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2010-03-01, 11:32 AM
What crawls downstairs, alone and in pain,
and makes a rattling sound?
A god, a god, a horrible thing!
Everyone knows it's Torog,
It's Torog, its Torog,
It's pain, a wonderful toy,
It's Torog, its Torog, it's pain,
It's a wonderful toy,
It's fun for a girl or a boy.

Who wants downstairs with hate in his heart,
Who shakes his chains at the sky?
Rumble up and down just like a nightmare,
Everyone knows it's Torog.

The best present he could give or get,
Final peace, the peace of death,
The hit of the night when the kids want to play,
Everyone knows it's Torog.

It's Torog, it's Torog,
for fun the best of the toys.
It's Torog, it's Torog,
the favourite of girls and boys.

-- trad.

2010-03-01, 11:49 AM
"It's Log" but D&D Style? I laughed.

2010-03-01, 11:53 AM
All well and good, but can your Torog communicate in any of five foreign tongues, including Newyorkese? ("Hey! Can't you see I'm lurkin' here!?")

And The Loagzed Song would probably have been punnier. :smallwink:

♪ What lives in a cave? What gibbers and raves?
What's only worshipped by Trogs?
Who's skin goes crack, and sloughs off his back?
It's Loag', Loag', Loag'.

Lo-ag-zed, Lo-ag-zed
Part lizard, part toad, and quite mad
Lo-ag-zed, Lo-ag-zed
Devours your Mom and Dad ♪