View Full Version : Splitting the group up (separate factions within a gaming group)

2010-03-10, 09:08 AM
A little backstory: The king of the country whose army our group is in has fallen ill, so his eldest son has taken the king's place as ruler. His elder boy, Lucius, is a ruthless tyrant willing to hire fiends (of a sort) and necromancers to do his dirty work in military campaigns against the country's arch-rival (also, the only other country (we know of) in the game world). The younger prince, Alexander, doesn't like what Lucius is doing, so he's rebelled against his brother.

Alexander runs under the banner of the White Dragon while Lucius uses the Black.

The group I'm in served as commanders in the Black Dragons until after the first conflict with the Whites. A general pulled my character (A Lawful Good Helbred black knight (homebrew class)), our LN Aasimar Marshal, our CN something bard (I think human, not sure), and the general most certainly will pull aside our LG gnome wizard. He offered our characters the chance t defect to the White Dragons, which my character and the marshal accepted. The wizard probably will, and the bard may or may not. He's more interested in whichever side pays more.

The other two members of the group, a LE Dread Necromancer and a CE Dragonfire Adept, will most certainly stay with the Black Dragons.

I'm just wondering how on Earth this is going to work out. Our DM isn't going to run the groups separately, so we will be sort of able to see what happens between the two separate factions. We'll also be fighting against each other, which is something I believe is easier to run than two separate factions at once.

So, do any of you have similar ideas/stories?