View Full Version : Spell Matrix (Greater)

2010-03-06, 04:35 AM
I just put together a character sheet that includes the following elements:

Persistent Spell
Arcane Spellsurge
Dragonblood subtype
Greater Spell Matrix

Upon review, I'm suspecting Greater Spell Matrix is pointless. I can Persist Arcane Spellsurge. I can Persist any personal buff I'd want to fire automatically via Greater Spell Matrix. I can cast as a swift action anything I'd want to use GSM to -- uh, to let me cast as a swift action.

Is GSM actually good for much in this build?

In other news, it's modestly wasteful to both be able to cast Arcane Spellsurge as a swift action and to be able to Persist it all day. But I found a really good other reason to take the race -- Spellscales get a racial +10 to Spellcraft, which is very sweet for a Cha-based Incantrix.