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Corporate M
2010-03-10, 01:30 PM
The 3.5 soulknife is a tier 2 so far. It has nowhere to go but up, and I want to make it a tier 3 for balance. If you like the work I've done with this class, I'll show some of my others (like barbarian and knight), attempting to bring all classes to tier level 3. I've hoped to make the soulknife playable though maybe not practical for people who don't like randomness. The soulknife would not require many alterations. Just different mechanics in his current abilities.

The mindblade is alot like the level 1 power summon weapon. The difference is, the mindblade has more magical like properties allowing greater alteration. Every weapon has it's own concentration DC you have to meet to conjure it into exsistence. A failed check means you've wasted a move action.

You can change the size category of your weapons to emulate more versatility. But it effects you based on your own size. Say your medium size, and you conjure up a large size longsword. The damag die is now one size category bigger (d10) but you take a -1 to attack rolls cause weilding that big ass sword isn't exactly easy. It's reverse for smaller size categories. A small longsword would be 1d6, but with a +1 to attack rolls.

Throw Mindblade:
Basically changed to the throw anything feat. But it only applies to weapons you've conjured via your mindblade.

Mindblade Abilities:
This is the only real dramatic change. Each weapon has an ability labled level 1 to 9. When you conjure up a mind weapon, you roll a d10 to determine which level you've unlocked for the weapon this time. (A 10=a zero and thus, doesn't unlock any...) Some might think it game breaking, but seeing as you can't control it, it's unlikely. (Though I have constructed some homebrew feats for the soulknife for these purposes)

These unlocked powers resemble tome of battle manuevers/stances in what they do. Mostly it's for combat, but some could have utility uses. For example...

Mind Dagger:
Level 1 ability: You gain +2 on hide and move silently checks. This improvement lasts untill you summon a different kind of mind weapon. (So even when the weapon dissapears, you retain the bonus untill you summon something else)

Greater Mindblade:
You can control your mindblade more precisely, and get to roll 2d10 when you summon a mind weapon, and take either result you wish.

Mind Strike:
Immunity to critical hits do not apply to your mind weapons.

Greater Psychic Strike:
Increase the dice category of your psychic strike by one to a maximum of d12. (So you can only take this feat twice from d8>d10>d12...)

Greater Mindblade Enhancement:
Increase your enhancement bonus to your mindblade by an additional 1.

2010-03-10, 01:38 PM
One, you have the tier list backwards. Soulknife is Tier 5 and high numbers are bad.

Two, the Soulknife is intrinsically bad. Its main class feature is replicable with a little bit of money and/or a couple of combat buffs. It is feat poor, so it can't do any melee tricks, and it has no variety in its class abilities. ToB classes are Tier 3 because they can do something other than hit things really hard. Soulknife can't do anything but hit things really hard, and it's not even very good at that.

If you want to add new abilities to the mindblade class feature, for the love of god, don't make its access random. There is no good reason to do so. Just have it be level-based or something. Another thing, the abilities have to be DAMN good in order to compete. If you're just adding +4s and +2s to random crap, you're not going to hit tier 3.

2010-03-10, 02:15 PM

Try that version on for size.