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Frog Dragon
2010-03-04, 06:26 AM
Shielded of Spell
The Shielded of Spell are people who have developed a "shield" against magic. Many people hold some sort of talent within in evading and resisting magical influences and the Shielded of Spell have capitalized on these talents. The Shielded of Spell are often warriors who have found themselves lacking in means in fighting mages. Often the Shielded of Spell have been exposed to magic from outside sources atn a young age, but this is not always the case. Sometimes the talent just appears.

Skills: Spellcraft 3 ranks, Knowledge: Arcana 6 ranks or Psicraft 3 ranks, Knowledge Psionics 6 ranks
Base Attack Bonus: +5

HD: D8
{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+2|Shielded of Spell
+3|Immunity, Area Spell Shield 3/day

+3|Immunity, Slippery Mind, Spell crush 1/day, Area Spell Shield 4/day

+4|Immunity, Spell crush 2/day, Area Spell Shield 5/day

+4|Immunity, Spell Crush 5/day, Area Spell Shield 6/day[/table]
Skills points: A Shielded of Spell gains 4 skill point per level
Class Skills: The class skills for a Shielded of Spell are as follows: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Jump, Knowledge: Arcana, Knowledge Psionics, Listen, Psicraft, Search Spellcraft, Spot, Swim and Use Magic Device.

Weapon&Armor Proficiencies: Shielded of Spells gain no new weapon or armor proficiencies.

Shielded of Spell (Su)
The Shielded of Spell gains a bonus to saves against spells equal to his class level. In addition the Shielded of spell has the indicated bonus against to AC against all attacks from, spell, power, Psi-like, Spell-like and supernatural sources. In addition, he has spell resistance equal to HD+3/class level
Immunity (Su)
The Shielded of Spell has focused antimagic abilities. Each level after the first, he may pick one immunity from the following list.
Negative Energy
The Shielded of Spell is immune to all negative energy effects.
Death Effects
The Shielded of Spell is immune to all death effects.
The Shielded of Spell is immune to supernatural, magical and psionic fear effects.
Petrification and Paralyzation
The Shielded of Spell is immune to all petrification and paralyzation effects.
The Shielded of Spell is immune to all magical, supernatural and psionic sickening or nauseating effects.
Ability Damage
The Shielded of Spell is immune to all magical, supernatural and psionic ability damage and drain.
Slippery Mind (Ex)
As rogue ability of the same name.
Spell Crush (Su)
The indicated times per day, the Shielded of Spell may take a standard action to completely ignore the effects of one spell effect currently affecting him. It must be giving some sort of penalty to the character such as reduced movement speed or a condition.
Area Spell Shield
The indicated times per day, the shielded of spell may have the bonuses for his Shielded of Spell ability also affect any allies within 30ft for 5 rounds. This raises to 60ft at level 5.

Here's a little something I basically created on impulse. PEACH please. :smallsmile:
Also: I'd like to give it a feat prereq, but didn't find anything suitable so if anyone finds a general anti-caster defense feat like something that gives a +1 to all magic saves, it would be ideal.:smalleek:

2010-03-08, 03:03 PM
Mageslayer? Complete Arcane:
(CArc p81)
1. You receive a +1 bonus on Will saves.
2. If you threaten a spellcaster, he/her cannot take the ‘cast defensively’ action.
3. Your Caster level (if any) of all spell and spell-like abilities is reduced by 4.

Frog Dragon
2010-03-08, 03:20 PM
I considered that, but the mageslayers really aren't the flavor I'm going for.

2010-03-08, 04:12 PM
Remember the principle of spell resistance:

SR = HD + (important part)

I think you might want to rethink it for the earlier levels - at first level, you're granting non-functional SR, and at third level, you're granting 20% SR, to all intents and purposes.

The 70% SR at 5th level does work, however.

2010-03-08, 04:37 PM
Lesser Minion the spell resistance is HD plus modifier. So at 5th level of this class and assuming its possible to enter after 5th a PC would have SR 25, which is nice, and maybe a bit overkill.

2010-03-08, 04:50 PM
I know the formula - sorry about the unclear post earlier.

Aside from the spell resistance, I don't find this especially amazing. Your wide range of immunities might be useful, I guess, but they don't necessarily enhance what you can do.

I'd be tempted to offer something that helps you work as part of a team - maybe a way to force enemy spellcasters to target you with their spells?

I posted a link to the thread on the IRC, and one of the other issues pointed out was that your capstone is not brilliant - 70% SR sounds good on paper, but it isn't that amazing, especially considering that a lot of spellcasters are better at beating spell resistances than their CRs might indicate.

2010-03-08, 05:04 PM
It's a pure defence class in a system where defence is a poor choice and expert (Factotum has SLAs) is just about the only non-caster class that can qualify.

Baron Corm
2010-03-08, 06:21 PM
It's functional but lacks flavor. Warforged Juggernaut is basically the same thing except a lot cooler.

I might also suggest condensing the class features into less parts. For example, you could have one class feature called Shielded of Spell which grants +1 to AC and saves against spells per level, and spell resistance equal to HD + 3 per level.

Frog Dragon
2010-03-09, 09:37 AM
I integrated some stuff into Shielded of Spell. I also gave them the ability to transfer their shielded of spell to allies. Better now?