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2010-03-10, 08:16 AM
Me and some of my friends are playing an arena-style tournament and I am running a balor vs. lvl 20 char. Now balor has a telekinesis, which I intend to use to bombard a character with items, but have sort of a a problem. "Arena", as is, is covered in sand (actually, I'm asking here, how do you percieve such an arena?) and i am wondering, can I as balor, get something usefull to hurl at an enemy in such an enviroment? I mean this is arena style combat and telekinesis is a bit enviroment-based weapon, so I would like your opinion on weather a balor can with telekinesis hurl a rock or several stones at an enemy within a concept of an arena fight? The way I see it, overruling that, strips the monster of some of its capabilities and thus reduces its CR. But then again, it is arena-style fight and I do not have much experience with it.

2010-03-10, 09:27 AM
Well, you could try to pick up a ball of sand of the appropriate volume, though I don't think Telekinesis is capable of maintaining integrity of the object. Of course, items carried by the Balor are a fair game so if you feel like it, toss him treasure; one Portable Hole full of rocks should be plenty, for example.

If you want actual tactical advice, Balors obviously maintain distance with Greater Teleport and use tripping at reach to avoid melee threats, while offensively approaching caster, probably trying to use readied action to disrupt casting and so on. Squishy = avoids situations where it could be damaged, of course.

2010-03-10, 09:43 AM
Make it the type of arena where a large variety of weapons are available for the combatants to use... put one of each weapon in the PHB (especially exotic weapons) in the arena, spread out, before combat. Then have the Balor use large groups of them with Telekinesis.