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2010-03-09, 10:48 PM
The small group I DM for/with is soon going to finish the campaign they are in. There for I am looking ahead to the future. One of the things that I thought about doing was, besides directing them to Xendric, was while they are there and poking through ruins was adding my own unique psiforged (Magic of Eberron) to the mix.

The way I am setting this up is that the PCs are looking for an ancient artifact or something similar in the giant's ruins. One of the places that they search is populated by a large group (100-500) of secluded psiforged. The psiforged are not from House Cannith, but rather a giant experiment from their war with the quori. The PCs must find a way to deal with the psiforged (by diplomatic efforts or otherwise) to fully search the ruin. But the real fun of this part campaign is supposed to be psiforged themselves. Knowing my party they will zip right by to the ruins and xp but I can hope.

The psiforged are unique from other warforged for one or two very specific reason/s. They have a shared memory/telepathic link that spands them all, regardless of distance or magic. This link goes beyond just mental communication. Each individual shares everything. Every though, emotion, and action is know instantly by every other psiforged.

This has effected them from their creation some odd thousand years ago to the present and has created a unique mindset. Each psiforged does have a unique outlook. Each psiforged thinks and acts for itself based upon it's own insight. This applies for little things like personal hobbies and common actions.

At anytime one should take an action that goes beyond itself, such as speaking to outsiders, it conferres with all the other psiforged and they collectivly come to a conclusion by demorcatic vote, with each each indiviual have a say. These votes are always accepted by every member because they all understand why each other member voted in the way that they did. Because of the link being so strong between them, any communication between them takes no time at all.

Just some other things that I was thinking about adding for flavor. None of the psiforged have individual names because they have no need for them given that they are linked. Any psiforged that speaks to outsiders referes to themselves as "us" or "we" because they are speaking for the collective.

Just some last second build stuff. None of the psiforged can be effected by any mind effecting magic or psionics based on the spell or psionics is directed to target a psiforged mentally linked to at least 100 other psiforged. Say 5th level psion multiply by 100... make will save. Makes it with 146 to spare. That said, their own psionic powers are limited by the indivdual using them as not every member may be capable of the same powers.

Thank you for reading this rant. Please post and comment thoughs and non too crual critisisms.

Deth Muncher
2010-03-09, 11:59 PM
Nitpick: It's Xendrik.

To the Psiforged: So you've got a hivemind. That's cool. And they've all got Metaconcert (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/metaconcert.htm) variant on, all the time. That part may be superbustedridiculous, perhaps you may just want to make it Metaconcert? Like, have a collective PP pool for all of the Psiforged.

Other than that, sounds dandy.