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Kol Korran
2010-03-11, 11:52 AM
i've asked a quandry about the spell in a previous thread, but this is not the case. the DM and me agreed that the spell should summon an outsider who'se CR is up to 12, not HD. (we're talking Planar ally, the normal version, not lesser or greater). usually it's up to the Dm to think up a creature the god sends to me for help, but in this case he asked me to do it. I'd like the playground to help me think of a few.
- i'm lawful good so similar alignements are welcomed.
- sticking a "celestial creature" template on a regular joe is fine.
- I'd prefer a creature who is not a complicated caster (no clerics, wizards, druids) as this will step on the party's toes, and might complicate handling.
- the creature will either help in a grand battle (that will take a few hours in game at least), or help us in our pre-battle adventuring, as well as the battle. this depends on payment to the creature, but also on it's ability to conceal itself/ blend with the crowd most of the time (we're working mostly undercover)
- i got access to MM 1-3, the completes, and heroes of battle. nothing more (not even ToB and ToM)

a few ideas i have so far:
- a Couatl with 1 sorcerer level. (for that 5th level spell) can go invisible
- a somehow improved Lumi, perhaps favoured soul. don't know about concealment.
- a changling or doppleganger celestial with class levels. (can blend with the crowd, but don't know about much else)
- celestial stone giant maybe 2 or more fighter levels (for the fight only obviously)
- Celestial Ghost of some sort? (this idea needs fleshing out)
- Leonal- this guy is the most powerfull choice. strong healer, and 3 holy words a day. unfortunatly only for the fight.
- perhaps as a mount for my cleric, an improved celestial Dragonne (family crest) or pegasus? not that excited about these two...

any ideas playgrounders?

2010-03-11, 12:01 PM
You could get a 7th-level Hound Archon Paladin at CR12. All you would need to do would be to subtract four paladin levels from the 11th-level MM1 entry (and possibly knock a bit of the magical bonus of his gear if your DM insists) and you would be set up with a strong, straightforward and thematic ally with some minor magical benefits.