, 06:38 AM
hi all i'm looking for some help for some classes here they are

Elemental Warrior - the concept behind this character is that they use elemental magic both divine and arcane but naturally being restricted by thier the type of magic to thier relivent element, also able to wear light armor and use most weapons (ment for 3.5 D&D)

Cablemancer - the concept of a cablemancer is based on the fact that you are no more then 10 ft away from a spider at any one time so in theory your no more than 10 inches away from a cable at anyone time.

the cablemancer uses cables from everywhere essentially never having to carry a weapon, street lights, traffic lights even the cables in the ground supplying electricity and detecting traffic, wall socket plugs, the wires inside the walls of your house anything and everything wires or cables alike are manipulated and controlled.

a high powered cablemancer roughly about level 8 will be able to tear down cables from cars, phone lines and through the surface of the road and have it act as he / she neeeds these cables could lunge and strike a target or cause an entanglement act as a wall or a giant cable-made hand to pick up and throw cars to tanks, even a cable carpet. (this character is designed for D20 Modern)

and finally i need some help with a character concept
the idea i have for my next chaarcter is basicly a sentient living spell version of "Mordenkanen's Sword"

the idea is that the character is a magical sword that was re-fabricated the same time it was made essentially making it instead of summoning it or how ever the spell works, naturally it is not restricted by its range or its duration.

if anyone can help me with these i will be very greatful.

thank you very much for reading, i look forward to hearing back from people.


2010-03-01, 06:12 AM
help still needed