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2010-03-11, 07:02 AM
tldr: I want to produce a mechanic which lets me swap between having Regeneration active and having "Rage" active, where "rage" is a collection of Advantages that boost DR and Damage output and Disadvantages that control behaviour.

Full Query:
I'm currently attempting to build a Rage mechanic for GURPS similar to Frank & K's Barbarian homebrew (Found here (http://www.tgdmb.com/viewtopic.php?t=33294), just search for "Playing a Barbarian" to get there quickly). To save you the time of following the link however, it grants DR x/- & "Rage Dice" (Lots of bonus damage) whilst raging, and Fast Healing x when not, and you can enter rage whenever you are going to attack something/know you are about to be hit.

The easiest way of doing this in GURPS it seems is to have Regeneration [100] for rapid healing whilst not raging. And Damage Reduction and Striking ST to simulate the "rage", using the limitation of Temporary Disadvantage to negate the Regeneration while its active.

Seems straight fowards enough, however, Temporary Disadvantage requires the Advantage its affecting to be an on/off one second activation ability. Which neither of my "rage" Advantages has, they are naturally always on. It also technically only applies on one Advantage, I could take multiple Advantages which all negate the same Advantage whilst they're active (in theory) but I'd have to activate each of them seperately, each taking a turn/second to perform.

This is the problem: I want multiple Advantages to all be turned on in unison (which also cannot normally be turned off in the first place), and when I do so it disables another Advantage (regeneration in this case) and potentially activates some Disadvantages (so I can throw in Bad Temper or Impulsive when its active, but this is currently fully supported within Temporary Disadvantage).

My current theories are to add the Trigger limitation to the "rage" Advantages and specify they activate on command but take a ready action to do so (probably worth 0 or -5% at best). Or I could add the limitation so that it requires Fatigue Points to activate for a min at a time, this seems reasonable for fluff, but I dont think it applies any time cost to activate so probably wouldnt actually qualify for the Temporary Disadvantage due to it taking no time to activate. Either way, this still prevents me from activating both as one action.

I could combine the "Rage" Advantages into one single Advatage called Rage, which seems logical. However the DR will have the tough skin limitation on it which reduces its cost, so if I do this before I combine them and then apply a further -80% from Temporary Disadvantage (which is likely as its being matched up against a 100 point Regeneration) then I will be exceeding the -80% limit on the DR (but not on the Striking ST).

It's at this point the maths gets very confusing and it seems as though I might be approaching this the wrong way. So can anyone offer a more straight forward way of replicating this mechanic?

2010-03-11, 07:56 AM
Best way I can think of: treat Raging as an alternative form and use those rules. It should work fine.

Alternatively, take affliction with a self only limitation, use the advantage solution, and apply the advantages and disadvantages accordingly.