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2010-03-01, 01:57 AM
My pathfinder campaign just started and I would like some help from you awesome, awesome people. It's the very first session and I'm already terribly excited. Technically its the 4th session, the GM had 3 sessions of 'preludes' to pair up characters to foster team building on a small scale before we all met together; But that's besides the point. The group meets up in this very small town that has this mystical spring that makes holy water. After most go there to check out this odd site, goblin scouts attack the town and the spring. Fending them off we find out from one of the towns scouts that a small army of about 300 goblins is on their way to sack the town and they are 3 days away. We also find out from the townspeople that there are valley peoples and river peoples nearby who could be asked into helping and their location is known and some nomadic elves whose location is unknown because they are always on the move.

My question is: beyond recruiting the other peoples, what should we do?
This is the very first session and we are all 1st level, so we only have whats on our character sheets. The Party is me Human, Sword and Board-Two Weapon Fighter; Human Cleric to Odin in a campaign where the gods left about a decade ago so there is very little divine magic (long story); Human Paladin to Heimdal; Human Archer Ranger; Gnome Fey Blooded Sorcerer; and an Elf Generalist who is going to focus is character on making magic items.

The GM wants us to stay together and go from place to place to gather allies, to make random encounters easier because come on its DnD and there's always random encounters. Also as it's early in the campaign and he wants us to stick together to foster a sense of group and teamwork.

My fighter however would like to stay behind in town and work on fortifications. I have oddly relevant skills I feel: Craft Armor, Craft Trap, Knowledge Engineering, Profession Soldier and Survival. I feel like there would be unique role playing that could be done in town with my character coordinating with the townsfolk and helping them repel the attack as opposed to going out and getting allies. The Wizard also expressed interest in this. I feel like I could make some rudimentary walls and traps and the like while finding out what resources the town has. The Town is very small and likely only has a limited supply with a small store of alchemical goods at best. It is a tiny town with outlying farms whose workers come to the town square to sell their goods. I was thinking about cannibalizing the farms for wood and stuff for making walls and ways to lead the goblins to where we want them.

I also don't want to hog the spot light from my fellow players. Am I crazy to want to do this and should I shut up and just go along with the group. I feel it would make for some epicness for my character, and maybe the wizard as well if he wants to stay behind work on the town, it gets attacked and the rest of the party shows up with reinforcements Gandalf style.

Sorry for the long post, any consideration you could give would be helpful

2010-03-01, 07:42 AM
KILL MAIM BURN!!!!!!! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!!! SOULS FOR THE SOUL EATER!!!! Oh wait, you want to defend the town...my bad.

Mark Hall
2010-03-01, 03:41 PM
Probably the simplest and easiest town defense you're going to get is a ditch and berm, preferably topped by a pallisade. However, with only 3 days to prepare, you're probably not going to be able to manage that at your level... you have to dig a 3' ditch around the town, and pile the dirt up in a wall behind the ditch... provides cover for your fighters and an obstacle for your enemies.

Without a map to work from, your easiest method will be to turn the town itself into a fort. Start by moving people towards the center and collapsing buildings around the edge, using the rubble to slow invaders, opening them up to shots from shortbows, crossbows, and slings. You'll want a single clear lane to funnel them into... that, you lace with caltrops and put a good number of your archers concentrating fire on it. Your blacksmith will probably be full-time fixing up armor and weapons, but have someone with a decent intelligence just sit down and create a ton of caltrops. If he has nail stock (wire), he can whip them up pretty quickly (not per rules, but per reality), and use that to slow opponents. Have local trappers rig the woods and fields with deadfalls and the like, and even some snares to slow them down.

Now, as to your DMs plans, maybe you and the wizard could outline your plans to him... and then volunteer to play NPC-classed militia-men from the town, who know their way around the area, and know who you need to talk to? That way, your "main characters" can stay back doing what needs to be done, but you can participate in the adventures he has planned. Since you're all 1st level, the difference with playing an NPC class isn't that great, and it lets your characters do what they like, while you still participate in the game he's looking to run. It also gives the other PCs some natural "lieutenants" to help in the battle (since they know and trust these two NPCs), and any XP they accrue can go to improving your PCs.

It's a variation on playing Grogs in Ars Magica... while your real characters are busy, you play some bit parts to keep you in the game. It means you can make some somewhat one-note characters... the kind that get boring to play, long-term, but are fun in the short term. Think the various guards and bit players in Shakespeare... the comic relief and exposition characters who nonetheless add to the story.

2010-03-01, 10:38 PM
Thanks a bunch. Just what I was looking for