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Dusk Eclipse
2010-03-06, 10:31 PM
I came up with this skeleto build for a gestlat arena that my group is hosting

Relevant Houserules
40 point stat buy
You are given a LA +1 template or race for free (the la is considered bought)
Normal WBL
All WoTC books allowed
3rd party books on case by case basis (I believe Hyperconcious was given green light)
We start at 3000 XP over the minum XP for the level
The arena will have combats at ECL 6, 11, 16 & 20
You can take spell casting levels on the other side of the gestalt build to offset CL/ML/ETC by prestige classes even if by RAW it would not advance off-set the CL loss.
Two flaws allowed
Two traits allowed

Now my skeleton build goes:
Side 1
specialist transmuter 5/ Abjurant champion 5/ swiftblade 10
Banned Schools (Enchantment & Evocation)

Side 2

Dusk Blade 3/ Swashbuckler 3/ Swordsage 2/Factotum 8/ wizard 4 (taken at levels in which swiftblade looses CL)

Important feats
Expeditious Dodge
Arcane Strike
Power Attack
EWP Elven Courtblade
Shadow Blade
Quicken spell

with this I get 20/20 wiz spell casting, all the goodies of swiftblade and the AB champion
Duskblade is for getting channel spell which I believe is a great option at low levels.
Swashbuckler is for getting a free weapon finesse and Int to damage
Swordsage is for getting access to shadow blade feat
Factotum for Int to initiative and action economy

Right now one combo that I have deviced is casting a quicken stinking cloud and wade in with freedom of movement activated in addition with a necklace of adaptation.
I believe that with the extra XP points I can buy off one extra LA+1 so does anyone knows of a good template that might help this build?

Any Suggestion, comments, critiques for my skeleton build?

2010-03-07, 01:05 AM
I'd...consider Factotum 11 over Factotum 8 as the "ignore SR"-ability greatly increases your offensive versatility. Probably dropping the Swashbuckler; you should deal enough damage to one-hit kill people without it and it does precious little otherwise.

I'd make it a point to include 3 levels of Incantatrix to persist buffs, probably over Abjurant Champion. Then I'd probably include one level of Mindbender and another of...something else. I'd also consider single level dip on the non-caster side in e.g. Pious Templar ('cause Mettle is hard to acquire and can be quite beneficial). I'd say you can easily afford losing 1 point of BAB.

Oh, and Factotum on level 1 on the other side, of course. You definitely want those 6+Int skills in any skills. And umm, obviously you arrange full BAB classes to match non-full BABs on the other side.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-03-07, 10:00 AM
Ok so how about this
Transmuter// Duskblade
Ab Champ// Pious Templar
Ab Champ//Factotum
Ab Champ//Factotum
Ab Champ//Factotum
Ab Champ//Factotum

2010-03-07, 10:14 AM
Is the "canít combine two prestige classes at any level" Gestalt limitation being lifted?

Dusk Eclipse
2010-03-07, 10:16 AM
Yes, the point of this arena is to make the MOST high powered character we want. And I don't know what is better than a 20/20 caster with Full bab