View Full Version : [Pathfinder] Throwing a character across a room?

2010-03-05, 08:04 PM
So the other night we had a situation where a 22 strength character wanted to throw a PC across a room to avoid some difficult terrain. The 22 strength character was large so it could easily lift 300+ lbs just as a light load.

What we were trying to figure out was what the rules have to say on any of this and we couldn't come up with much.

The improvised weapon section talks about taking a full round action to throw a two-handed weapon, so we did that for the throwing character, but everything else was pretty much made up.

The throw wasn't an attack, just targeting a square, so the character rolled their throw to see if they could hit that square. That roll was easily made, even with 10' range increments being factored in.

The PC that was getting thrown was being thrown into water, so in the end the DM ruled that no damage would be taken. So all in all it worked well in a ham fisted way, but we're just trying to unpack the rules a bit more now to see if anything was missed.

So, how heavy can something be and have it still be throwable?

How far can something be thrown if accuracy isn't required?

Are there any other rules impacting throwing a willing character?

What kind of damage is done if a thrown character hits something hard, use falling damage based on distance?