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2010-02-28, 06:55 PM
Hello there! These are my homebrews, if you couldn't tell by the title. So, critique is cool.
#Charms^Solar *Archery~Prismatic Projectile Bending (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=7998071&postcount=9)*Martial Arts~Glorious Inhalation of the Horizon (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=7998080&postcount=10)

My schematic is #Type_Of_Homebrew^Exalt_Type*Ability~Homebrewed_Ob ject

I'll be adding more later.

Lord Iames Osari
2010-02-28, 08:08 PM
Prismatic Projectile Bending looks fine to me, but then I don't have much to do with Archery generally.

Glorious Inhalation of the Horizon, on the other hand, looks too weak and generic for a post-Form Solar Hero Expansion. Plus, the effect doesn't really mach up with the flavor. I would make it affect Essence regeneration in some way, personally.

2010-02-28, 10:35 PM
What is the normal Essence regen.?
Also, before I set out for my next project, I want to know if it's been done already: A Martial Arts style that works with the Medicine skill.

2010-02-28, 10:49 PM
By the way, if you're going to increase natural soak, you need to list which natural soaks are increased. +1? Is that 1B, or 1B/1L, or 1B/1L/1A, or 1L, etc...

Essence regen is 8 motes an hour if you're completely relaxed, 4 if you're only doing light work. Hearthstones respire their dot level x2 an hour.

For Prismatic, does that include phasing through armor? If not, why not? Can it phase through mortal armor, but only gains the piercing tag on magical material armor? Does it not work against magical material armor?

2010-02-28, 11:01 PM
For Inhalation: I'll make it so that you get a bonus to regerating motes (MA every hour) and you get that in addition to the +2 damage of the weapon you are currently wielding, or 2B/1L soak. I will have to increase the mote cost though...

For phasing: at the moment of firing you chose what object it phases through. You can say "That Dragon-Blooded's armor" or "That Dragon-Blooded".
The first will ignore the armors soak
and the second will hit whatever is behind the Dragon-Blooded. Now that I think about ignoring soak is pretty big... Might have to increase cost there too.

Note: cannot currently edit original post because it won't let me scroll down... Stupid phone.

2010-02-28, 11:26 PM
If you're ignoring soak from armor completely, that's forcing it to rely on natural soak. Which is normally at best, 2 without other Charms or Artifacts. (Half of your Stamina rounded down).

Now, you're forcing others to spend heavily on increasing their DVs or their unarmored soak, for a charm that has exactly one prerequisite and nothing else. You've just turned Archery into an absolute killer for the cost of two Charms.

Change it to Type: Permanent, have it have Phantom Arrow attack as a prerequisite, and have it up the cost of each arrow by 4-5 motes. 2-3 motes if it only gives piercing against magical armor.

That's the minimum I would have it have in a game I ran.

2010-03-02, 05:55 PM
Why would it be Type:Permanent? You mean it would upgrade Phantom Arrow Technique, permanently? I wanted it to just be an option, not a permantent upgrade...
Before I set out for my next project, I want to know if it's been done already: A Martial Arts style that works with the Medicine skill.

2010-03-02, 06:14 PM
Just a tip on the formatting: One spoiler per category is (more than) enough. Remove some of those buttons and it's possible that you'll get more reactions. At least the text won't be so narrow.

2010-03-02, 08:42 PM
~Prismatic Projectile BendingCost: 4m (or 6m) per arrow
Mins: Archery 4, Essence 3
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charm: Phantom Arrow Technique
Description: Just as the Unconquered's rays pierce the prism, bringing forth a resplendant plethora of color, so too can his Exalted pierce through objects with their arrows. The Exalt spends 4m per arrow before firing her volley, and each arrow phases through one object before solidifying. However, after firing and before solidifying, the arrows appear to shift color constantly, and leave behind a trail of light which expires after the arrow reaches its target. These arrows can pierce magical armor by increasing the mote cost of each individual arrow by 2m.

2010-03-02, 08:43 PM
~Glorious Inhalation of the HorizonCost: 10m
Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: One day
Prerequisite Charm: Solar Hero Form
Description: Every night, Sol Invictus goes beneath the horizon to prepare for the next day. Solar Exalts also can prepare before a battle. Taking in a deep breath, they infuse the power of the sun into their very being. This Charm gives the Exalt a bonus to regerating motes every hour equal to their Martial Arts score. They also choose one of the following bonuses: +2L damage added to the weapon you are currently using, or 2B/1L natual soak.

2010-03-02, 08:48 PM
Took a formatting page from The Demented One's book