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2010-03-04, 12:15 PM
As the title says: discuss the character you never wanted to stop playing.

For me it was a human barbarian who specialized in grapple tactics, and had max ranks in diplomacy.
Not sure why I liked this character so much, but it was incredibly fun to roleplay a barbarian who frequently ended up being the party face.

Dr Bwaa
2010-03-04, 12:56 PM
Claaus O'Neal. Low-WIS fighter in love with the party sorceress (strictly friend-zone :smallfrown:), multiclassed to Devoted Defender to better protect her (funny, isn't it?). She, in the meantime, is growing more callously violent towards innocents, which Claaus tries to pretend he doesn't know about. This campaign just has so much RP despite all the combat we get into (we're basically terrorists, though again, Claaus tries not to think of himself and his friends that way). It's a ton of fun to play.

2010-03-04, 01:14 PM
Ilvarion, my one-eyed red robe mage in a 4e Dragonlance game. I made some poor picks when I first made him, but the retraining rules let me fix that. Now hopefully the DM will let me switch a few things with the recent updates, otherwise it's going to be a pain to keep playing him but even loosing 4 levels worth of magic items, he's too fun not to keep playing. I think it might be that I really enjoy the whole tactical combat of being a controller in 4e combined with my enjoyment of how his character is developing RP-wise.

Octopus Jack
2010-03-04, 01:26 PM
Mine has to be my luck cleric, every single feat he had was a luck feat so could pretty much reroll anything. But just like luck he was very fickle, in a fight with a fire elemental he changed side halfway through taking some of its' damage And helping it spread fire. After the fight was over he used create water to put out most of the fires and rejoined the party.

2010-03-04, 01:41 PM
My current 4e Maximum Teleport Warlock has had some great moments. I'm going to miss her. I managed to trap a minor Big Bad on a roof, 60 feet above the ground. I think he's still there, swearing, since there was no way to climb down. And as we all know, all ropes are just 50 feet long.

2010-03-04, 01:46 PM
Peacekeeper, my current 4E Warforged Warden. Mechancially, I love him because he's a CONbeast who does great in melee and can heal himself in a snap if anyone manages to knick him.

RP-wise, I love him because he's tinkering with concepts of morality and personality. He believes that warforged have no soul, but he was promised one in a vision if he manages to protect the party. He tries to destroy evil, but doesn't quite know what defines evil. The party is feeding him their various philosophies, and he's trying desperately to assimilate all of them into something that makes logical sense.

It is as of yet undecided whether he will sacrifice himself in defense of the party and find out that he's had a soul all along, or become a cult leader determined to prove to the world that only the mechanical can be truly good.

Also, he has a handlebar moustache drawn on his faceplate. What's not to love?

2010-03-04, 01:58 PM
My fave had to have been my buddy ran a "3.5" Dark Sun Campaign which I played a Kalashtar Psiwarp Sniper (Homebrew PrC) using a Kineticist (He hybridized Eberron with Dark Sun, so the setting was a post-appocolyptic eberron) named simply Jon. He was like a fricken Clint Eastwood's "Josey Wales"-esq player, cowboy getup and all. Once, I ricocheted a ray of lightning and hit the axe out of a raging orc's hand. SO COOL :3

Lost Demiurge
2010-03-04, 02:21 PM
Lordy, I've had a ton of fun characters throughout the years...

My most recent one is named Master Leek. He's a 4e Kobold Shaman (Protector spirit).

Dude's in his 90's, cranky and feeble, and a thorough scoundrel. He's married to the dragonborn fighter. (Long story involving much alcohol and a priest of tenacity) It's a hugely dysfunctional marriage, played up for great comedic affect with much mutual abuse and taunting (The fighter's played by my wife, and she's having a blast with it. Maybe a little too much fun. :D )

So far he's also been the prime force keeping the party alive. He uses the spirit to slow things down and plug gaps while the fighters are busy, and drops healing every fight to keep them standing. Also, Blessing of the Seven Winds has been a beautiful daily... Drop it and use the moveable zone to shift things around so the halfling rogue can get an easy flank.

His totem spirit is a dragon, but he's a bit of a revolutionary among kobolds. His philosophy is that the IDEA of dragons is more powerful and deserving of respect and worship than any actual living dragon. And that actual living dragons are bastards who use entire kobold tribes up and throw them away. I'm looking forward to having a dragon fight at some point in the game, and getting to throw down on one of the oppressors.

Technically he's a comic relief character... But mechanically, he's amazingly useful. And it doesn't hurt that once a fight starts he drops the crankiness and does what he can to make sure his adopted tribe survives.

2010-03-04, 03:15 PM
"Uncle" Frankie Carroway, my gnome beguiler/shadowcraft.

Combat-wise, spamming shadow spray pumped up to redic-high DC's can rarely go wrong.

RP-wise, he likes making illusions of ducks and placing them on other character's heads and then refusing to take them seriously, because, really, how can you take anyone who has a duck on their head seriously?

He also uses that super glue stuff and shakes people's hands, and when they get stuck, he informs them sadly that "I guess we'll just have to chop your hand, or maybe even entire arm off."

2010-03-04, 03:17 PM
Masaioh the CE Human Sorcerer. Level 21, specializing in metamagic AoE spells. He could kill entire armies in a single turn without epic spells

2010-03-04, 03:33 PM
I played a half-elf ranger/order of the bow
I burned down inns with my flaming sword and bow so I could steal all the ale.

2010-03-04, 03:54 PM
Aramil: she was a 22 year old eladrin fighter. She wore Skeletal plate armor and wielded axes. At first I played her very quiet. The type that would stand in the corner to look scary. Then I decided she had a few quirks. First was that she always wore an eye patch even though she didn't need it. second she wouldn't kill anything that had given up (basically if you gave her a reason to attack she would until that reason was gone.) Then she fell head over heels in love with an NPC paladin of the Raven Queen. She proceeded to become almost best friends with The Raven Queen and her God married her to her hubby.

she also tended to be very sarcastic with out realizing it.

2010-03-04, 04:03 PM
Talyn (yes, it's a Farscape reference), a half-elf scout. The guy had charisma score of ten but loved women and worked around the lack of charm with dashing good looks and sheer persistence. He travelled with a cleric who was chosen by god to travel the world and exterminate extreme evil and I began giving accounts of sessions in-character, calling the entries 'Talyn's chronicles' which consisted of Talyn's viewpoint of the session, replete with wisecracks and metafiction/genre savvines a la OOTS.
Also came into possession of a ring of fire elemental control which - he was told - summoned a small fire elemental to fight for him. Turned out the fire elemental wasn't exactly small. It was huge. Talyn named it Vesuvius.
Last thing that happened to him was that he followed a barmaid into a dark alley, got bit by a werecat and became a werecat himself...

2010-03-04, 04:14 PM
But Alcohol is flammable. Very Flammable.

2010-03-04, 04:39 PM
My Deva Avenger I'm playing right now is unbelievably fun. Aside from the Avenger class just being generally awesome, his personality / roleplaying / background is pretty fun (and by fun, I mean strange and different). He was trained in an accepted Avenger monastery of Bahamut, and quickly rose near the top. Through a series of events, he slowly went insane, believing that he had to eradicate the monastery and anyone who challenged him, but he isn't strong enough yet. He was kicked out due to his general insane-ness, and is growing in power until he is powerful enough to take on the compound. His party knows none of this (though the players do), as he is simply using them to help him grow in power. He plans to use them to also help him destroy the monastery compound, by planting "evidence" of their "evil" and making the party think that the Avengers need to all be killed. None of this is likely to come into fruition, but it helps roleplaying, and its interesting to play a character who is keeping a dark secret from his party. Some of the other players (and some NPCs) also have some twisted schemes...

2010-03-04, 04:41 PM
Dragar Blackscale, Level 175 Half Shadow dragon Blackscale lizard folk fighter by the end of the campaign. Became level 200 through NPC level gain after all the players in the group (Me included) went on to become DMs.

2010-03-04, 04:49 PM
Dragar Blackscale, Level 175 Half Shadow dragon Blackscale lizard folk fighter by the end of the campaign. Became level 200 through NPC level gain after all the players in the group (Me included) went on to become DMs.

DMhood: what the Gods ascend to.

2010-03-04, 04:53 PM
An arachnophobic drow ranger with 7 charisma, who still ended up with half the party, including his possessed scarf, trying to get into his pants. Since, according to the DM, a drow couldn't be unattractive, to justify the low charisma he ended up incapable of speaking coherently, and all his conversations degenerated into him saying 'um...' and staring at his feet.

Originally created as a joke, I eventually wrote an epic backstory to justify his idiosyncrasies, and he wound up becoming one of the most interesting and complex characters I've run.

2010-03-04, 05:00 PM
Captain Saltbeard, a level 3 Mariner (Dragonlance base class) who had the whole shebang (peg leg, fancy hat, eye patch, hook for a hand, was working on the parrot) and a beard as white as snow salt. He had a hip flask full of salt water that he'd take a swig out of every once in a while. He and the party wizard (who had used half his spells, but was crafty as heck) successfully took on a contingent of guards using the night and the labyrinthine (sp?) streets of the city to their advantage. Each guard would have been a serious challenge, yet somehow we managed to take out most of them (there were like 12-15) by doing things like using theskyn's hearty heave to essentially turn the wizard's platypus familiar into a cannonball. Then when they were distracted by a platypus on their face, Saltbeard emerged from the darkness and took a shot. The DM eventually had to (conveniently) bring in a high level wizard to calm down the situation, but we had escaped by then. Most fun I've ever had was playing a 3rd level mariner who was only decent in combat.

2010-03-04, 08:28 PM
2 most memorable characters -
Zack Reever LN human male necro/animator/archmage from hollowfaust who tended to creep out the halfling cleric when he animated skeletons then explained why she really wouldn't have wanted them to be zombies, he also tended to act like a lawyer, and also saved the party multiple times when it came to dealing with undead.

Heian Nighthawk CG 1/2 elf male cleric(ehlonna)/master of radiance/contemplative who wore the heaviest armors he could get due to bad dex, also tended to take natures side when the party was destroying it(justified or not), he was the happy go lucky type, there was multiple funny scenes one of which had the paladin calling the bard alive even after the spreading pool of blood had long filled the 5 foot square the body was in. there was a scene where the Heian and the warlock was fighting a barbarian alone and Heian kept getting in the barbs way when he would move aside to get a clear shot at the warlock.

2010-03-04, 08:37 PM
Fritz Schwarzwald, level 1 Tactical Warlord and walking cultural stereotype. I took powers that increased the group's order and efficiency, had a zweihander (great sword) named the King Tiger, and wore an armor called the Red Baron. His backstory was literally "The adopted son of a dwarven master sausage maker named Dussel, who taught him everything he knows about sausage making and warfare." Oh, and my Inspiring Word was "Achtung!"

Too bad I ended up rerolling after just one session because the current group didn't mesh well with the class. :smallannoyed:

2010-03-04, 09:07 PM
Well... I had already written down "Aternal: Elan Binder 1/Psion 3/Anima Psychic 6" but then I realized... Maybe I DM too much, I'm jealous of all you guys' cool characters... NPCs are cool though... aren't they? :frown:
Oh I disappoint myself...


2010-03-04, 09:09 PM
most fun is hard to say.

i recently retired a character after 2.5 years of playing him. good old Shump; the Hoboverlord, the magical vagrant. a warlock 16/mindbender 1/hellfire warlock 3/archivist 1.

he started as a simple mad bum with a stout stick, a ragged bindle and a rusty shiv, then retired on his own private island estate, housing his personal villa, cult followers/personnel, library & laboratory still as mad as a hatter.

he was the only original PC to survive from the first session to the last (he died once due to a SoD. ugh. i hate those types of mechanics). just a fun character, never felt useless (though he was decidedly outclassed by the wizard).

Shump was chaotic evil in the way that doesn't make the party hate you... an intelligent, if short-sighted kind, that knew the rules of society and became an "adventurer" since "murderous hobo" doesn't look as nice on a resume. he did good deeds because they were the fastest track to power that didn't involve having the authorities trail you & helped the group since he would rather have these strong folks as allies then enemies. he liked them professionally, but wouldn't shed a tear if they died.

his enemies however... well, he didn't hold back. if you were against him and posed a threat, he would track you and gun you (well eldrich blast you) down and cackle evilly while doing so. little compassion, just a mad, thinking, murder machine.

the other character is one who came out of retirement. he's been around since 2nd ed, slowly growing older and older as editions change and i port him over to a new campaign. Edward has survived 4 incarnations until now, and is my current 4th ed character. he started as a 17 year old 2nd ed fighter, then a 20-something 3rd ed Barb, a 32-year old BECMI warrior and now a 54 year old 4th ed barb. if he survives the forgotten realms, his next incarnation is going to probably be a 60-something 5th ed fighter-type with an immortality complex, hoping to be killed in battle before his body just lets go.

Ed is just fun. he's a "realist" and has been called half of the downers in his current party (the thiefling warlock & drow bard are the more enigmatic ones in the group, while the gnoll is a big silly puppy. the githyanki paladin is eccentric due to having been from an area near the plane of chaos, but a generally stable and kinda dull guy. Ed's more reason & common sense tempered by age & experience). he's the closest thing to a "normal guy" i've ever made a character. note that he's usually had above human strength & athletic skill... normal he ain't.

Edward generally dislikes getting into the shenanigans his party members create, especially when dragons or thunderdomes are involved, but as much as he grumbles, he's in the front line alongside the Gnoll & Gith tearing away and proving his worth in combat.

the thing with him is he tends to have a backpack/haversack full of mundane gear that he uses to the best he can and tries to "batman" his way to solve problems. mirrors, pitons, hammers, rope... a "traditional" adventurer if there ever was one. if that fails, well... he's got a +3 Executioner's Axe and a +2 Throwing Axe (dwarven made) that he can rely on.

2010-03-04, 09:11 PM
warlock. flight at level 6, you get to be a caster with ridiculously low paperwork (just spells know, thats it). naturally it is not the most POWERFUL class ever, but it is the most fun I have had.

I am currently playing a multiclass warlock and I kinda wish I was a full warlock.

2010-03-04, 09:15 PM
warlock. flight at level 6, you get to be a caster with ridiculously low paperwork (just spells know, thats it). naturally it is not the most POWERFUL class ever, but it is the most fun I have had.

I am currently playing a multiclass warlock and I kinda wish I was a full warlock.

full warlock is the most fun class i've played yet that is strong without being overpowered and stays consistently awesome throughout it's career.

the flight is strong at low levels, but like noted to the gm: it's strong at low levels, and flight+invis is really strong, but how many flying+true seeing enemeies have we faced? answer: a lot.

2010-03-04, 09:24 PM
full warlock is the most fun class i've played yet that is strong without being overpowered and stays consistently awesome throughout it's career.

the flight is strong at low levels, but like noted to the gm: it's strong at low levels, and flight+invis is really strong, but how many flying+true seeing enemeies have we faced? answer: a lot.

this must make it really hard for the non warlocks in the party :P

2010-03-04, 09:32 PM
Rakleb, a 4e Halfling Sorcerer. He ended up equiped in an old college hoodie and grey sweats (Both gifts from Moradin, it was the DM's first campaign). He would frequently jump into rooms, yell "EXTREME" and proceed to smash his head into the nearest table/wall/enemy.

I forget what level he got to, but he was a fun little guy. He was a little crazy, too.

2010-03-04, 09:33 PM
Dwarven cleric, nothing unusual, completly vanilla.

Then I got a Battering ram and a half ogre helped me break down a door. Then the half ogre lets go of the ram, i carry on the momentum, rush in, and crit someone with the ram. Next round I roll intimidate with good points but not maxed out, getting a natural 20. Everyone surrenders, I strike a pose with the battering ram, then begin offering the new prisners a job with us for their freedom.

That's about the time the party wizard rushes in yelling about how powerfull he is (at twice the OOC volume of me) and demanding they worship and fear him. By the time he shut up my ADD had fully kicked in and I was halfway through writing out the next encounter idea for my group the next week. I had time to pull out a different notebook, flip open a scourcebook, and get on another entire thought process, and he was just starting to wind down from his speech about all his might. He didn't even get any action outside of one sling bullet in the surprise round. Thats right the migty powerful wizard who opens combat with a sling.

2010-03-04, 09:34 PM
Argalis Melarn, my Drow Geomancer who had a 40 intelligence at 20th level and thus functionally unlimited arcane and divine spells. He died early in his career by a failed fort save from a vampire lord who stole his soul and thus couldnt get rezzed. Switched to a 3.0 Beastmaster, Kinnison, with the savage species feats that gave DR and if I remember correctly fast healing. He had a Dire Weasel companion originally and then a Dire Snake. In 3.0 you could Awaken an animal companion and I lucked out and rolled a 16 intelligence. Played him in a group with no rogue so he would walk down corridors alone to find traps, the most devious of which was a force cage in the first round, followed 5 rounds later by 5 delayed blast fireballs, and finally a skin flaying spell. And if I didnt get out some how, it would've happened again 5 rounds later. Ouch. Eventually my group tracked the vampire to hell and killed him proper in his own realm, restoring the Drow's soul. I wanted to play both so I took leadership with the Druid. Wizard/Cleric/Geomancer with 40 Int getting bonus spells for both Arcane and Divine spells, and later while Epic taking multispell a couple times, combined with a virtually unkillable animal wrangler who'd end with gigantic monsters after buffing. Good times indeed

2010-03-04, 09:38 PM
I currently play a Thri-Kreen Rogue. Derailed a whole session when I ate a merchant's cat. He had several. Didn't think it'd notice. Then the guards made me pay a 200gp fine for the cat. I paid it, then immediately gave them another 200 and grabbed another cat.

Oh, I had a 3 Charisma. I've found that the best way to play low Charisma characters is to play them just as if they had a high Charisma.

2010-03-05, 09:54 PM
Two of my current 4e characters are up there for most fun:

Yvala is a Level 16 tiefling rogue, focused on social skills/distraction/diversion and battlefield mobility. She's flashy, brash, and very sassy. She's in the Daring Acrobat PP, and it's fun to bounce around the battlefield. She are the party bard have dueling diaries online, as well.

My other character, Enna, is a half-elf wild magic sorcerer and she's very...touched...by the magic. I wrote out a variety of charts for everything from what she pulls out of her pack to how she treats various party members. She was introduced by wandering into the village where the rest of the party was, and focusing in on a skull below the cage the ranger was being kept in. She's convinced that the ranger was talking to her through the skull, and was confused that Mr Skull wanted her to let him out of the cage, even though he was right there with her.

2010-03-05, 10:28 PM
Step 1: Play a straight monk
Step 2: Take every vow you can
Step 3: Don't wear clothes
Step 4: Get the sorc to 'buff' you with enlarge person and mirror image :smallbiggrin:

2010-03-05, 11:08 PM
Brouhaha was a 6th level warlock quasi-deity were-elephant. The human woman was convinced she was the high priest of the elephant goddess who occasionally possessed her. She was absolutely insane, spending all her gold on temples to Brouhaha and paying people to worship the elephant goddess, until the party's Truenamer/Evangelist converted to her religion and started a pyramid scheme to get more worshipers. Brouhaha, in a random side quest, discovered a pocket twilight dimension that she claimed as her own and set up an alehouse near the portal, where the party's fighter used his ranks in Craft: Alemaking and Profession: Bartender.

After that campaign, the DM allowed us to use her in the Faerunian pantheon, even sending my devout cleric of Brouhaha on of her Chosen: an immortal goblin named Squee (MTG reference) who was absolutely useless.