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2010-03-04, 01:02 AM
Hey Playground,

So one of my DM's has announced that he / we will be taking on the City of the Spider Queen Campaign starting next quarter and I have several character concepts I'd like to try out but don't want to fluff myself too much for obvious reasons (CoTSQ is tough). Starting around level 10 or so.

Anyways if there is anyway to bring these concepts to life whether through feats or through the application of an interesting Prc I'd like to here your take on it.

First off we have Aerathi the Wrath Caster, she is a Sorc who uses anger to fuel her spells.

“I want to watch the world burn for its ways” or the Damage Sorcerer or Whiny Emo with the power to explode buildings
Build: Sorcerer 6 / Incantantrix 10 / Arcane Devotee 2 (Typical Mailman but I would rather something that uses anger or what not)
Name: Aerathi the Wrath Caster
Race: Human, Female
Age: 27

Origin: Small, predominantly human village. Superstitious and close minded.
Motivation: Discovered her magical aptitude at a young age she would delight herself with simple cantrips, using them to clean or read old texts or make glowing lights appears. Aerathi’s parents were scared but believed that with the proper upbringing she could become a force for good in the village.

Unfortunately there plans were cut short by a drow raid from the mountains. Returning home to find her house sacked and parents murdered Aerathi followed the devestation of the slaughterers to the center of town where she summarily blew them to pieces with powerful magic. Despite saving the town from the fate suffered by her parents the fearful villagers cast the young one out to live among the wilderness. With dangers and death lurking at every corner Aerathi learned to channel the rage she had felt at the death of her family into potent spells with which to destroy those that would seek to attack her.

Now 15 years since her banishment, rumors of drow leaking from the mountain have come to her attention and the old rage that first graced her with “true” power has welled up again. She seeks nothing more than to put every drow through the hell she went through and attacks all of them with no mercy and no regard for her own well being. Whether her anger will burn through her or her enemies first is still unknown.

The other Character Concept I have is that of a shifty factotum who is wrestling with his alignment :smallwink: (Was LN going towards CG)

“E Pluribus Unum” or From Many, One or to truly remain hidden no one must know who you are.
Build: Factotum 8 / Chameleon 10
Name: Unknown – He or She goes by many names. Now however it is Chalanx the naïve, foolhardy rogue (but intelligent) rogue on a mission to recover a stolen family artifact.
Race: Changeling

Origin: Raised from birth by a shadowy sect of paladins known as the “Protectors of the Human Innocence” to be used as the perfect infiltrator and Intel gathering operative he has worked for years exposing and then excising the corruption of both humankind and human hearts. In all respects he has exceeded all expectations except one. He has acquired a drive, nay a passion, for the learning everything he can about the world and seeking the truth of things.

On one recent mission he came close to discovering the true goals of the PoHI, too close for some of the members, and has been deemed expendable. They have sent him on suicide mission after suicide mission but he simply refuses to die. Now, between the almost suicidal missions and intel he has wrenched from the hands of the powerful beings he has been sent to confront he wonders if the POHI are really on the side of good. Determined to be rid of him they have sent him on a final, dangerously suicidal mission. If he should fail, he will die and if he should succeed he will have been of one last service before they kill him. Knowing this he takes the mission both to discover what they have sent him to find and the true goals of those he has followed blindly for so long.

To everyone else though he appears as a funny, naïve, headstrong rogue determined to locate a family artifact stolen long ago by drow.

So what do you think, interesting?

2010-03-04, 01:26 AM
If psionics are allowed, Aerathi would be best represented as a Wilder I think. Their whole deal is manifesting powers with extra augmentation from powerful emotions. You're not going to get a better damage dealer than an Incantantrix, but choose the right powers and a Wilder can be pretty neat. You'll want to focus on powers that augment well.

Not much to say about the second one. Font of Inspiration it up and you should have good times.

2010-03-04, 03:22 AM
sorry i'm not very good at this, but in an effort to be helpful how about energy substitution fire for your wrath caster

2010-03-04, 11:40 AM
Have you thought about rage Mage?